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Thread: High resolution card scan needed

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    High resolution card scan needed

    I'm working on a project involving custom clam shell art and to complete it I need a high resolution scan of one of the packages. Just the front would work fine. I know some people make custom figures with custom boxes. May someone already has a file they could send me? If so, hit me up at, or PM me, or reply to this OP.

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    A high-res card scan?
    That's quite impossible to find.
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    I still can't figure out why you choose to revive the threads that you do.

    Sometimes it sparks up some good discussion, dusting off some old topics!
    Other times?... I can't wrap my head around it.
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    7 years??! Freshmen have become doctors since this thread was started!

    Also, I'd oblige, but I have no idea how to remove the plastic without leaving traces of it or ripping off the art of the cardback. I tried with the Ultimates but it just wasn't possible for me. If there's a trick, I'd love to know about it! I have an extra Teela I chose not to open for that reason.
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    Truthfully....Heat and time...... I once left some dcuc and gi joe figures in my car trunk for nearly 3 summer months 5 or so years back and one day i just found that the bubbles were completely detached. not a single glue mark left.... not sure how much heat or time would need, but I'd imagine it could be done in a faster albeit controlled method. *meh* just my experience, i never tried to replicate this
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    Star Crusader shared this one several years back I think:

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    That's a thing of beauty!
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    Oh hey look, a new phone wallpaper!

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