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Thread: What are the main reasons we do not have a new motu movie yet?

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    I think the reason is simple.

    Every movie today goes for over dramatization. It's not an easy task to make a logical movie plot out of toyline, especially not Masters of the Universe. This is why I now have a greater appreciation of the first movie (I hated it when I was younger). Because you can't make it without making some changes.

    For one, where do you start? Unlike the first movie, I think the new one would be better if it started with the origin of both He-Man and Skeletor. Like it should document the first appearance of Skeletor and his attempt to take over Grayskull.

    There are a lot of issues to tackle, I think. Like that of Prince Adam and the whole Super Man-like aspect. In a cartoon/comic book it works, in a movie...might need some changes.

    A totally CGI movie would suck. I hate CGI and think it's over used too much. I only think certain things, like Orko for example should be CGI.

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    If Mattel's incompetent at making this movie happen then it's probably because Mattel's not a movie company. Hasbro got lucky because Spielberg put Transformers on the fast track. When Spielberg wants a movie made, it just gets made. That's just how that's going to be. He-Man doesn't have a Spielberg, it had a Silver, which is considerable, but not a Spielberg.

    Yeah, they made G.I. Joe. But do you really want the He-Man movie equivalent to the G.I. Joe movie? No you don't.

    This movie needs a strong producing group to get it together; to really feel solid about the script and confident that Mattel will approve it.

    It doesn't necessarily need a Spielberg, but it needs a producer who believes in it enough to convince a company to invest 200+ million into it.

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