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  • Yes! But only a few a day!

    9 5.52%
  • Yes! About 10 a day!

    6 3.68%
  • Yes! About 20 a day!

    8 4.91%
  • Yes! 30 or more a day!

    1 0.61%
  • Yes! But only at parties and such!

    2 1.23%
  • No ... never!

    118 72.39%
  • I did, but I do not anymore!

    19 11.66%
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Thread: Do You Smoke?!

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    No I don't but most of my friends do. Its a pain in winter when I have to stand/sit outside in the cold because they want to smoke, but It's better the when you could smoke in pubs and I'd come home stinking of smoke.
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    Cannot stand "cancer sticks" whatsoever.

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    No never and I have never understood why anyone would want to.

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    Odd Poll, but I'm sleep deprived so...
    Never smoked. I like to stay active, so I don't need the extra burden on my lungs.
    It can also affect animal lung function, so I can't risk it. I have pets.

    Not sure what all the hate is others have stated smoking is an addiction. Like alcohol, it is sometimes used as a coping tool (drug) for those who have dealt with/who deal with a lot of stress. I find it to be no different than any other addictive disorder. One can be addicted to gambling, food, shopping, tanning, exercise, drama, etc. It all produces the same result - a temporary "high" to mask whatever one is not ready or willing to deal with.

    "Scientific research conducted over the past ten years by Federal agencies such as NIDA, NIAAA and SAMHSA as well as other private research organizations have led to a consensus that addictive disease is a chronic disease with similarities to diseases such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes. "

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    Never touched a cigarette in my life. Well... I did once to light fireworks with because that's what was handed to me. I'm sure I've inhaled plenty of second hand over my lifetime though, especially before the bans.

    Cigarettes are bad, mmmmkay. Those things will kill ya!
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    Never have, never will. No need to spell out all the negative effects of cigarette smoking be it first or second hand!
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    I don't enjoy unhealthy things, uncluding even fatty food.

    Our lives are the only thing that we really own so we better treat it in the best possible way.

    Oh, actually I smoke a single cigarette once or twice a year when I suffer from severe constipation... it actually helps!
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    Nope never(That stuff aint healthy)
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    I smoked heavily for 13 years, I quit back in 2006. I had my last cigarette the very same night X-Men 3 opened worldwide, after leaving the theater... I didn't quit as a reaction to the movie though .
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    Not in a million years would I touch those disgusting things. I hope they keep jacking the prices of them up. Maybe people will get the picture.
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    And my father is going through quitting right now with the patch. And I hope and pray to God he goes through with it and is finally done. He had to see his father die of lung cancer when he was only 18 and my uncle as well died from lung cancer. If that isn't a wake up call after smoking for 35 years or so, I don't know what is.
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    I will if im trashed......
    my girl smokes... but doesn't really bother me tho & i have asthma...

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    I never smoked in my entire life.
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    H.E.L.L. No!

    I tend not to put things in my body that have labels telling me they will cause cancer.

    Also, nothing against smokers... but, would you mind NOT dropping your butts everywhere?

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much litter... (and I live in an almost entirely smoke-free city.)
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