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Predicus Rex

Name: Predicus Rex

Bio: When the Fenorian Gwildor used his invention the COSMIC KEY to unlock the interplanetary portals of Eternia, the Eternians were reunited with the kingdoms of the Eternian Moons: Phantos and Darkside. Though He-Man and King Randor forged peace with Queen Elmora of Phantos and King Barbo of Darkside, the evil PREDICUS REX, a warlord and rival to Barbo, rose to power when he seized the long lost ARMOR OF DARKHEART, fusing himself with the evil entity known as the Darkheart and gaining all it's ancient mystical powers. Together with his army the Darksiderz, Predicus Rex lays siege to Eternia from their base on the Moon of Darkside.

This is really two characters in one, and the Darkheart is kind of like Shadow Khan in Double Dragon or Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures. I figured the effect of the Darkheart would be similar to the holograms from Visionaries and Supernaturals, and the Darksiderz would have similar light-based powers. The Darkheart was locked in the armor by the Cosmic Enforcer STROBO.


Brain-Wave is an Albino Merperson living in the deepest depths of Eternia's oceans. There he rules a large and mighty kingdom... though he does so mostly through the use of his brain powers so he's definitely a dictator. He is power hungry and wants to rule over all of eternia and is constantly looking for ways to amp up his brain so he can do just that. What you are seeing is Brainwaves super enhanced exposed brain encased in glass. Circuts connect from that to his chest plate where he can calibrate things and then more circuts connect from that to his arm ray. His protected brain gear also allows him to go from the deepest depths of the ocean to the tallest mountain peaks with out having physical pressure problems.

Brainwave is currently seeking out the Blood Pearl and this would be one of his accessories. Here is some information on the history of the Blood Pearl.

The Blood Pearl

Long ago an epic battle took place above and below the oceans of Eternia. Many powerful wizards were killed and their bodies fell to the bottom of the ocean floor along with their powerful relics.

Among them was one of the most powerful wizards in all of Eternia. When he was struck down his body feel to the ocean floor where it was swallowed by a giant man eating clam. Man eating clams are unable to digest metals, magic, and certain other parts of even a normal humans body. These discarded elements are slowly turned into beautiful Pearls which are usually a slightly pink color. because of the great magic this particular being had coursing through his veins however, the clam that swallowed him up was able to feast on his body over the next thousands of years. Over this time, the powerful Blood Pearl was formed. It is many shades of deep reds swirled together into a Pearl and many many times larger than the normal oversized pearls created by the man eating clams.

Brainwave believes the power in this pearl is enough to enhance his mind control powers 10 fold. What Brainwave doesn't know, is that the wizard was powerful enough to trap his consciousness inside the pearl.

I made his brain a little inhuman looking... so its not supose to look like a human brain. His brain is inspired by fish eggs.