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Thread: Vehicles and Parts For Sale.... Plus Beam Blaster & Artilleray!!!

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    Vehicles and Parts For Sale.... Plus Beam Blaster & Artilleray!!!

    Hey gang!!

    I have a bunch of vintage vehicles and loose parts for sale or trade! They are all in pretty good, played with condition. And what you see is what you get. Nothing is priced. Shoot me an offer, and we can go from there! I'm a pretty reasonable guy, so I won't be asking 17 dollars each on the Spydor legs. lol. So, what I have for you is:

    Wind Raider: Good shape. All decals seem to be attached. Some are more worn that others, but over all in good shape. The anchor and the dragon head mechanism STILL WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

    Road Ripper: Good Shape. Most of the decals are missing, although it does have a couple still clinging on. Wheels roll with no grinding, or roughness. The seat Belt is still intact, but the nub that it attaches to is broken off. Otherwise, in great shape.

    Night Stalker: Good Shape. Does have some wear, and he is missing both side guns, and his tail. Other than that, he is pretty decent.

    Mantisaur: Great Shape. He is missing his head, and the gun from his back, but other than that, he is in great condition. Legs are all tight, so are his arms. The saddle had a few stress marks where it was bent, but they are not bad at all.

    Roton: Good Shape. Spinning mechanism still works. Could use a good cleaning, but over all in really good shape. It is missing both the front guns.

    Beam Blaster & Artilleray: Mostly in good shape. It does have a few issues... the left gun is broken off, and it was when I bgought it, so I do not have it. Also, the windsheild is also broken off, but I have it, it's included. it's sitting on top in the pictures. The blaster is missing it's battery cover, and the underside clip the holds it to the figure. I did put a 9 volt battery in, and when you press the button, the light still works, and it will still pop up the platform on the Artilleray!! Very Cool feature!! I was going to keep it, but I don't have room in my collection for it... so I hope it goes to a good home!


    5 Spydor Legs - They are all i perfect condition. No wear on them at all that I can see.

    4 Fright Fighter wings - All 4 wings have decals... some look better than others, but they are all still on there. They're a little dusty, other than that, they look great. No broken or cracked parts at all.

    Dragon Walker Base - Just the base of the Dragon Walker. Needs to be cleaned, but otherwise in really great shape. The feet spin freely, no resistance. And the decals are still nicely attached.

    Turbodactyl Left Wing - I have held on this wing for a couple years hoping to find a Turbodactyl to go with it... and I'm ready to let it go. So if you need a left wing, WITH THE JET ATTACHED, it's all yours. It is in great shape! Tiny paint chips on the top, and the knob that plugs into the body is a little rough, but over all, it's perfect!

    And the best part... PICTURES!!!!

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