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  • Snout Spout(Masters/Heroic Warrior)

    13 43.33%
  • Tuskor(Comet Warrior/Meteorb)

    5 16.67%
  • Tuskador[Insyzor] (Galatic Guardian/Protector)

    12 40.00%
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Thread: Wooden Log Tossing Contest, A "Good" Challenge for our Tusky Heroes

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    Wooden Log Tossing Contest, A "Good" Challenge for our Tusky Heroes

    Simple enough idea, three of the good guys from MOTU/Comet Warriors/NA whose main feature are the Elephant-like powers/weapons they carry. Their Trunks/Tusks that the original, 200X, or MOTUC figure come with are all that is allowed to be used for the contest, you vote for who you think will win(cannot use any guns or other weapons). They are all standing on even flat ground, have a large 300 pound log in front of them, and the field is marked in 100 yard increments ending at 1000 yards. They Each pick up a log and toss it. The Question is who do you think can throw it the farthest. The contestants are:

    Snout Spout: Heroic Water-Blasting Firefighter:

    No one knows the true story behind the elephant-like iron mask of the mysterious firefighter known as Snout Spout. Some say he is an android invented by ancient Eternians to aid in battling huge fires, other say he was a heroic firefighter badly burned in a blazing inferno while saving lives and then was encased inside a protective suit. Whatever his tale, this massive warrior possesses great strength, a strong heart, and a pressurized water cannon in his trunk that is capable of extinguishing any flame!
    He is only allowed to lift with his trunk. He cannot use his water blasting ability, his axe, or wrench to help him move the log. He can use his hands to help lift the log though.

    Tuskor: Heroic Mammoth Busts Force-Fields with Tusks:

    Fun Facts: Meteorbs were originally a Japanese toyline of transforming eggs released by Bandai, called Tamagoras. Mattel released them as part of the Masters of the Universe line. They did not appear in the He-Man cartoon, only in the Marvel MOTU comics, as the cartoon ceased production by the time their toys were made. Dinosorb and Comet Cat did, however, appear briefly in the She-Ra episode "Assault on the Hive". The Meteorbs are portrayed as members of the Rock People who can transform from meteors to animal forms.
    Tuskor can use his trunk and tusks to lift and toss the log. He cannot fly or turn into his meteorb form and must keep his feet planted on the ground.

    Tuskador (Insyzor): Galatic Guardian with powerful tusks:

    A lever on the back of his head causes the long, curved tusks mounted on his chest to swivel, turning inward to capture an especially slow-moving enemy. Accessories: mega blaster(cannot use)
    Tuskador(Insyzor) can only use his tusk and hands to lift and toss his log. His gun is off limits in this contest.

    Also checkout these Contests:

    MOTU "EVIL" Staring Contest
    War of the Warriors of Wind, a "Good" contest
    Race across Rakash, a swim contest for Good and Evil

    Vote and Discuss below. (I Voted for Tuskor)
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    What an absurdly strange premise.

    Of course I'd want to vote for Snout Spout as my favourite of the three.

    But Tuskador would win what with those cybernetic tusks. Heck, they even spin, ect. I'm certain they are stronger than Snout Spout's trunk/water spray.

    the meteorb doesnt even place.

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    it can only be 200x ss for the win
    the others look to weak. they could lift but doubt they could trow it very far

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    Not much of a challenge for Tuskor. If you know your MOTU then you would know he is huge about the size of a real elephant. He's tough enough to travel through space and is a quadruped which gives him an advantage. Like his bio says: Heroic Mammoth Busts Force-Fields with Tusks. Pretty tough to do that. Now compare that to two guys in elephant suits and you begin to understand there is no challenge for Tuskor.
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    Had to go With snout spout on this one. Of course, I never thought of him as a guy in an elephant suit...
    Photog is here! thank you, Mattel!

    Now how about some mini-comics love (like Lodar, Geldor, Dakon......)? And Mermista?

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    Tuskador, no question!

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