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    Custom Clamshell Case Art!

    Click here to visit the original thread "Potential loose figure display cases" posted by MldMnrdReporter

    Not long ago someone began selling these custom plastic clamshell cases for us to display our figures in. I wasn't thrilled about the printable background art they came with, so I started designing my own. By overwhelming demand from private messages, thread posts and E-mails from members of and other popular fan sites, I have compiled the art in a downloadable, printable, and editable format for everyone to enjoy. I am continuing to add on to this list.

    Disclaimer: I do not make a profit from the artwork or the plastic cases. I am not the creator of the cases. Discussion of sales information regarding the cases in this thread, including information about where you can find the cases, is strictly prohibited by the forum rules.

    Clamshell dimensions in inches are as follows:
    > Outside Dimensions: 10.7 (length) x 5.1 (width)
    > Cavity Area: 8.5 (length) x 3.84 (width) x 1.4 (depth)
    > Card Area: 9.6 (length) x 4.6 (width)
    > Plastic Clamshell Thickness: 0.020 Inches

    (April 25, 2012): I've removed all read me files from my downloads to eliminate any retail sale information from this thread. I still ask that these downloaded files are used only for personal enjoyment, and not to make money.
    (April 28, 2011): Just uploaded an entire new set of card art. Reduced PDF file sizes from ~50MB each to ~4MB each! A ton of new figures added. It's easier now to post which figures are not included in the list than to mention which ones are new to it.
    (Feb. 7, 2012): Getting back into this project! Reloaded all of the PDF's. Will be rebuilding a few of them. Also working on more designs (classics, 200x ,Snakemen), as well as some potential faction logo work. Stay tuned!


    Vintage Cards (.PDF files)
    Click here to see the first batch of thumbnails! (.JPG)

    MASTER TEMPLATE (300 Resolution, 40 MB)
    MASTER TEMPLATE (600 Resolution, 131 MB)
    Note: You need Photoshop to open and edit the Master File. Last updated 4/12/2012

    *** - Figure may not fit in case

    Thumb | Adora (pop faction logo)
    Thumb | Adora (no logo)
    Thumb | Battle Armor Faker
    Thumb | Battle Armor He-Man
    Thumb | Battle Armor Skeletor
    Thumb | Battleground Evil-Lyn
    Thumb | Battleground Teela
    Thumb | Beastman
    Thumb | Beastman(Low Style Punched)
    Thumb | Beastman(Low Style Un-Punched)
    Thumb | Beastman(Top Toys Punched)
    Thumb | Beastman(Top Toys Ununched)
    Thumb | Blade
    Thumb | Blast Attak
    Thumb | Bow (no logo)
    Thumb | Bow (pop faction logo)
    Thumb | Bubble Power She-Ra
    Thumb | Bubble Power She-Ra (POP faction logo)
    Thumb | Buzz-Off ***
    Thumb | Buzz Saw Hordak
    Thumb | Captain Glenn
    Thumb | Castle Grayskullman
    Thumb | Castle Grayskullman (POG logo)
    Thumb | Catra (POP logo)
    Thumb | Catra (Horde logo)
    Thumb | Catra (No logo)
    Thumb | Chief Carnivus
    Thumb | Clamp Champ
    Thumb | Clawful
    Thumb | Count Marzo
    Thumb | Cy-Chop
    Thumb | Cy-Chop (Horde logo)
    Thumb | Dekker
    Thumb | Demo-Man
    Thumb | Draego-Man Punched ***
    Thumb | Draego-Man Unpunched ***
    Thumb | Dragon Blaster Skeletor
    Thumb | Dragstor
    Thumb | Dragstor (horde faction logo)
    Thumb | Dragstor (maitres de l'universunivers, punched)
    Thumb | Dragstor (maitres de l'universunivers, unpunched)
    Thumb | Eternos Palace King Randor
    Thumb | Evil-Lyn
    Thumb | Extendar
    Thumb | Faceless One
    Thumb | Faker
    Thumb | Faker(Low Style Punched)
    Thumb | Faker (Low Style Un-Punched)
    Thumb | Faker (Top Toys Punched)
    Thumb | Faker (Top Toys Ununched)
    Thumb | Fang Man
    Thumb | Fearless Photog
    Thumb | Fisto
    Thumb | Flying Fists He-Man
    Thumb | Frosta
    Thumb | Goddess, The
    Thumb | Grizzlor
    Thumb | Gwildor
    Thumb | He-Man
    Thumb | He-Man(Low Style Punched)
    Thumb | He-Man(Low Style Un-Punched)
    Thumb | He-Man(Top Toys Punched)
    Thumb | He-Man(Top Toys Unpunched)
    Thumb | He-Man(Top Toys Unpunched)
    Thumb | He-Man (maitres de l'universunivers, punched)
    Thumb | He-Man (maitres de l'universunivers, unpunched)
    Thumb | He-Ro (POG faction logo)
    Thumb | He-Ro (no faction logo)
    Thumb | Hordak
    Thumb | Hordak (Horde faction logo)
    Thumb | Horde Prime (Horde Faction Logo)
    Thumb | Horde Prime (no logo)
    Thumb | Horde Prime (Horde logo, punched)
    Thumb | Horde Prime (Horde logo, unpunched)
    Thumb | Horde Prime (no logo, punched)
    Thumb | Horde Prime (no logo, unpunched)
    Thumb | Horde Trooper
    Thumb | Horde Trooper (Horde faction logo)
    Thumb | Jewelstar
    Thumb | Jewelstar (POP faction logo)
    Thumb | Jitsu
    Thumb | Keldor
    Thumb | King Grayskull (POG faction logo)
    Thumb | King Grayskull (no logo)
    Thumb | King He-Man (no logo)
    Thumb | King Hiss
    Thumb | King Hiss (Snakemen faction logo)
    Thumb | King Randor
    Thumb | Kobra Khan
    Thumb | Kobra Khan (Snakemen faction logo)
    Thumb | Leech ***
    Thumb | Leech ***
    Thumb | Man-at-Arms
    Thumb | Man-at-Arms (Low Style Punched)
    Thumb | Man-at-Arms (Low Style Un-Punched)
    Thumb | Man-at-Arms (Top Toys Punched)
    Thumb | Man-at-Arms (Top Toys Unpunched)
    Thumb | Man-E-Faces
    Thumb | Mantenna
    Thumb | Mantenna (Horde logo)
    Thumb | Mekaneck
    Thumb | Mer-Man
    Thumb | Modulok
    Thumb | Modulok (Horde logo)
    Thumb | Mo-larr
    Thumb | Mosquitor (Horde Logo)
    Thumb | Mosquitor
    Thumb | Moss Man
    Thumb | Multi-Bot
    Thumb | NA He-Man
    Thumb | Netossa (POP logo)
    Thumb | Netossa
    Thumb | Ninjor
    Thumb | Optikk ("The New Adventures" NA faction logo)
    Thumb | Optikk (Vintage NA logo)
    Thumb | Orko
    Thumb | Prince Adam
    Thumb | Prince Adam (maitres de l'universunivers, punched)
    Thumb | Prince Adam (maitres de l'universunivers, unpunched)
    Thumb | Preternia Disguise He-Man (POG faction logo)
    Thumb | Preternia Disguise He-Man (no logo)
    Thumb | Queen Marlena
    Thumb | Ram-Man ***
    Thumb | Rattlor
    Thumb | Rattlor (Snakemen faction logo)
    Thumb | Rioblast
    Thumb | Roboto
    Thumb | Rokkon
    Thumb | Rotar
    Thumb | Saurod
    Thumb | Scareglow
    Thumb | Shadowweaver ***
    Thumb | Shadowweaver (Horde Logo) ***
    Thumb | She-Ra (POP faction logo)
    Thumb | She-Ra (no logo)
    Thumb | Sir Laser-Lot
    Thumb | Sir Laser-Lot (POG logo)
    Thumb | Skeletor (High Style)
    Thumb | Skeletor (Low Style Punched)
    Thumb | Skeletor (Low Style Un-Punched)
    Thumb | Skeletor (Top Toys Punched)
    Thumb | Skeletor (Top Toys Unpunched)
    Thumb | Snake Face
    Thumb | Snake Face (SnakeMen faction logo)
    Thumb | Snake Man-At-Arms (SnakeMen Faction Logo)
    Thumb | Snake Man-At-Arms (Punched)
    Thumb | Snake Man-At-Arms (Unpunched)
    Thumb | Snake Man-At-Arms (No Logo)
    Thumb | Snake Man-At-Arms (No Logo Punched)
    Thumb | Snake Man-At-Arms (No Logo Unpunched)
    Thumb | Snout Spout
    Thumb | Sorceress
    Thumb | Spikor
    Thumb | Sssqueeze ***
    Thumb | Sssqueeze (SnakeLogo) ***
    Thumb | Starla
    Thumb | Starla
    Thumb | Stinkor
    Thumb | Stinkor (maitres de l'universunivers, punched)
    Thumb | Stinkor (maitres de l'universunivers, unpunched)
    Thumb | Stonedar
    Thumb | Stratos
    Thumb | Strobo
    Thumb | Sy-Klone
    Thumb | Tallstar
    Thumb | Teela (High Style)
    Thumb | Teela (Low Style Punched)
    Thumb | Teela (Low Style Un-Punched)
    Thumb | Teela (Top Toys Punched)
    Thumb | Teela (Top Toys Unpunched)
    Thumb | Temple of Darkness Sorceress
    Thumb | Terror Claws Skeletor
    Thumb | The Mighty Spector
    Thumb | The Mighty Spector (punched)
    Thumb | The Mighty Spector (unpunched)
    Thumb | Thunder Punch He-Man
    Thumb | Trap Jaw
    Thumb | Tri-Klops
    Thumb | Tung Lashor (Snakemen faction logo)
    Thumb | Twistoid
    Thumb | Two Bad
    Thumb | Vykron
    Thumb | Webstor
    Thumb | Whiplash
    Thumb | Wun-Dar
    Thumb | Zodac
    Thumb | Zodak

    Vintage Card Backs (.PDF files) NEW!
    Thumb | 8back Style 1 (unpunched)
    Thumb | 8back Style 1 (punched)
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