One of the coolest 200x He-Man variants IMO was Wolf Armor He-Man.

Nice gold armor. A cool wolf motif helmet. And the design of the wolfs head on the shield was just awesome. It looked literally as if a real wolf was going to jump out of the shield! I didn't so much like the claw and would rather that weapon was like a glove that fitted over He-Man's hand.

Sadly, WA He-Man suffers in the eyes of some fans cos he was packaged exclusively with about the ugliest 200x Skeletor variant: Snake Armor.

I've been thinking how could Wolf Armor He-Man be translated into the MOTUC bio-canon.

I think this would make a perfect historical He-men character. Possibly a lycanthrope inspired figure, with the Stratos/Carnivus buck and limbs in a darker flesh-tan colour, Carnivus calves and regular furry boots but still with a human head. He could have a wolf companion ("Battle Wolf") whose buck could also potentially be used for Count Marzo's MYP rat creatures.

This He-Man of the Wild character could come with a bio that reveals the special secret background story to the Wolf Armor He-Man 200x figure, hinted at on the boards. It would be good to finally know what benefit the Wolf Armor bestows upon our heroic He-men.

And for those fans who want to recreate the 200x look MOTUC-ized, just swap out the armor to put on a regular He-Man figure.

I hope the folk at Mattel do give some thought to incorporating the Wolf Armor He-Man concept into MOTUC.