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Thread: Gbagok's Unofficial Character Bios

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    Since Gray's parents aren't officially named or shown, I'd prefer to put bios for them in the fan bios thread, or I'll create a new thread completely.

    RE the size, I can decrease the height since the beast choices are often taller than they are wide. I’m hoping that prevents a resize. Apologies I don't have a better solution right now. Anyway, here are some new bios for the summer. Enjoy!

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    As always your characters are superbly drawn Gbagok, congratulations and thank you again for all the work done.

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    Love it gbabok, well done as always. The character designs are so beautiful, i especially love Darkdream and Za-gras. I love the part of Choloh's beard augmenting Beastman's control over the shadow beasts, Brillant! One thing im confused about, why didnt you mention anything about the magnetism powers of Golden Rod, as this was the intended powers of this character?
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    Thanks for these, gbagok! As always, great ones!

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