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    The Seeress in MOTUC

    Since everyone seems to be making pages of characters they would like to see in MOTUC I might as well join the trend.

    I would love to see the Princess of Power Mini-Comic character who Gbagok has dubbed the Seeress.

    She first appeared in "Journey to Mizar" where she refers to herself as the voice of Etheria's long past and the seer of its future (hence the name the Seeress).

    She makes her second appearence in "The Hidden Symbols Mystery (looking different from her first appearence but it seems to be the same character) where She-Ra calls her the wise old wizardess (which could be either a description or what she is actually called, but Seeress sounds like a nicer name).

    I like to think of her character as She-Ra's version of the Goddess. She is a Mattel created character and has only appeared in Mini-Comics so she is available to be made in MOTUC.

    Here are her in some pages from the Mini-Comics...
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