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Thread: Mini comics to display with your MOTUC figures :D

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    Mini comics to display with your MOTUC figures :D

    My miniature mini comics are now available to download! I will post new comics as I continue to build them in Photoshop. See down below for additional instructions to help you make your own books from scratch and to help develop the list of comics that are available for us to share.

    Quick Instructions - Just Download and Print!

    Make certain to adjust your printer settings so the image prints in the center of the page. Once the image is printed, turn the paper over in your printer and print the other side (how you rotate/flip the paper may vary from one printer to the next). Hold the printed paper up to a light to make certain the two sides line up pretty close, and then use a pair of scissors to cut the comic out.
    You may need to do some trimming depending on how well the two sides lined up with each other. Then stack the pages together and fold them, ensuring a nice sharp crease in the middle. Then staple the center of the crease so the staple's ends are bent inward to the center of the inside of the comic. Close the book and trim off any pieces of paper sticking out from the cover of the book. That's all there is to it!

    MOTU Downloads
    Series 1, 1 of 4 - "He-Man and the Power Sword" (Side A | Side B) NEW!
    Series 1, 2 of 4 - "Vengeance of Skeletor" (Side A | Side B)
    Series 1, 3 of 4 - "Battle in the Clouds" (Side A | Side B) NEW!
    Series 3, 4 of 9 - "He-Man and the Insect People" (Side A | Side B)
    Series 3, 6 of 9 - "Temple of Darkness!" (Side A | Side B)
    Series 3, 9 of 9 - "Clash of Arms" (Side A | Side B)
    Series 4, 5 of 10 - "The Stench of Evil!" (Side A | Side B)
    Series 6, 1 of 6 - "The Search for Keldor" (Side A | Side B)
    Series 6, 6 of 16 - "The Powers of Grayskull - The Legend Begins!" (Side A | Side B)

    NA Downloads
    1 of 4 - "The New Adventure" (Side A | Side B)

    Fan Downloads
    "The Triumph of Skeletor" by Danbrenus (Side A | Side B)

    More to come!

    Advanced Instructions - How to make your own books

    Note: You need Photoshop in order to open and edit this pack of PSD files.

    Last Updated: (3/2/2012)
    1. Gather your images together for each comic book or other book you'd like to miniaturize.
    2. Open "Template_1Page.PSD" and paste the image between into it.
    3. Resize the image of the page, centering it under the border layer.
    4. Copy the page and paste it into "Template_2Pages.PSD".
    5. Follow steps 2-4 for the page next to the one you previously edited.
    6. Copy both pages with the border attached (Ctrl+A, Shift+Ctrl+C) and paste it into "Final.PSD".
    7. Following the example layers provided in Final.PSD, create two layers on top of each other in the center
    of the document. These will be the two sides of the book you are creating.
    NOTE: The trickiest part about making these is knowing which pages go next to each other.
    The order of pages will change depending on how many total pages you include in the book.
    The page order for a 14-page book is listed below. Additional page orders will be included
    in these instructions as they are updated. Please let me know if there are any errors that need
    to be fixed.

    16-page book (needs to be checked)
    SideA 9/6 11/4 13/2 back/cover
    SideB 1/14 3/12 5/10 7/8

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    Love them, great idea!!!!!!!!!!

    I´ve done some little comics for my TMNT toys back in the days (1995)... You have made me remember, I will get some pics soon if I get to find them.

    Them were nothing like yours, they were hand made... and very purly done... but I loved to display Mike reading them!
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    They are TOO TOO cute!!

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    Waaaaay to go! Awesome idea! And you can bet I want a copy of my minis for myself!!!!
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    I've just stumbled across this thread. The pic with Trap Jaw in the middle is my favourite
    Awesome sticker included!

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    Now THOSE are mini comics

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    you keep amazing me w/ these great creations. can wait to see the complete run.

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    INGENIUS! What an outstanding idea (and set of photos, too)!
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    Thank you for the compliments! I've been begging my busy schedule to give me some time to work on these. I'm bumping them up on my priority list, and am cleaning up my files to get going again on them. I had some trouble related to certain comics being X pages versus Y pages but I found a solution. They're small but tricky to design.

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    These are really cool! cant wait to see more.

    Will you make them for sale in the future?

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    The miniature mini comics are now free to download at the top of this thread. You can simply download and print the images, or help me to develop a larger list of comics to share by downloading the Master Templates file listed above and show off your skills in Photoshop. I'd also encourage people to post pictures of comics they've downloaded and/or made.

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    Now we just need a Mini Minicomic newsstand to display them.
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    These are really awesome, and I'm glad you made them available for us all to enjoy. I have a request if you don't mind. Could u make a copy of the castle Grayskull play set box in scale with the Grayskull stands. I would like to fold and paste it around them for display. I always thought it would have been cool if Mattel would have released the Grayskull, and new Snake Mountain stands with the original play set box art.

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    I like you! That is totally an awesome idea! Thanks for this! I think I'll have these on a magazine stand in Mo-Larr's waiting room.
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    Thank you for the great compliments!
    I've added He-Man and the Insect People to the download list. More to come!

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    LOVE this!! thanks so much man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayskull's Heir View Post
    I've just stumbled across this thread. The pic with Trap Jaw in the middle is my favourite
    I agree, that one is my fav pic as well!

    I love how he the pic makes him look like he is REALLY gettin into that comic, lol.

    These are SO awesome! Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you for the great compliments!

    I've added two more downloadable mini comics - He-Man & The Power Sword, and Battle in the Clouds! I was also greatly inspired by the amazing new Draego-Man figure and his equally impressive bio! I really feel he deserves his own mini comic, to flesh out his rather original back story.

    "Look well upon this ancient text my minion," commanded Skeletor through a hideous snear. "Remember your
    creator - the Great Black Wizard - and let the remembrance of your dark beginnings bestir your fiery hatred
    for those who discarded you into the Caverns of Rakash centuries ago."
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    Sweeeeet! Excellent work! And thanks for the How-To-Guide.
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    cool mini comics.
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    Ah, ah! Fantastic your mini-mini comics!
    And the photos are really funny!

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    Okay, now someone NEEDS to make an MOTUC Linkara figure with flaming sword. Because THAT would be hysterical.

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