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Thread: Vintage Figures: Queen Marlena (x2), Game Master & his pet & Ice Troll

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    Great Marlenas.
    Now available for commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectror View Post
    Woohoo !!!

    BOTH of those queens are AWESOME !

    Your Filmation Queen Marlena is just PERFECT !

    THIS is what Mattel has to take as a model for their MOTUC Queen Marlena !

    Seriously, I could even buy such a Queen Marlena to complete and improve my 1980's collection !

    Once again, congratulations ! Splendid job

    I also like your other figures ! Lord Icer looks wonderful !
    Thank you, Spectror! We're glad you like our work

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyBoy View Post
    Toyboys might recall that in the past, I have always had some kind of criticism about your figures. I've loved watching you develop your style and become more and more adept at bringing these characters to life, but I've yet to say any one figure looked perfect.

    Well, now I can say it Filmation Marlena looks STUNNING. Really goregous, from her face to her paint job to the proprotions of the figure. No matter which way you cut it - she looks superb. Pat yourselves on the back. I thought Entrapa looked good - Marlena is just your perfect package.

    One could argue her face looks too young to be a Queen with grown children, but hey - that's all about your interpretation. I love the curvy-ness of her body and the sparkles on the paint. Even her belt - thin in the back, thicker in the front - is sexy and interesting and original while maintaining the look of the Filmation series.

    Pat yourselves on the back. She's perfect!
    OMG... no criticism from Disneyboy... *faints*
    Thank you, mister!
    We're happy you like her! We're very happy with how she turned out, too. Thank you!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulisses31 View Post
    Great Marlenas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dane-Man View Post

    Damn, that is perfect. I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to say how great that is. It always annoyed me that Queen Marlena was never included in the original toy line. I know she might not have been the best seller, but still. If anyone ever has a custom Queen Marlena of this quality for sale consider me a buyer!
    Too bad these are not for sale at a decent price..

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyboys inc View Post
    Filmation Queen Marlena

    Queen Marlena as if she was released by Mattel in the 80's
    (hence the Teela armor, and her face being painted similar to Teela. She was requested like this)

    One lucky king!

    Royal Family

    More pictures at >

    Hope you like them!
    Nice.. you're good at this.

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