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Thread: For those that got a subscription in 2010, but not in 2011...

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    For those that got a subscription in 2010, but not in 2011...

    This thread is meant for those that got a subscription in 2010, but didn't get one in 2011 (not as a debate with those who did get a subscription). What were your reasons for doing so?

    Probably the biggest reason I didn't was the all in feature. I knew I wouldn't want all the beasts and repaint figures that would come out. The new subscription was just way too much more money and I'm running out of room for things. Another factor was that a lot of my biggest wants as figures have been released already. There are still some figures I really want like Spikor, but I'll take my chances. I still probably would have gotten a subscription had they kept it to just the monthly figures, though. I'm also a MOC collector and didn't like the fact that it seemed like every other figure came with some significant damage in the mail. It was a pain to have to call into Matty. I also thought not having a main character like Orko as part of the regular monthly subscription defeated the purpose as he was one of my top wants and I almost missed out.
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    As dumb as it sounds: my main reason for not purchasing a subscription for this year was the lack of a any female figures shown at SDCC. I thought that was ridiculous, and it really upset me.

    The other reason: There are a number of larger scale/beast figures I really don't want. 2010 was a great year for the sub, and I loved every single figure, but I don't know what I would've done with Gygor or Tytus as they really didn't do too much for me. Also I have no interest in Vikor

    Having said all this, I wish I had purchased the 2011 sub because I don't want to take my chances with that ridiculous site, and I have a feeling May's figure will be awesome!

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    The main reason I didn't order the 2011 sub was the all in feature and cost. I just couldn't commit to that kind financial investment. I think the all in is a great idea that lots of people wanted. I just don't understand why they can't have different tiered subs. With the amount of advance time we are forced to give matty, I think a tier system is perfectly reasonable. They will probably add tiers for 2012, they are pretty good about giving us what we ask for(after about a year or so).

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    It seemed like Mattel was reluctant to fix issues with ordering and supply while they relentlessly pimped the 2011 Club Eternia option. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I like much of what Mattel has done with MOTUC, but the subscription thing with the refusal to offer a preorder system rubbed me the wrong way.

    Not long ago, it would have seemed crazy to commit to buying a year's worth of any product without knowing what you're getting. Now Mattel expects it from us. And then they still remind us of the extremely limited budget of the line. Blah.

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    I knew it would be a stretch for me to go with an all in sub both financially and space-wise, but when there were no females shown at SDCC it really put the last nail in the coffin. Though if there had been a different option like figures only I'd have probably taken it.

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    I opted out because of the commitment to more of the unknown. I do like marzo, carnivus and all, but not sure if I would have went for them out of subscription, and the aftermarket on those guys isnt that high, sometimes lower. I only had one sub, so each figure was costing me $31 after tax and shipping. I have the patience to find the better deal aftermarket, so I'll wait. Holding onto wundar for now, but unsure about she-ra / optikk / and adoras fate...

    and not really interested in what I saw coming down the pike so far, indifferent to vikor, preternia, and shadow beast, not interested in bow (or pop / na at all for that matter)

    I might regret opting out if I can't get a panthor and the vehicle. But really I think there are only a few figures that face super fast sell out, and there has been no indication that they are in the sub this year. (Ram man, man e, meka etc...the heavy hitters)....From what I could tell it took a while for Buzz and roboto to sell out, and even he-man and skeletor were up for days after cyber monday...Not too worried about sell out on sy-klone being fast, maybe Hiss, just wait and see....

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    I don't know if this counts for this thread or not, but I did reduce my subscriptions from 2 in 2010 to 1 in 2011.

    The reason that I did was because of the all-in feature. With the mention that some of the beasts could be $60 each, I didn't want the chance of having a month where I spent $180 on toys,(2 beasts, 2 monthly figures).

    The other reason is because of the "bonus" figures being included. While I have bought all the "bonus" figures thus far, I know that Mattel will be dipping into the variants like Thunder Punch He-Man, Terror Claws Skeletor, and Buzzsaw Hordak, now that they've got people locked into buying them. I only like the Battle Armor variants, and don't really want any others.

    By reducing my subscription down to 1, at least I am guaranteed the monthly release, and now if I want an extra, I have the ability to pick and choose.....and if Mattel sells all the stock in an hour before I have the chance to buy, then it's their loss of $ heartache for me.

    Ultimately, I am satisfied with dropping 1 of my subscriptions, especially after getting the news that they were eliminating a lot of the extra heads.....being the modern ones.

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    For me, I didn't want to be force fed everything. I was quite happy with a subscription for 1 monthly figure only, or even one that got me the monthly figure plus beasts.

    I opted out because I didn't want most of the bonus figures. Sure, it's only 4 figures a year, but couple that with the couple of figures I don't want from the monthly slot and probably some larger scale figures, and it adds up.

    As it stands, I'm not overly excited over what is coming in 2011 so far. I'll be passing on Vikor and I didn't want Preternian He-Man anyway.

    And looking at 2010, I ended up guaranteed with the likes of Wun-Dar, Optikk, Count Marzo and Chief Carnivus, none of which I wanted. Managed to sell off Wun-Dar and Optikk, but I appear to be stuck with Marzo and Carnivus. Add to that, some of my most sought after figures I had to chance online anyway, in Battle-Cat and Orko/Adam. I missed BC in February as well, so had to wait to November.

    On top of all this, I wasn't happy with the sub charge coming randomly from my credit card. I had no idea when they were going to charge it (sometimes 2 days early, sometimes 3) and I got caught out a couple of times. This was particularly an issue because I had 4 subs, as I live in Australia, and a group of people I know were all buying together to save on shipping. In May, I got double charged not only for my sub, but for Tytus. Sure, I was refunded one of the charges, but I actually lost money because the exchange rate changed and I was refunded the smaller (by my rate, as either refund would not affect Mattel) amount.

    The customer service has been sub-par, and there's no real advantage of having a sub, except you don't have to be online. Considering the amount of times I still had to be online, it was not an advantage.

    As such, my game plan is to pick and choose, and if I miss out, I can either eBay it if the price is right or wait for a re-release. As far as I'm concerned, I've pretty much got all the top liners, so I don't think I'll have too much trouble anyway.

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    - Loose ankle joints made me less motivated to spend my money on figures I was less interested in.
    - Too much of a financial commitment.
    - I don’t want all the beasts.
    - The more vintage MOTU characters we get in the line, the less I appreciate my POP, NA, and 200X MOTUC figures. There are some I do want. But for the most part I only get excited about vintage MOTU characters.
    - I wanted to free up some more cash to spend on Transformers, Star Wars, and GI*JOE.
    - The sub incentive figure was not enough incentive to make such a huge financial commitment.
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