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Thread: Is Pre-Filmation Teela Truly Blonde???

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    There's a Pre-Filmation Teela?

    My love of MOTU starts with Filmation, so anything before....doesn't really exist to me. Goddess? Who?
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    What I wonder is, within the Classic bio-Canon, is theis Teela'Na? We can assume that the He-Man fighting Skeletor in the first few minicomics is in fact Oo-Lar, Duncan is MAA, Stratos is Stratos (except maybe in that one first appearance of his, in which he is seen among the villains outside Grayskull, in his earliest orange/caucasian/whatever look). I am thinking that this Teela is Teela'Na, before she becomes the Sorceress (which sort of happens in King of Castle Grayskull, anyhow, as the castles's spirit invites her and then Skeletor tries to deceive her.)

    I'd love a figure of Teela'Na like this. (Perhaps she truly is a blonde, and Teela's hair was magically changed to red to dissuade immediate comparisons as she agedand began looking more and more like the Sorceress...When Teela takes her place, she then undoes the glamour.)
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    She's blonde. Having said that, I'll buy as many versions as they make, and with whatever hair color they decide to slap onto her!

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    Pre-toy Teela is blonde. Pre-Filmation Teela was blonde or red, depending on source.

    I heard a theory about why the color change, I forget whose it was. On the first release Teela, her hair is the exact same shade of red as her boots. So changing her hair to red would might have been a cost saving decision. Fewer colors = less expense.

    I have a similar theory about Man-At-Arms. His loincloth is red rather than black also as a cost saving measure - they could manufacture the same crotch piece in the same color for both He-Man and Man-At-Arms. All they would need to do is paint the belt differently.

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    Well, now with the Ultimate Teela, people can give her whichever hair color and style they choose (though they should have also included a battleground head with red hair. After looking at the pictures though, I am kind of sad they didn't give Ultimate Teela an axe.

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    Now that i think about it... i think the comic book version of Teela might have inspired the creation of She-Ra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasculio294 View Post
    Now that i think about it... i think the comic book version of Teela might have inspired the creation of She-Ra.
    I could see that actually happening. Perhaps not the the inspiration (since that was likely just a desire to create a female version of He-man to sell toys to more girls), but very likely a heavy influence. I remember reading a theory once that NA Teela was originally going to be She-ra for that episode, and that was why she was blonde then, but I have no idea if that is actually true. Probably not, especially since I also remember reading somewhere that they eventually planned to bring He-Man back to Eternia if the NA series had lasted. Making Teela blonde in the NA cartoon isn't really much different than giving Queen Marlena blue hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG DADDY SINISTER View Post
    It's a lady's perogative to change her well as her hair color. Obviously she dyes.

    Not to put too fine or urbane a point upon it, but the only true way to determine the real color of the drapes is to check the carpet...
    One day you may learn that the natural carpet color does not always match the natural color of the drapes.
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