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Thread: Anti-Eternia - translation of the German audioplay

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    Anti-Eternia - translation of the German audioplay

    Hi everyone!

    Eterniandreams and I have done a translation of the German audioplay "Anti-Eternia" over the last few weeks - and it is finally complete. If you have suggestions for better wording or would like us to help with illustrations (thanks JimPansen!), please post them! It would be very much appreciated.

    Oh, and please do comment and post what you think about the story!


    translated by Eterniandreams and Irian

    Scene 1

    Narrator: Skeletor, Overlord of Evil, was at Snake Mountain. All traces of the last battle with He-Man and the other Masters of the Universe were gone. The evil demon was already looking for a new weapon to fight He-Man. And he hated He-Man so much he forgot any caution and risked to attempt the forbidden experiment, thereby courting the most horrible of all dangers to Eternia.

    (C) by JimPansen 2011

    Beast Man: Trap-Jaw, where's Skeletor?

    Trap-Jaw: Skeletor, Beast Man? He's in the laboratory, right here. I fear he's trying to find Anti-Eternia…

    Beast Man: Anti-Eternia? Trap-Jaw, what's Anti-Eternia? And why do you fear it?

    In the background Skeletor is laughing manically.

    Trap-Jaw: Do you hear that? He's laughing! It's terrifying. He seems to be successful.

    Beast Man: Terrifying? Trap-Jaw spit it out, what's Anti-Eternia?

    Trap-Jaw: The counterworld, Beast Man.

    Beast Man: The counterworld? Why counterworld, Trap-Jaw?

    Trap-Jaw: There are two sides to everything, Beast Man: There's matter and antimatter, fire and water, day and night, heaven and hell. Eternia and … Anti-Eternia.

    Beast Man: Anti-Eternia… I've never heard of it. Is it an evil world?

    Trap-Jaw: Quite right. Anti-Eternia, Planet of Dread. With its help Skeletor wants to reach his goal to destroy the Masters of the Universe. (pause)
    Here's the lab. Here's Skeletor! Go ahead.

    Beast Man: Master? It is us, Trap-Jaw and me. Can we come in?

    Skeletor: I've got it! *I've* got it! The forbidden experiment! I've succeeded! Come in you two! In my hand I have the weapon that will destroy He-Man. I - *I* will become Master of the Universe. Castle Grayskull will be mine!

    Beast Man: Yes, Master, you are going to conquer Castle Grayskull.

    Skeletor: (laughs) Yes, I, Skeletor, will be the most powerful man in the universe. No one can stop me now!

    Beast Man: Forgive me, Master, but how do you want to win that fight?

    Skeletor: How?! You fool! I just have to turn on this machine. Look, Beast-Man. I am turning it on. (pause) It's a world converter. It's working perfectly.

    Trap-Jaw: A world converter, Skeletor? What does this world converter do?

    Skeletor: What it does? It creates a connection between Eternia and Anti-Eternia. The most horrifying monstrosities, you have ever seen, will soon come over here and then… (laughs) *then* the battle will begin - and it will end with my victory! (laughs maniacally)


    Scene 2

    Narrator: At the palace of Eternis nobody was suspecting anything about Skeletor's horrible plan. Teela, princess of Eternia and captain of the royal guard was preparing a big meet. The mightiest warriors of the planet Eternia were supposed to measure their strengths against each other in athletic competitions. Everyone seemed to be excited about it - everyone except Prince Adam. He didn't seem to take great interest in these festivities.

    Teela: Adam, what's biting you? Don't you like the thought that soon Eternia's most powerful warriors will meet at the palace to determine who's the strongest?

    Adam: Oh. Eh… it's ok… I guess.

    Teela: (laughs) Be honest, Adam. You don't like it. You are jealous of He-Man, who is likely going to win.

    Adam: Well, Teela, I cannot deny I would have preferred something like a poetry contest.

    Teela: A poetry contest? Oh, Adam!

    Adam: Or maybe you could invite the violinists of Tekran to give a concert.

    Teela: The violinists of ..? (sighs) Nobody can stand the cacophony they create with their instruments!

    Adam: That's what's bothering me. The beautiful sound of these violins should … aaaarrg!

    (C) by JimPansen 2011

    Teela: Adam, Adam, what's wrong?! Why do you hold your head?

    Adam: (groans in pain)

    Teela: Adam, what's the matter?! What is wrong with your head?! Do you need a doctor? Wait, I am getting a doctor!

    Adam: (groans) No… No, everything's fine. Don't worry.

    Teela: You need a doctor! You don't look well. You are sick.

    Adam: No, no, everything all right. Don't bother.

    Teela: Adam? Are you simulating? You are not jealous, are you? I mean… Adam, don't run away!

    Adam: (to himself) Oh, Teela, you have no idea! You don't know that I am both Adam and He-Man in one person. If I just could tell you! But it is too early for that. I still have to keep my secret.

    Adam: But Eternia is in danger. The Sorceress has let me know. Suddenly I heard a whisper – and I knew. Ah, there's Cringer!

    Cringer: (purring) Prince Adam, what a wonderful day!

    Adam: Don't act like a pussycat, Cringer! Eternia is in great danger! We have to go to Castle Grayskull!

    Cringer: We?! No, please, Adam. Go alone. I'd like… (yawns) I'd like to stretch out in the sun and… Oh! No! Please, not the power sword! No, Adam! (one can hear the distinct sound of the power sword being unsheathed) No!

    Adam: Come on, Cringer! We are transforming into He-Man and Battle Cat! Loafing is over now!

    Cringer: No, Adam! Oh no! Please!

    Music swells

    By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!

    Narrator: As Adam spoke these magic words, he transformed into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. And the ever-weary Cringer became Battle Cat, the mighty fighting tiger!

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr!

    He-Man: Come on, old tomcat! We have to go to Castle Grayskull! Skeletor seems to have hatched a new plan!

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr! We will crush him! He will never defeat us! NEVER!


    Scene 3.I

    Narrator: As He-Man approached Castle Grayskull, suddenly Skeletor's evil henchmen Beast Man, Trap-Jaw and Tri-Klops attacked. They wanted to prevent He-Man from entering the castle.

    Battle Cat: He-Man, look out! Roaarr!

    He-Man: The Fighters of Evil!

    Trap-Jaw: Die, He-Man!

    (battle noise)

    Beast Man: Trap-Jaw, shoot him! Use your machine gun!

    Trap-Jaw: You bet, Beast Man! Gotcha, He-Man!

    (machine gun fire)

    Tri-Klops: That's not possible. The bullets glance off He-Man's sword.

    Trap-Jaw: Try your ray gun, Tri-Klops! He cannot defend himself against all of it at the same time.

    (machine gun fire and blaster sounds)

    Tri-Klops: Yeah, you're right, Trap-Jaw!

    He-Man: Get lost, you fools! Away!

    (explosions, the battle noise stops)

    Trap-Jaw: He has smashed my machine gun!

    Tri-Klops: As well as my ray gun!

    He-Man: Don't you have enough?!

    Beast Man: Run! Run! We cannot stop him this way! Run!

    Trap-Jaw: Yes! Retreat! Back to Snake Mountain, Tri-Klops!

    He-Man: Those fools. Did they really think they could stop me from entering Castle Grayskull?

    He-Man: I am going to open the gate with the power sword, you stay outside, Battle Cat.

    Battle Cat: I'll stay here and I will drive off Skeletor's henchmen, should they come back! Roaarrr!

    He-Man: OK, Battle Cat. I am opening the gate with my sword.

    (the sound of the draw bridge opening)

    Battle cat: Yes, it opens!

    He-Man: The Sorceress is expecting me already.


    Scene 3.II

    Sorceress: Welcome, He-Man

    He-Man: Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, what has happened? Is Eternia in danger?

    Sorceress: It is, He-Man. Skeletor is close to getting his hands on the most dangerous weapon of all. He doesn’t realize that he is playing with fire.

    He-Man: What sort of weapon is it?

    Sorceress: He has created a passage to Anti-Eternia, the horrifying reflection of Eternia.

    He-Man: To Anti-Eternia? What is that? Why haven’t I ever heard of fit before?

    Sorceress: Anti-Eternia is Hell and the creatures that inhabit this world are so gruesome and powerful that they will bring death and destruction upon us.

    He-Man: I understand. And where is this Anti-Eternia?

    Sorceress: It is in a different universe, the universe of darkness, but it is located in the same position as Eternia. Skeletor wants to create a gateway to this parallel world. Through this gateway the most monstrous creatures that Hell ever spawned will come over.

    He-Man: That is heinous.

    Sorceress: See these images. My magic scrying device shows me the way Anti-Eternia looks.

    He-Man: Show me, Sorceress. I am curious to see who Skeleter is turning to, to defeat us.

    Sorceress: Behold! (A cacophony of noises swells) This is Anti-Eternia!

    Narrator: The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull showed He-Man a glimpse of Hell. Monsters of unimaginable strength and size were moving to a huge flickering opening. And He-man understood. This was the gateway to Eternia.

    He-Man: By the Spirits of Grayskull, that is unbelievable! But why does he have Beast Man, Trap-Jaw and Tri-Klops fighting me, when he could attack me with those creatures?

    Sorceress: He didn’t accomplish it yet. The creatures still can’t pass to Eternia.

    He-Man: So he wanted to gain time.

    Sorceress: Yes, he did. Skeletor needs time for his plan, but not much anymore. He is nearly there. Do you see the black figure there, the one with the red hair?

    He-Man: Yes. What kind of man is he? He is fighting a dragon.

    Sorceress: It is Anti-He-Man, the most powerful warrior of the counterworld! Nobody has defeated him until now. And I fear he is undefeatable.

    He-Man: And that in the background, what is that? A radiant white castle, the gate resembles the face of an angel.

    Sorceress: Anti-Grayskull, He-Man. That is the Castle of Darkness. And Anti-He-Man is its lord. He has the dark power. He is the Master of the Universe of Darkness.

    He-Man: And Skeletor, this maniac, wants to bring him to our universe? That could be the end of all of us. I must stop it! That can’t happen!


    Scene 4

    Narrator: Deeply concerned He-Man left Castle Grayskull. He didn't know how he could confront the enormous danger that threatened Eternia. He was only inspired by one thought; the forces of darkness couldn't be allowed to expand their influence into this universe.

    Battle Cat: He-Man, black clouds are gathering. What is going on?

    (bells jingle)

    He-Man: Orko, where are you coming from?

    Orko: From the palace. The king and Teela are worried. It's getting gloomy everywhere. Everyone is uneasy. What is going on, He-Man?

    He-Man: That's Skeletor's doing, Orko! He's got a sinister plan.

    (rumbling in the background)

    Orko: What was that? Did you hear that? It sounded like an earthquake.

    He-Man: Yes, I heard it, too, Orko. But I do not know what it means.

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr! He-Man, I feel it, something's approaching. It has to be huge.

    Orko: I fear that too! This noise, it was spooky.

    (rumbling again)

    Battle Cat: There it is, again!

    Orko: It's a bull! A gigantic bull! It's coming!

    He-Man: Run, Battle Cat! Be careful it doesn't trample you down!

    Orko: Those eyes! They are spraying fire. Skeletor must have sent the bull. Yes, yes, it could have been only him.

    He-Man: And now, we are sending it back where it came from. Skeletor, beware! By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!

    (the bull pants with rage)

    Orko: He-Man, watch out!

    Battle Cat: That was close.

    Orko: It almost gored you, He-Man.

    Battle Cat: Look out! It's coming back.

    Orko: Oh oh, I have to do something. I have to use my magic. But how? What can I do? Oh, a rag! He-Man needs a red rag for his fight with the bull!

    (battle noises)

    Battle Cat: He-Man, it's too powerful for you! It's too big and strong. Flee into the castle or it is going to kill you!

    Orko: I'll see to that, Battle Cat. I, Orko, the great magician! Oh, Orko from the magic land, come lend me your saving hand: In this fight of fear and dread, He-Man needs a rag in red!

    (bells jingle)

    He-Man: Orko, what's that?

    Orko: A ... a rag, like all the bullfighters have.

    He-Man: A red rag for a bullfighter, Orko? That's only a cleaning rag. It's too small.

    Orko: Too small? Oh, I am so sorry. But at least it's a red rag, isn't it?

    Battle Cat: Watch out, He-Man! The bull is coming!

    Orko: The… the bull stops running. He stays in front of He-Man. Careful! It's getting dangerous!

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr! I'm helping you, He-Man!

    Orko: Me too! I am helping too! But what should I do?

    Orko: Oh oh, He-Man! That was close!

    He-Man: Ram Man, you have to get Ram Man, Orko! My sword bounces off of the bull's head. I need help! Hurry!

    Orko: Ram-Man?! But I don't know how! Oh, Ram Man from the magic land… No, no! I mean: Orko from the magic sands… Oh heavens, what am I doing here!?

    Battle Cat: There he is: Ram Man! He's found us!

    Orko: Yes! This way! Ram Man, this way! Quick! You have to ram the bull! His skull is too tough!

    (flying noises)

    Ram Man: Step aside, He-Man! Step aside!

    He-Man: The bull, ram it!

    (a thud)

    Orko: Ram Man has rammed the bull!

    Battle Cat: It's working. Look! Look how shaky the bull is on its feet!

    (the bull pants)

    He-Man: One more time, Ram-Man!

    Orko: The bull is lifting its head. Now!

    (flying noises, a thud)

    He-Man: That has been too much for the bull.

    Orko: You've done it, Ram Man! The bull is running away. It has to take care of its headache! (giggles)

    He-Man: (laughs shortly) Thank you, Ram Man. I would have been doomed without you. The power sword couldn't do much against the bull.

    Orko: What a monstrosity! Do you really think Skeletor has sent the bull?

    He-Man: I am convinced. Skeletor is closing in for the final blow!

    Ram Man: Yes, I think you are right. You feel something menacing is coming!

    He-Man: Skeletor has found a new weapon. And he will use it!

    Orko: What do we do now, He-Man?

    He-Man: We have to return to Eternis, to the palace. We have to mobilize all forces. Skeletor cannot win this battle – or we are all doomed!


    Scene 5

    Narrator: He-Man, Orko, Ram-Man and Battle Cat returned to the Royal Palace of Eternis. Here too, people had noticed the signs of approaching danger. Concerns and fear were spreading amongst them. The residents of the city looked up to the sky. Never before had they seen such black clouds.

    (Sounds of a nervous crowd)

    Citizen of Eternis: The sky. It is becoming so dark.

    Citizen of Eternis: Turn on the lights!

    Citizen of Eternis: This must be the work of Skeletor.

    Citizen of Eternis: I am afraid. He-Man! Where is He-Man?

    Citizen of Eternis: He must help us.

    Citizen of Eternis: Yes

    Ram-Man: The people are afraid, He-Man. They suspect that Skeletor will attack. And they don’t know how to defend themselves.

    Orko: These black clouds can’t be fought with a sword.
    Ram-Man: He-Man, look!


    He-Man: What is it, Ram-Man? What do you see?

    Ram-Man: The cloud up there, it looks like the grimace of a monster.

    Citizen of Eternis: Eternia will fall.

    Citizen of Eternis: Skeletor will be victorious!

    Citizen of Eternis:
    Pray, people! Pray!


    Scene 6

    Narrator: While He-man and his friends in Eternis were staring spellbound at the black clouds gathering above the city, Skeletor was gloating at Snake Mountain. He was closer to reaching his goal than ever before. Victory over He-man was almost within his grasp.

    Narrator: In his mysterious laboratory he was making the final preparations for the large-scale strike.

    (Machine sounds)

    Skeletor: (laughing) Just wait, heroes of Eternis. Your last hour has come. Now I will be the Master of the Universe (laughs)

    Trap-Jaw: And you don’t expect He-man to find a defense weapon, Skeletor?

    Skeletor: Don’t talk like a fool, Trap-Jaw. He-Man should find a weapon against ME? (laughs) Warriors will come straight out of Hell, the likes of which this world has never seen before. What can He-man do against them, Trap-Jaw? NOTHING!

    Trap-Jaw: My lord, the Anti-World Accelerator is at full power. 100!

    Skeletor: It's functioning. It's working, Trap-Jaw! Switch to Black-Field Modulator!

    Trap-Jaw: Modulator activated, Skeletor!

    Skeletor: (laughs) Now we have them, these creatures of Hell, they are coming! Eternia, your time has come!

    Trap-Jaw: Skeletor, the death-funnel!

    Skeletor: What about it, Trap-Jaw?

    Trap-Jaw: Just look! Black clouds are rising from it.

    Skeletor: Excellent. Most excellent. It is the signal of the creatures from Hell. They are ready to come.

    Trap-Jaw: You really want to bring them here, my lord?

    Skeletor: Yes, why not?

    Trap-Jaw: Are you sure they will leave again when you rule over Eternia? Will they obey you?

    Skeletor: They wouldn’t dare to turn against me. I am the Overlord of Evil. No-one is greater than me! They must obey me! They must! Do you understand, Trap-Jaw?

    Trap-Jaw: Yes, my lord. I understand.

    Skeletor: Activate! Open the gate for our friends from Anti-Eternia! Open the Gates of Hell, Trap-Jaw!

    Trap-Jaw: Yes, I am opening the gate.

    (The machine noises get louder, thunder roars)


    Scene 7

    Narrator: Skeletor had dared to do the Unspeakable. He had opened a gateway for the creatures from Anti-Eternia to come to Eternia. Now monsters of darkness were approaching and in the city of Eternis a panic broke out.

    (Nervous voices in the background)

    Teela: He-Man, this way! He-Man!

    He-Man: Teela, muster your guards! We have to defend the city.

    Teela: But what can we do, He-Man? What is it that is coming on us?

    Orko: It's black and scary. Boohoo, I am frightened.

    He-Man: Orko, most-powerful of all Trollan wizards, can't you see what that is?

    Orko: No, I don't know.

    He-Man: Skeletor must have brought it here from Anti-Eternia. Yes, that's what it is: Skeletor's creatures of hell!

    Teela: There! It's attacking the crowd!

    Orko: It's like black fog.

    He-Man: It shall feel the power sword!

    He-Man: Battle Cat? Come on, old tomcat! Carry me to the fog!

    Battle Cat: Roarrr! I'll rip that thing into pieces with my teeth! My claws will tear it to shreds! Charge! But we cannot win alone.

    He-Man: Stay calm, old tomcat, we attack!

    (battle sounds)

    Orko: Man-At-Arms! Ram Man! Man-E-Faces! He-Man needs help!
    He-Man: The sword meets resistance! The black fog feels it.

    Orko: Oh, Orko from the magic land, come lend me your helping hand: The dark cloud cannot stay, the winds blow it away!

    Ram Man: Your short shirt is not bringing up enough wind, Orko!

    Orko: Ram Man, how can you say something like this! Do you want to offend me? My shirt is long enough, it's the … the …

    Ram Man: I am ramming the cloud! Look! Something is in there, I can feel it!

    He-Man: Keep going! Keep going! The cloud reacts.

    Teela: Royal Guard! Attack! He-Man needs help! Drive back that black thing! Fire! Fire!

    Narrator: He-Man struck the scary black cloud with the power sword. Ram Man rammed it. Man-At-Arms attacked it with a laser cannon. And Man-E-Faces also used an energy weapon. Teela and the Royal Guard sent arrows into the black thing. And Orko was casting spell after spell – but didn't receive many praise for his efforts.

    Orko: Oh, Orko from the magic land, come lend me your helping hand: You darkest spawn of hell, take flight before my spell!

    Guard: That thing is retreating!

    Guard: It fears the power sword!

    Guard: No, the arrows drive it away.

    Guard: No, not the arrows, the laser blasts.

    Orko: Rubbish! I have defeated the cloud! All by myself. I, the greatest magician of all time!

    He-Man: (breathing heavily) We have driven it away!

    Teela: (also breathing heavily) I am afraid it will come back, He-Man!

    Orko: Oh, don't worry about it. If it appears again I will shoo it away with a powerful spell.

    He-Man: (still breating heavily) That won't be enough, Orko! We cannot wait for the next attack!

    Teela: What's your plan, He-Man?

    He-Man: Wait, there are Man-At-Arms, Ram Man und Man-E-Faces. Thank you all, you have fought well!

    Orko: And nobody talks about me? In that case I'm leaving. You'll see me again when you know how to appreciate my victories.

    (bells jingle)

    He-Man: (amused, ironic) Oh, now Orko's upset. Even though he has won all by himself, hasn't he?

    Teela: (laughs) If we go by his big mouth, then yes!

    Man-E-Faces: He seems to go especially strong today – (laughs) as far as exaggerating is concerned.

    (Everyone laughs)


    Scene 8

    Narrator: Skeletor's first strike was parried with toil and hardship. But He-man and his friends knew the real danger was still eminent. Skeletor could strike again anytime and no one could foretell what would happen then. He-man decided to take the Wind Raider together with Man-At-Arms for a reconnaissance flight.

    (flying sounds)

    Man-At-Arms: He-Man, look over there. Isn’t that a Wind Raider too?

    He-Man: Yes, you are right, it seems it came from Snake Mountain.

    Man-At-Arms: A black machine.

    (shot of a laser-gun)

    He-Man: Damn it! It is shooting at us.

    Man-At-Arms: By all the spirits! Did you see who was in the aircraft?

    He-Man: I think so, yes. He looked just like you, Man-at-Arms, but he was all black.

    Man-At-Arms: But that’s not possible.

    He-Man: He is doing a loop. Man-at-Arms, he is attacking us!

    Man-at-Arms: Watch out! (shot of a laser-gun) Shoot, He-man, shoot!

    (shot of a laser-gun. Explosion)

    He-Man: He struck us!

    Look, his machine caught fire! He has to land.

    He-Man: Us too, Man-at-Arms. We are going down, watch out, hold on! Get ready for the crash!

    (loud rumbling)

    Man-at-Arms: There’s no way back!

    (the noises fall silent)

    He-Man: We’re on the ground. Are you okay?

    Man-At-Arms: Yes, I am okay He-Man. I only have a scratch on my arm, that’s it.

    He-Man: The other one has suffered the same fate as us.

    Man-At-Arms: Why does he look like me? Who is he?

    He-Man: He is your counterpart from the anti-world. A weapon master just like you, but none I would trust. He belongs to Skeletor's forces.

    Man-At-Arms: The danger is getting more and more eminent. We should act fast, He-Man. Or it will be too late.

    (bells jingle)

    He-Man: Orko! Your timing is perfect!

    Orko: (his voice is more mature) What would you do without me, He-Man! You can’t even fly! You are a real idiot!

    He-Man: Orko, you’re out of line! I’ll admit I didn't recognize how bravely you fought against the black monster, but…

    Orko: (his voice is more mature) But nothing! I don’t want to hear it!

    He-Man: But Orko, is that how you talk to your friend?

    Orko: (with mature voice) Oh, Orko from the wizards' land, come lend me your saving hand: To you standing there I tell, I'll open up the mouth to Hell.

    (bells jingle, a loud rumble)

    He-Man: Orko, what are you talking about, did you lose your mind?

    Orko! You almost killed us. If you were a better magician, you would have put us in real danger.

    (bells jingle)

    He-Man: What’s this? Another Trollan?

    Orko (with normal childish voice): You don’t recognize me? I am Orko, your Orko! He is an impostor, a Doppelganger! He is Skeletor's henchman. Watch yourselves, he wants to cast a spell on you!

    Anti-Orko: Oh, Orko from the wizards' land, come lend me your saving hand: Come out ghosts I yell, burn them with the winds of Hell!

    (bells jingle, roaring winds)

    Orko: Ridiculous! I am the better wizard, watch me: Oh, Orko from the magic land, come lend me your helping hand: From this spot I claim, return from where you came!

    (bells jingle, roaring winds)

    Anti-Orko: You are a fool! You can’t defeat me, not me! I am a thousand times stronger than you! Oh, Orko from the wizards' land, come lend me your saving hand: Skeletor's black night…

    He-Man: Stop this now, you devils spawn! Leave, or I will take your hood away.

    Anti-Orko (deeply affected): You… you would do that?!

    Orko: For sure he will do it. And if he doesn’t, I will! Oh, Orko from the magic land …

    (bells jingle)

    Man-At-Arms: He is gone, Orko! Your Doppelganger has fled.

    Orko: Fled, Man-At-Arms? No, my magic has frightened him away. He is gone because I, Orko, am the greatest magician.

    He-Man: Yes, he is gone Orko! And now you must help us! Quick, teleport to the Royal Palace. We need a new vehicle or Skeletor will catch us here outside.

    Orko: Skeletor? I almost forgot! I wanted to warn you, Skeletor is on his way here. I saw it! By the spirits of Grayskull! There he is!

    He-Man: Trap-Jaw and Beast-Man are with him!

    Man-At-Arms: So what? They will get the shock of their lives.
    He-Man: We will punish Skeletor for what he did. He will pay for releasing the beasts of Hell.

    (The sound of the power sword leaving its sheath)

    He-Man: By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!

    Beast Man: See! Kill He-Man and Man-at Arms!

    Skeletor: No, No, you fool! Don’t Beast Man, fall back! Don’t fight!

    Beast Man: You don’t want to fight, Skeletor?

    Skeletor: Idiot! Of course not!

    He-Man: Wait Man-at-Arms, something is wrong!

    Man-At-Arms: Be careful, He-Man. We can’t trust Skeletor. No one is as wicked and evil as him!

    He-Man: Skeletor, how is it possible that a coward like you is showing himself in plain sight? I am used to you trying to ambush me. This is a first.

    Skeletor: You are right to mock me, He-man.

    He-Man: You really are singing a different tune! What is wrong with you, Skeletor? Are you sick?

    Skeletor: Yes, I must have been sick, sick in the head.

    He-Man: (laughs) That is something I have thought before.

    Skeletor: He-Man, you must help me! You must!

    He-Man: What? I should help you? Me of all people?

    Man-At-Arms: What has happened, Skeletor?

    Skeletor: Man-At-Arms, if you want to save Eternia, you should help me! I plea to you, stand by me. And you too, He-man! You must help!

    Orko: He has gone nuts, yahoo! Skeletor has gone nuts!

    Skeletor: There is no reason to be cheerful, Orko! Eternia is in horrible danger!

    He-Man: Of which only you are to blame.

    Skeletor: Yes, wes, I will admit to that, He-man. I was blinded by my hate for you.

    He-Man: Ah, I understand. You brought the creatures of Anti-Eternia here…

    Skeletor: Yes, yes, I did it.

    Beast Man: He did. Yes. That’s what he did.

    Skeletor: Shut up, Beast Man! A half-wit like you should never talk.

    He-Man: … these creatures of Hell came here, but now they don’t obey you. They are more powerful than you!

    Skeletor: Yes, He-Man, it’s true. They cast me out of Snake Mountain. Anti-He-Man has taken control.

    He-Man: And you want me to fight Anti-He-Man together with you?

    Skeletor: That is the only option that remains. If you don’t, He-man, all is lost. You must distract him while I destroy the machines that I used to get these horrible creatures here.

    Man-At-Arms: He-Man, that is madness! You can’t fight side by side with Skeletor, only against him!

    Skeletor: No, no, we must stop the animosity between us.

    He-Man: At least until these creatures from Anti-Eternia are sent back to of which they came.

    Skeletor: So it is, He-Man. So it is precisely. Only if we stand together, we can save Eternia.

    Man-At-Arms: He-Man, this is madness!

    He-Man: Perhaps, Man-At-Arms. But it is our only chance. Orko, teleport to Eternis. All heroes should come to Snake Mountain.

    Skeletor: Yes, Yes, Orko, hurry! We must destroy the machines that I used to create the gateway to the parallel world. Only so we can expel the monsters of hell.


    Scene 9

    Narrator: While Orko returned to the royal palace of Eternis, He-Man and Man-At-Arms – with their former mortal enemy Skeletor at their side – rushed to get to Snake Mountain. It lay hidden behind a thick black fog. Eerie shapes moved nearby.

    He-Man: (whispering) Quiet, Skeletor, quiet! They haven't noticed us yet!

    Skeletor: (whispering) They are everywhere. Sinister dangerous creatures.

    Man-At-Arms: (whispering) He-Man, we should turn back. It's a trap.

    Skeletor: (whispering) No, Man-At-Arms, it is not a trap. I swear by my honor.

    Man-At-Arms: Skeletor never had anything like honor!

    (bells jingle)

    He-Man: Orko, you have returned.

    Orko: Quickly and reliably. As promised.

    He-Man: Where are Ram-Man, Teela and the others?

    Orko: They will come with Wind Raiders. They are going to attack the east side of Snake Mountain, to divert attention from us. Listen! (flying noises) There they are!

    (blaster shots, explosions)

    Man-At-Arms: They are firing!

    Skeletor: This way!

    Anti-He-Man: He-Man! He-Man! Take up the challenge and fight me!

    Skeletor: By all terrors of hell. That's Anti-he-Man! He challenges you. He want to fight with you.

    He-Man: And I will not hide from him! Quick, you have to go! Destroy the machines! I will distract the creatures of hell.

    Man-At-Arms: No, He-Man. They will kill you!

    He-Man: We have no choice. There's Anti-He-Man! Move! Leave me and act! Help me by hurrying up!

    Skeletor: Yes, He-Man is right. Come, Man-at-Arms, we have to move quickly!

    Narrator: Skeletor, Beast Man, Trap-Jaw und Man-At-Arms hastened through the dark fog to destroy the world converter. Orko on the other hand stayed with He-Man as he faced his grim adversary from Anti-Eternia.

    (the sound of the power sword being unsheathed)

    He-Man: By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!

    (once more the sound of the power sword being unsheathed)

    Anti-He-Man: By the power of Hellskull, I have the power!

    (the clashing of sword, battle sounds)

    Orko: A fight of titans! He-Man! How can I help you?

    He-Man: Stay away, Orko. This has to be my fight!

    Orko: Yes, yes, He-Man! Fight! You are stronger than him.

    He-Man: No, that's sadly not true. We are both of equal strength. Luck has to decide.

    Anti-Orko: (laughs, bells jingle) Not luck - but the power of my spells! Oh, Orko of the wizards' land…

    Orko: Shut up you fake Orko! My spells are stronger than yours!

    He-Man: Help if you can!

    Orko: I will, He-Man! Oh, leave me alone, you Anti-Orko! Let go of me!

    Anti-Orko: I will destroy you with a spell! Oh, Orko from the wizards' land…

    Orko: No, no, NO! Oh, Orko from the magic land …

    Orko / Anti-Orko: (together) … come lend me your helping hand:

    (rolling thunder)

    He-Man: (breathing heavily) Orko, what's going on?

    Orko: He-Man, we are alone. The Anti-He-Man is gone, and this fake Orko, too! The fog is gone as well. Everyone is gone.

    He-Man: (breathing heavily) Yes, indeed. Anti-He-Man has dispappeared!

    Orko: And Anti-Orko, too! Not a great loss. His magic wasn't even working.

    He-Man: (laughing) Orko, don't you realize? Man-At-Arms and Skeletor have destroyed the machine.

    He-Man: It's been rescue at the last second.

    Orko: (giggles)

    He-Man: Why are you laughing?

    Orko: (giggling) I am laughing because … (giggles) because…

    Why, Orko?

    Orko: (giggles) Because Skeletor has saved your life! The Overlord of Evil of all people has saved your life. (giggles)

    He-Man: (laughs) That's true, Orko! If Skeletor hadn't destroyed that infernal machine, it would have been dangerous, very dangerous for me.

    Orko: For us!

    He-Man: Of course: For us, you mightiest of all magicians!

    Orko: There's, Man-At-Arms. He's alone. (shouts) Hey, Man-At-Arms! Here we are, here!

    He-Man: Man-At-Arms, where's Skeletor?

    Man-At-Arms: He's fled, He-man?

    Orko: Fled? He's afraid of us!

    Ma-At-Arms: As he should be. I don't believe Skeletor will dare to do such a dangerous experiment again. The terror has gripped him to his marrow!

    Orko (giggles): Terror has gripped the skeleton to his marrow! We could hear the rattling of the bones up to here!

    He-Man (laughs) And probably he's feeling remorse that he fought with me and not against me.

    Man-At-Arms: This victory is Skeletor's greatest defeat! Hopefully he won't forget it too soon!

    Orko: And if he should forget it, we'll just fight with him together another time. From that terror he will never recover!

    (Everyone laughs)


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    Thanks for taking the time to translate and transcribe this classic German audioplay Irian! I've been interested in knowing the plot details on these for a number of years now.

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    Yeah this is really cool. Keep 'em coming
    My name is Pan . . . and I am the Man.

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    This is great, I have been hoping for a translation of these since I first heard about them.

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    You are starting with the most requested!
    The world converter, I guess that is the best transtation.

    I could help you out. Are you going to do the other ones too?

    I wanted to do a translation to Dutch first, for my kids.

    Maybe we could get a couple of artists to do some art per scene?
    That would be awesome!

    So let me know if you need help on this one.
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    Johan Eggink aka Eterniandreams

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    Such names as Schwarzfeldmotulator i wouldn´t translate. Sounds cool that way.
    A youtube Video with the original tape + subtitles and maybe some pictures would be cool. But who knows how to make it?
    I think the soundtrack was always the best from the radio plays!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    The world converter, I guess that is the best transtation.
    Yes, if there are any suggestions for better translations of the word "Weltenwandler"...
    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    Are you going to do the other ones too?
    I think it would be best to wait and see how this turns out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    I could help you out.
    That would be great! How about a transcript of a scene in German? I'll translate afterwards.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    I wanted to do a translation to Dutch first, for my kids.
    I'll send you the transcripts of the first two scenes in German if that helps.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    Maybe we could get a couple of artists to do some art per scene?
    That would be awesome!
    It would! Any artists interested in helping?!

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    Not colores, no shading picture i just did for scene1.But i hope there are some artists outthere who would like to do pictures for the difficult scenes, that might come!
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    Great picture! Thanks for posting!

    I have updated the first post with scene two. Please enjoy!

    I have posted Scene 3.

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    Great stuff, Jimpansen!

    Thanks for the transcripts, Irian.

    I have a Dutch version of episode 1 Stardust I could translate?
    Johan Eggink aka Eterniandreams

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    Wow thanks for doing this, I'm really looking forward to reading it
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    Great idea! When my finals are finished, I might join you translating my favourites The Invincible Dragon or The Laughing Bridge! I think, I might enjoy this. Maybe you can share the German transcript with your fellow PE folks?

    As for now, here is the cover of Anti-Eternia:

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    Heres scene 2.

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    Thank you, JimPansen!

    Eternian Dreams is currently translating the second part of scene 3 (the famous look at Anti-Eternia) and I am finishing scene 4 (the fight in front of Castle Grayskull).

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    Done. Sending it to you now, Irian.
    Please post if you like it

    Quote Originally Posted by Too-Man-E-Faces View Post
    Great idea! When my finals are finished, I might join you translating my favourites The Invincible Dragon or The Laughing Bridge! I think, I might enjoy this. Maybe you can share the German transcript with your fellow PE folks?
    Irian is writing the transcripts himself! Big thumbs up to him for doing that.

    It must be a pretty time consuming job!

    I will try and do Stardust as that was also released in Dutch.
    So there might be some lost in the translation from German to Dutch that I am not aware of.

    But if anyone finds transscripts anywhere let all of us know!

    I love the fact that we will have art for the stories! Can't wait to see Jims interpretation of Anti-Eternia.

    Can I suggest my colour scheme for Anti-He-Man?It is the closest to the translation of "Siehst du die schwarze Gestalt dort? Die mit dem roten Haarschopf?"
    I dont like the goatee of the red clothing you see a lot. He should look dark with red hair in my humble opinion

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    Thank you for the translation, Eterniandreams.

    I have updated the original posting with scenes 3.II and 4. The story is beginning to gain momentum.

    Please leave comments!

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    I just send you scene 5 and 6!
    It is a good way to practise my rusty German
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    Thank you guys for the translation!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    A youtube Video with the original tape + subtitles and maybe some pictures would be cool. But who knows how to make it?
    Well, I don't speak German, but I could! I'd be happy to edit a video together from whatever art and translations you guys could provide. Let me know!

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    Scenes 5 and 6 are up, thanks to Eterniandreams!

    Edit: Corrected some mistakes.

    Question: English speakers, what term would you prefer in scene 6: The untranslated "Schwarzfeld Modulator" or the translated "Black-Field Modulator"?

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    Hi Irian,
    Is schwarzfeld an actual scientific term for something and is that why you to keep it?
    I translated it to black-field because I couldn't find any real reference to it.
    That is why I translated it black-field, to align it with other (fictional) fields like forcefield, anti-matter field, magnetic field and such.
    Anyway, just sharing my reasoning while translating. Curious to find out what others think
    Johan Eggink aka Eterniandreams

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    No, it was only that JimPansen suggested to keep names like the Schwarzfeld-Modulator (see posting above), that's why I am asking.

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    Totally missed that post, lol!
    Lets see what non german speakers like more like you suggested.
    I personally feel we should try and translate everything so that everyone understands and it is more constant since we translated everything else.

    Just my opinion, curious how JimP feels about my translation now that he sees it and reasoning though.
    Also very excited to see some new awesome art, Jim!
    Johan Eggink aka Eterniandreams

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    Oh im ok with that. Black field does make sense too. Was just an idea not to translate the "difficult" words, but if you can, why not

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    I would appreciate the translations for even difficult words to give proper translation. If there are for example double-meanings and other to certain words, mentioning it maybe in some foot-note would be fantastic.

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