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Thread: Wolf He-Man speculation thread

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    Wolf He-Man speculation thread

    One of the coolest 200x He-Man variants IMO was Wolf Armor He-Man.

    Nice gold armor. A cool wolf motif helmet. And the design of the wolfs head on the shield was just awesome. It looked literally as if a real wolf was going to jump out of the shield! I didn't so much like the claw and would rather that weapon was like a glove that fitted over He-Man's hand.

    Sadly, WA He-Man suffers in the eyes of some fans cos he was packaged exclusively with about the ugliest 200x Skeletor variant: Snake Armor.

    I've been thinking how could Wolf Armor He-Man be translated into the MOTUC bio-canon.

    I think this would make a perfect historical He-men character. Possibly a lycanthrope inspired figure, with the Stratos/Carnivus buck and limbs in a darker flesh-tan colour, Carnivus calves and regular furry boots but still with a human head. He could have a wolf companion ("Battle Wolf") whose buck could also potentially be used for Count Marzo's MYP rat creatures.

    This He-Man of the Wild character could come with a bio that reveals the special secret background story to the Wolf Armor He-Man 200x figure, hinted at on the boards. It would be good to finally know what benefit the Wolf Armor bestows upon our heroic He-men.

    And for those fans who want to recreate the 200x look MOTUC-ized, just swap out the armor to put on a regular He-Man figure.

    I hope the folk at Mattel do give some thought to incorporating the Wolf Armor He-Man concept into MOTUC.
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    I'm not a fan of this "Wolf Armor He-Man".
    I think it exists already enough variant of He-Man so I'm not interested in this one.
    First because it's one more variant (as stated above)
    Second because there is no story behind (just as Gygor before its bios was released)
    third because I don't think this variant looks great... I don't like it and I prefer thunder punch or snake armor He-Man (If I had to choose)

    So, I hope not to see this one in the MOTUC line... not in the current context.

    But if a new entertainment introduce a "Wolf Armor He-Man" and the design is great, I might change my point of view

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    I say bring him on!

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    Where the hell did this Wolf He-Man come from suddenly?
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Where the hell did this Wolf He-Man come from suddenly?
    He and a snakearmor Skeletor were a two-pack back in the 200X line that came with a VHS feature Courage of Adam. Apart from Emiliano saying recently that MVC had planned a story about him, I don't know why there's an rekindled interest in him. I guess he seems like one of the more interesting 200X variants after Ice Armor He-Man, Fire Armor Skeletor, and Snake Armor He-Man--but still not particularly memorable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Where the hell did this Wolf He-Man come from suddenly?
    It's not suddenly, Wolf Armor He-Man was one of many 200x He-Man variants, and a very awesome one!!! I really hope we see one make it into the Classics line! Thanks for the pic Joseephus

    EDIT Haha crap gbagok beat me too it
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    Sorry. No offense meant. But I am NOT wanting him in the line. Remember what happened to the 200x line with all the variants. Stick to the classic variants and that is all I want. NONE of the 200x variants. This coming from someone who thinks the 200x line is the best one of all. Just not alot of the variants.
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