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Thread: Samantha Or Jeannie?

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    Though Samantha was prettier I'd go with Jeannie. Nothing beats that outfit. If you have Samantha in Jeannie's outfit then we'll talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heeeere's Olesker! View Post
    Don't you think your own photos answer this question?

    If not, kindly reference Mr. Shokoti's case-closing photos in Post #21.

    Even physicality aside, Jeannie's basically a benign air-head -- granted a sweet one -- while Samantha's steamy and capable of melting lead, not to mention men's hearts. She's also supremely confident and what's sexier than a confident woman?
    Sure, my lifelong crush on Elizabeth Montgomery filtered into my picking Samantha, but even if I was gay or a woman I'd pick her. I always liked Bewitched better. Besides, Uncle Arthur rules!




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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post a genie, she is an immortal and her magical powers have only the limitations of my imagination. Samantha is a witch and a human and is weaker. Thus her powers have limits. So I would choose Jeannie to win this battle of magical entities.
    Actually, in the Bewitched Mythos, witches are their own race. They refer to regular humans as mortals.

    That said, I still voted for Jeannie because I like her bubbly, love-able character better. Plus, she was almost too hot for TV. There's an early episode--perhaps the pilot--where she emerges from Tony's bedroom wearing only her Jeannie hat and one of his white shirts. My eyes popped even as a kid; she was just that gorgeous.

    Samantha is a close second. She's smarter, but her relationship to Darren could get irritating when he tried to suppress her.

    I do think that Bewitched was a better show overall because the secondary cast, especially Endora and Clara, were awesome. I just like the character of Jeannie better.

    Here's a video on youtube featuring some of my favorite women from TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave-Man View Post
    Gotta agree with Jack on this one.
    Ditto. While Jeannie may have been more powerful, magic-wise, she was also too spontaneous. She was like a ditzy teen, given insane powers and while she meant well, she caused Tony WAY too much trouble.

    Sam, however, knew how to use her powers for the best benefit, and was even a totally capable wife without them. And she was easily the brains of the couple, exemplifying the adage that behind every good man is a great woman. Darren (I perfer **** York, of course) would have been nowhere without her.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue View Post
    Actually, in the Bewitched Mythos, witches are their own race. They refer to regular humans as mortals.
    Yeah, Sam's hundreds of years old.
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    I love both Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie, although technically I love Serena and Evil Jeannie more than Samantha and Good Jeannie.

    It's always amusing how Elizabeth Montgomery often went by the pseudonym Pandora Spocks to play Serena, and I also liked how Barbara Eden played the hilariously mean Aunt Irma in Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.
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    Jennie all the way.. i love me some Barbara Eden!!

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