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Thread: How do you seperate your MOTUC figures?

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    How do you seperate your MOTUC figures?

    Do you divided them into factions?
    If so, which Factions?
    Do you display The Heroic Warriors separate from the Preternian Heroes?
    Is She-Ra (Heroic Rebels) separate from them?
    Is your Optikk (Space Mutants) Kept apart from your Evil Warriors?
    Is Hordak (Evil Horde) apart from them?

    I want to hear (read) your input.

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    i'll try to post updated pics at some point when it's not freezing in my garage/toy room, but my motuc's are locked in an endless battle. they are arrayed around the battle field. i do have she-ra (and soon bow will be at her back) fighting against grizzlor and hordak while he-man atop battle cat is fighting skeletor. but as far as sides go, it's good guys vs bad guys.

    on a separate shelf is my molar/skeletor 2 pack, adam, the former he-men (grayskull, wundar, and vikor), keldor, and hackor (my made up he-man).

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    Right now it's good vs evil. Modern age.

    Then it's keldors gang and behind them are the variants.

    Then the preternia guys good vs evil.
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    Due to lack of space I DON'T divide/separate them.

    But if I had the space I would.

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    At the moment its Skeletor and his minions (Including Gy-gor) on the top shelf.

    He-Man and the Masters, and She-Ra on the second shelf.

    Non factioned characters (Marzo), NA (Optikk) and alter egos (Keldor, Kronis, Adam and Adora on the third.

    Preeternia characters, Zodac and The Horde on the bottom.

    When the masses of the Rebels, future, Horde and Snakemen grow, I will get a new cabinet for them. Or at least that is the plan.

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    For the time being I have the 2008/9 toys on one shelf, and the 2010 releases on another. Both are divided into their separate factions.

    I like to rotate my figures, so i'll probably change them around again fairly soon.

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    I have all my good guys together at the mo but plan to have preternian guys seperate soon. Not sure what to do with wundar as he was not alive back then or in the present but somewhere inbetween so might just put him away as im not that keen on him anyway.
    Adam and Adora are not on display as I don't like more than one of the same character together on display and don't find them interesting enough to warrant a seperate display place.

    Skeletors warriors are all together, as are the Horde. Marzo, Optikk and Gygor are all alone at the mo. Optikk is waiting for more Mutants and I consider Gygor an independant villain like Marzo.
    Keldor and Kronis are together.

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    Right now I have all of the heroes on my top shelf, with each time period separated by He-Man & He-Ro.

    Then on the second shelf I have the Evil Warriors grouped together, Marzo & Optikk in the middle and the Horde on the other side.

    Once the next few POP figures arrive, I'm going to stick them and the Horde together on a new shelf where Hiss will take up the Horde's previous shelf.

    My bottom shelf right now is reserved for over sized figures like Gygor, Tytus and variants, like toothless Skeletor.
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    MOTUC Figures:

    • 1st Shelf: 'Preternian Protectors' - King Grayskull, Goddess, He-Ro, Vikor, Wun-Dar, Zodac, and Mossman. (Preternia Disguise He-Man will also be on this shelf, as will the Faceless One when he eventually comes out.)
    • 2nd Shelf: 'Masters' - He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Orko, King Randor, Palace Guards, Chief Carnavus, Stratos, Buzz-Off, Roboto, Prince Adam, and Zodak.
    • 3rd Shelf: 'Evil Warriors' - Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beastman, Trapjaw, Triklops, Merman, Scareglow, Webstor, Faker, Whiplash, and Optikk.
    • 4th Shelf: 'Other Factions' - She-Ra, Adora, Hordak, Grizzlor, Keldor, Count Marzo, and Gygor. (Bow, Catra, King Hsss, and the Shadow Beast will also be on this shelf.)

    One day (very) soon I'll need to add another bookcase, at which point I'll be able to give POP, the Horde, and the Snake Men proper shelf space.
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    I only have a handful of figures on display at any one time. The rest go into a box. Its keeps things fresh IMO. I also kinda have no choice because I have a cat that can get into pretty much every nook and cranny in my place - and she likes to eat them. Or at least chew them up.

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    One display case for bad guys, another one for good guys, and a book shelf with figures mixed together.

    Where does Zodac go? Wherever he wants to.

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    I don't have the room as much as I used to. I only have 2 shelves so I usually rotate my heroes and villians. I always have He-man and Skeletor on the shelves. I rotate regular He-man and BA He-man on occassion. I will probably do the same for Skeletor and BA Skeletor.

    I usually have the figure of the month and a handful of good versus evil guys. Some of you guys are just amazing with your displays. The rest I keep in individual baggies and store them in a plastic bin underneath my bed. The weapons I keep in an extra large fishing case.
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    Mine are all on shelves, MOC. They are put in order as Mattel ships them out. The Optikk figure that was sent to me is the only odd one out. He's in the original order on the shelf but is turned backwards.

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    I have two of those glass cabinets from Ikea dedicated to my MOTUC collection. Here's my break down:

    Cabinet One: Heroes

    • 1st Shelf- He-man & Variants
    • 3rd Shelf-Heroic Warriors
    • 3rd Shelf-Heroes of Eternia's Past
    • 4th ShelfThe Rebels of Etheria

    Cabinet two-Villians

    • 1st Shelf-Skeletor & Variants
    • 2nd Shelf-Evil Warriors
    • 3rd Shelf-Villians from Eternia's Past
    • 4th Shelf-The Horde

    I anticipate I'll need a third cabinet at some point as the ranks of the Rebellion and the Horde fill out more, as well as we get more characters from the NA Universe.

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    One cabinet for Evil, one for Heroic. No POP, 200x, or NA are present. Only vintage-line figs/characters, mini-comic characters (Goddess/Preternia Disguise He-Man), FILMation (Palace Guards, Shadowbeasts), and true POG (He-Ro, Tytus). Oh, and Savage He-Man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bskcase View Post
    The weapons I keep in an extra large fishing case.
    I love this idea. I'm going to search one out.

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    He-Man and Crew on one shelf with the orb shooter from 200X, Superman, Hawkman, Battle Cat, and three of the Six Twitch figures standing with them(1 inch{LEGO}, 2 inch, and 6 inch) and across from them is Skeletor and his Group plus Count Marzo, Mo-Larr, and Lex Luthor. Also using 2 Grayskull stand as a small trench setup for the Masters.

    Next Shelf has Hordak and Grizzlor Vs She-Ra and Adora(except not fighting both ladies at the same time)

    3rd shelf is for my Warriors of the past, divided between good and evil.

    Good side: Wun-Dar, KG 2.0, He-Ro, Goddess, Vikor, and DC Pack Stratos(Avatar), as well as my Twitchs in 3 3/4 inch, 7 inch, and 12 inch sizes

    Evil Side: Kronis, Keldor, Optikk(for now), and the DC Pack Skeletor(Demo-Man 2.0)

    Last Shelf is for Varients/Big Guys: Toothless Skeletor, DC Pack He-Man(Electro Armor He-Man), BA He-Man, SDCC Orko, Royal Guard(G.R.I.E.V.E. Squad) and Gygor.

    All are loose and complete with the W.P.'S weapons 1 and 2 given to whoever needs a sword, shield, etc.
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    My loose figures are all on the same shelf, but my MOCs are divided into evil, good and large scale items.

    - Joni -

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    My figures are all in one big display cabinet. But since I only collect Heroic Warrior and Evil Warriors it works out fine. Sometimes goodies and baddies are seperated and sometimes they engage in fights.

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    I too reorganize my shelves quite often. Currently I like the idea of separating my MOTUC into era's. I've got the King Randor Era that has the majority of characters (He-Man, the Masters, Palace Guard, Skeletor and crew), the return of the Horde (Hordak, Grizzlor, vintage Slime-Pit), Preternia (Grayskull, He-Ro, Titus), He-Men Era (Goddess, Wun-Dar), and the Great Unrest (Keldor, Gygor, Count Marzo). I currently have She-Ra in the King Randor Era, and put Moss Man in the He-Men Era, but he really could be anywhere.

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    -Top Shelf: 200X Castle Grayskull with 2nd release King Grayskull, Zodac, Green Goddess, Wun-Dar, Tytus, Vikor, He-Ro, Hordak, Grizzlor, and the Leech and Mantenna stactions.

    -2nd Shelf: Heroic warriors

    -3rd Shelf: Evil Warriors

    -4th Shelf: Variants & bonus head figures (clean shaven Man-At-Arms, Keldor, 1st release King Grayskull, etc...)

    -5th Shelf: 200X Snake Men figures and stactions.
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    Right now i have the Preternia and cosmic/mystic warriors are first shelf followed by Heroic warriros followed by the Evil Horde followed by the evil warriors and the last shelf is for the snake men

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    I need to take some new pictures, but space limitations force me to have several smaller displays for these.

    Main display: the cardboard Castle Grayskull from the SDCC set is where the main folks from the property go: He-Man on Battle Cat, She-Ra, Duncan, Teela, African American guard (Clamp Champ before he was Clamp Champ), Randor on the castle, Stratos and Delora, and Orko. Baddies are Skeletor, Beastman, Merman, Triklops,and Trap Jaw.

    I do now have a separate display for Powers of Grayskull: He-Ro, King G, Tytus, Gygor (he just fits in better there), Goddess (her name is Sharella, so she's the tribal chieftain who basically adopted Gray/He-Ro), and Vikor. Pre-Eternia He-Man will go there, as well, against an Etherian background of Catle Brightmoon (in my continuity, He-Ro had a connection to the original Queen Brightmoon, namely marriage).

    The others aren't really themed; Adora and the Horde share space with the Molarr set and some of Skeletors' henchmen against the Fright Zone. Keldor and Kronis are in with She-Ra (toy mask), snake armored Teela, Adam, Scareglow, Marzo and Carnivous with the bridge to Grayskull in the background. And an interior shot of the Fright Zone backs Adora, Filmation He-Man, and blue Merman is in the last display.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midor View Post
    Due to lack of space I DON'T divide/separate them.

    But if I had the space I would.
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    Each have a shelf...but I'm sure I'll run out of room eventually.

    1. Heroic Masters
    2. Evil Masters
    3. Horde/PoP
    4. Preternia
    5. NA/Snake Men

    Then, since the oversized beasts don't fit in that shelving unit, I have two shelves that will have good and evil oversized beasts. (Currently only Tytus and Gygor are up there...Battle Cat fits on the shelf with He-Man sitting on him).

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