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Thread: Favorite decade of Marvel Comics...

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    Favorite decade of Marvel Comics...

    My favorite's the 80s (and I'm not at all objective - I was born in '77 and grew up reading Marvel all through the 80s). The Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants, X-Factor, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, DP7, Spitfire and the Troubleshooters, Transformers, GI Joe, and Savage Sword of Conan are the main books I read and collected.

    Next is the 90s, mainly because I really, really like PAD's run on Hulk up 'til around issue 425 and all the X-books up 'til around '95 or so (when X-crossover madness just got too much for me to take). Marvel Comics Presents and Ghost Rider were also faves.

    The 60s (which, excluding the 80s Marvel Saga series, I was really first exposed to in the 90s) are next. I love ASM all through the 60s, and the FF for most of the decade.

    70s are next - my favorites from that era being the X-Men, Howard the Duck, Tomb of Dracula, and Dr. Strange.

    I haven't read enough stuff from the 00s to really have an opinion on it. I like Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men a lot, and I absolutely love The Ultimates 1 and 2.

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    What can I say? I'm an 80's kid and those were the comics I grew up and still have.
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    Very difficult to say... They've all got their unique charms. Buut...I think it's gotta' be the 60's tho'. Just such innovation, such fun, and creativity. Can't beat the basics. =)

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    I voted 1980's. That was my era and back when I was a full fledged Marvel Zombie(although I still loved DC & a bunch of indie books as well). It was also when Marvel was doing a lot of great comics based on licensed properties like MOTU, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Transformers.

    Next would be the 1970's since monster comics & mature readers magazines were the trend. It also spawned great characters like Howard the Duck, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Shang-Chi.

    Third would be the 1960's. While I haven't read all I can read from that era, it was the birthplace of the Marvel Universe that we know today(or the MU before JoeyQ destroyed it imo).

    There definitely were books I loved in the 90's(New Warriors, X-Force), but that was a dark period for comics overall imo. Marvel probably felt it the worst with garrish coloring on their books, awful Image clones for artists, and some of the worst storylines ever(again, until JoeyQ came around). Remember when The Punisher became a black man?

    2000 is when I not only lost my love for the Marvel Universe, it's when I finally stopped buying their books after a couple decades. The people in charge of the company right now seem to have no idea what heroes or even Marvel characters are about. It's all sophomoric & cynical where so many of the creators obviously don't like superheroes(some have even been quoted as saying so before they worked for the company; this includes the current EIC).



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    I'm gonna say the 1990's for me. I collected Amazing Spider Man, and that was an awesome era for Ol Web Head, Todd McFarlane really brought him to life with his artwork. Marvel were idiots for firing him just because his art was a little more violent than Marvel was used to.

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    I voted the 90s because it's the only time when I really paid attention, bought, and collected comics.

    I had subscriptions to X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Adventures (that last was based on Fox's X-Men cartoon but sometimes varied slightly from the cartoon.)

    I only stopped reading because there were too many storylines/editions that would end with "This plot continues in Wolverine or X-Force or X-Factor." That was irritating, so I decided to call it quits.

    Plus, I hated some of the newer X-Men, like Marrow, who were getting story time from my favorites like Iceman,Gambit, Storm, and Rogue.
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    Everyone has a honeymoon period when they first red comics. For me, it was the 90s.

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    Mid-80's to mid-90's.

    I started collecting Marvel comics seriously in 1987 after collecting Transformers, ThunderCats, SilverHawks, MOTU and G.I. Joe.

    I started with Inferno and slowly delved into the greater Marvel Universe:

    • X-Factor, especially X-Factor 63-68--I loved Whilce Portacio's run and costumes.
    • Uncanny X-Men was so wonderful. The only problem is that Claremont's storylines can last for years...I waited from X-Men 249 to 281 for the X-Men to get back together.
    • Peter David's Hulk and X-Factor runs, even Spider-Man 2099: David can make even the "sucky" X-Men group good reading.
    • Alan Davis' Excalibur run
    • Jim Lee's X-Men run
    • Todd McFarlane's Hulk and Spider-Man runs
    • Rob Liefeld's New Mutants and X-Force runs
    • Whilce Portacio's Punisher (I like Punisher looking more like a superhero who uses guns instead of a normal guy with a skull shirt.)
    • Walter Simonson's Thor run
    • Bob Layton and John Romita Jr's Iron Man runs
    • The Lobdell/Nicieza X-Men years
    • Age of Apocalypse
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    My favs are the 90's. I collected some comics in the 80's but not too much. I mainly collected action figures such as MOTU, and Transformers. The comics I did have in the 80's were mostly Transformers, MOTU, and Spider-Man. When the 90's hit my collection grew. Comic Book wise, my fav Character is Venom, I have every appearance of him including Amazing Spider-Man #252, and Secret Wars #8 Vol.1 (First Appearances of the black costume). My reason for liking the 90's better is because of all of the Venom mini-series comics that came out during that era.

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