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Thread: Count Marzo Thread !

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    Count Marzo Thread !

    YEAHHHH ! I'm so happy to see Marzo. He is really Awesome !!!

    What do you think about this figure ?

    I hope to see a version of him "without magic" as a old man and/or his dogs inside the package !!

    The Bio should have Mekaneck inside

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    This figure is BEAUTIFUL!

    I am not going to judge it completely lol, because it's a proto, but I can't imagine even somewhat big changes spoiling this in final figure form.

    He's just amazing, and it's ABOUT TIME WE HAVE A MARZO figure!!!!
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    The first time I saw the figure, I could almost hear his evil laughter. Just Adora before him, he looks like he literally walked out of the cartoon...

    I definitely hope an "Old Man Marzo" is included, or made at a later date.

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    Hands down, the best figure revealed in my opinion. Great job mattel and the four horsemen, WOOOOO

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    He's perfect. Easy critique.
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    They just nailed this one. Even I want to get this figure, and I'm not a MOTUer per say.

    Great job, well done, no complaints.

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    If old man Marzo is not packed in with the dastardly count, then I want to see a 3 pack eventually with the evil dwarf and 2 hell hounds. Also a transparent Chimera figure at some stage as well!!

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    Dang they did a good job on Marzo! My favorite figure of the batch (followed closely by Tytus and She-Ra)

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    When MOTUC was first announced, Marzo was number two on my want list (behind Hordak). They did a fantastic job.

    I'm curious as to if he'll have an alternate left hand sans amulet or an extra amulet on a necklace for those who prefer it that way.

    My only (minor) nit is I'm no fan of windblown characters, I prefer nonswept capes and hair to ones that have it, even as slight as it is on Marzo.
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    More than what I've expected to be honest with you! He's just way too awesome looking IMO.
    I wish we get him exactly like that without missing much with his color applications.
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    Agree with everyone on here. Absolutely perfect! Thank you! Finally!

    Seems like just yesterday I was a widget with an obscure FILMation character's namesake as a username on here. Now look at him! What a nasty figure!

    Wish he could come with a Black Flower to sniff on saturday nights as a nod to the classic character that I admired for his terrible schemes. Damn that FILMation licensing problem! Can't wait to read his bio. I hope it contains some sort of classic tie in, but I'm not gonna hold my breath due to that being FILMation stories. Oh well... I guess his story will be completely based on his 200x role. I would REALLY LOVE some sort of classic reference though.
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    This Marzo is amazing. I was worried he was going to suffer to over use of re-used parts but this is just right.

    If I had one thing to fix (and I honestly can't think of a second one), it would be for the amulet to be made of transulcent red platic - not painted.

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    Count Marzo = Bloody Awesome.
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    I've never really been into Marzo, but I can't deny he's a great looking figure.

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    he looks awesome.cant wait to get him.

    Im always that little bit more excited for first time figures

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    Marzo looks great! Im just not a fan of windswept hair on acton figures. (not a fan of Classics She-Ra's hair either)
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    he was a total surprise to me and i'm looking forward to adding his to my collection.

    he looks soooo awesome!!!

    thanks Mattel for the awesome reveal at toy fair!

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    Count Marzo is just pure amazing! Nothing to nit-pick here. Well, maybe he could have a second laughing head, if I really really had to come up with something to nitpick about.

    I'm so glad we're finally getting a figure of him. Almost makes me want to buy Evil-Lyn, but I think I'll wait until we get a 200X version of her.

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    That figure is a danged work of art, I tell ya. I'm not even that big a fan of his and I know that figures rocks hardcore! So glad they gave him his sword from the show; I thought it was unique when I saw it originally.
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    Between Marzo, Keldor, and the alternate Whiplash head, I think the 200x fans will be very happy in 2010!

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    Awesome figure, way more so than I expected. I am curious to see other 200X figures now since I didn't expect them to retain as much detail or unique parts/armor as Marzo has. Can't wait to see Faceless One, Carnivous, and Dactys now.

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    One word for Marzo…perfection.
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    It seems unreal that we are getting a never before produced figure of this magnitude. Kudos Mattel. Can't wait to read his bio! Loco Lucha Libre!!!

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    Count Marzo is great and I cannot wait to add him to my collection. Yesterday's reveals were awesome and I'm looking forward to them all.

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    Entering obsessive fangirl mode:

    Marzo was the most welcome surprise of the reveal. I am so glad they didn't give him furry undies! Man skirt for the win!

    This figure does truly blow me away. I did not expect for him to have this much detail in the "classics" line. Not that I doubt the 4 Horsemen, more that I was worried about the tooling budget.

    I love the skirt, love the chest armor, love the sword, love the head.

    The boots are good-it is hard to be accurate on those when the animators didn't even stick with a design. The bracers are not accurate, but the substitutes are painted well enough that I cannot complain- this is a cost cutting detail that I do not mind. I would have like pants, but again, such a minor detail I am willing to overlook in light of the awesome tooling elsewhere.

    The amulet, I am hoping for the prototype that they just painted the gem red. For the real one, I hope they cast in in translucent red, and paint the silver around the gem. If they don't, no biggy.

    Did anyone get a picture of the back of his cape? Curious if they added the black trim at the bottom?

    Considering all the tooling that went into him- I can live without the mini Marzo. Plus we don't know if they are going with that story in the Classics line. Still, it would be nice to see him added to a weapons or sidekick pack down the line.

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