I like the idea of Cringer being an uncommonly intelligent beast, but being a giant cat he shouldn't be able to actually speak. Dogs can be taught to say things like, "I love you," and some howl along with music, but all the intelligence in the world doesn't change an animal's physical limitations.

I think I'd like to see something not quite like telepathy, but more like strong impressions of simple ideas, images, and thoughts. For instance, Battle Cat isn't going to sit there and wax poetic on the finer aspects of Eternian culture but he could scout ahead and come back to communicate, "two enemies, hood snake and blue bug, on cliffs, behind big rocks," or, "hard head in trouble, yellow witch attacking at lake!"

It can be an ability shared by both He-Man and Battle Cat, so each could communicate on a limited basis with other people and animals but, of course, with no Power of Grayskull!!! these abilities would disappear and Adam and Cringer's relationship and ability to communicate would be no greater than any other lazy prince and his pet tiger with whom he was raised.