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Thread: How they could do a live action he-man movie.

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    How they could do a live action he-man movie.

    I was dwelling on this since i have nothing better to do with my life, than to think of an idea that could make and old brand into a good movie, either live action or animated.

    Idea #1: If you were going to go the route of making an origin or beginning movie, for like 3/4 of the movie we would have adam on eternia of course. this world of Eternia has to be primarily Medievil in nature, technology is restricted to the royal family by way of security of the palace. so basically rich have tech while the poor live like peasants. Skeletor would already have half of the power sword which increases his power like 10 fold. He-man only appears at the end of the movie as adam would be transformed into he-man by the goddess. Aka. the sorceress, He-man does not get the power sword or even another half. the fact is it would be left to him to try to quest for the other sword which could be left as open ended for a sequel.

    Idea #2: This would be an animated movie that is purely for fans of the series, This would be something of an idea that would have been done for season 3 of the MYP he-man. and we ignore the sword from that series, Hordak would come back and do an initial wave of attack. this would force skeletor and he-man to work together to fight him off. Hordak is defeated but before he retreats back to etheria, he uses a spell of seperation on the sword of power, sending he-man flying and the now two halfs of the power sword. in the end of the movie, the scorceress would use what powers she could in order to have he-man appear when needed but he could not enter the castle unless he has the sword or get the armor needed to fight off the snakemen.

    Those are my ideas, but I certainly love to hear what your guy's idea would be for either a live action movie or a Animated movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trodorne View Post
    I was dwelling on this since i have nothing better to do with my life

    Personally, I have no problem with an origin story. I'd watch it. But in my opinion I'd like to see them dive straight into the action. For example, if you look at the '87 movie, they dropped you right into the worst case scenario. Skeletor had taken over Grayskull, and within about 10 minutes He-man was knocking 7 shades out of Skeletors troops.

    Within another 10 minutes, they were inside Grayskull in another fire-fight.

    Fast forward 20 years and scale that up to our current budgets, special effects, and blockbuster standards.

    Don't waste time, if you want backstory, stick a monologue on the beginning right before He-man throws the first punch. And/or throw in some flashbacks as the movie goes on.

    But ultimately, in my opinion, there's not really that much you need to know. In fact Filmation got literally everything you need to know to enjoy it into a 30 odd second intro. So I think it should lead with its best foot and dive straight into a blow-your-mind action sequence.

    In terms of an animated movie, I don't really have an opinion. I've seen tonnes of He-man animation already. Although I'd still watch it, there's no USP for me.

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    I'd like to see an origin story that kept familiar elements and spun them in slightly newer ways that might be easier for an unfamiliar audience to understand.

    I think a prologue describing why the power of the universe is centered on Eternia would be interesting, maybe have something to do with the Star Seed (if they have the rights to use that).

    I'd like to see an interesting character arc with Prince Adam in the first act not unlike Bruce Wayne's in Batman Begins after he gets slapped around by Katie Holmes and goes off on his vagabond ninja journey.

    Initiate a romantic triangle with Adam/Teela that will eventually turn into Adam/Teela/He-Man.

    I think it would be rad if Skeletor attacked early on at the Royal Palace in search of the Elder's powers or whatever and chaos ensues. Adam is forced to draw the Power Sword and go behind the scenes of this first transformation sequence. We could see Adam go from this chaotic battle into this quiet "elseworld" where he is trained in the Timeless Dimension with a Cosmic Enforcer, Trollan, Goddess or whatever. Over a passage of years (montage totally), he earns the right to weild the Power Sword to become He-Man. After he grips the sword we could get one dramatic "I have the power," to appease the fans. Then he returns to Eternia at the same time he left and could correct something that went wrong.

    As He-Man he's developed into this warrior and as Adam, he still has to become one.

    A continuation of the prologue as told by the Sorceress describing the Great Wars surrounding the power of Eternia would be cool. She was always explaining all this stuff on the 80's cartoon, seems to be kind of her MO. Drop in a few teasers about the Snakemen and the Horde along with stories of past legends like Grayskull and He-Ro.

    I think we're better off with only the first and second waves of action figures/characters from the original line, besides a cameo or so, save the rest for later if that works out. Except Clamp Champ of course, who should totally be in this movie.

    Get all over some Castle Grayskull in the third act battle sequence...

    I'd also like to see the Corodite armor be capable of transforming technologically and turn into the Battle Armor for the third act.

    I think the story should definitely end without much suggesting a sequel, I don't think Skeletor should die and I don't really think Adam and Teela should become romantically involved, yet...

    But I'm sure if they ever make this movie it will be something COMPLETELY different then what I would imagine here...

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    While it might make for a better developed story, I doubt they would wait till the end of the movie to have He-man actually show up. They have tickets to sell.
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