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Thread: MOTU Shattered Glass

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    MOTU Shattered Glass

    I was reading the "Variant List Idol" thread and this idea came to me.

    It's a classic concept. Call it Mirror,Mirror/Anitmatter/Shattered Glass, which ever you like
    An alternate Universe where the heroes are evil and the villains are good.
    With some minor name changes to go with with it, like Grayskull becomes Darkskull

    A kind of parallel story to the one running in the bios, where a Heroic Skeletor and his band of misfits is trying to free Eternia from the tyrannical rule of King Randor and his cruel son Adam, who draws power from the ancient Castle Darkskull to become evil personified as He-Man.
    (Unlike on Etheria where the Horde took over, Randor's family has been ruling Eternia since the days of King Darkskull)

    OK you run into some problems with name like Evil-lyn but it might make for some interesting variants.

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    I could be wrong, and someone please correct me if I'm mistaken (thanks in advance), but I think the concept has been mentioned in either the MVC Comics or in some international audiocassette books. One of the great customizers on these forums, Master English, created an awesome Anti He-Man figure based on this concept.

    As far as Classics figures of these would be concerned, it'd be a nice faction per se.

    Victor P.
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    I like it, interesting idea.
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    Yep. I think MVcreation touched on it with the dimensional portal story arc. Where an Evil Man-at-arms showed up. Not exactly the same but close.

    Figures would be cool but way down the line...
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    Yep, the MVC comic was setting up an alternate dimension story line where He-Man was the colors of Faker, etc, and was the origin for Faker in our 200x comic universe.
    Check out the Graham Crackers cover from issue 8 of Volume 3.
    I think there's more info about that from back in the day lurking around the 200x forum.

    There is also the Anti-Eternia story which is a popular story from the German audioplays.

    So, there's certainly room for an alternate universe story in MOTUC if that's anyone's cup of tea.

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    So in this universe, is Good-Lyn some kind of a cop who puts everyone behind bars as opposed to Evil-Lyn who frees everyone from captivity?

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    lol. You know that all Mattel would do if they did this kind of "Variant" is give He-Man a goatee and call it good ala the Star Trek Mirror Universe.
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    No interest in alternate Universes, think the 5 dimension stuff is already too complicated...

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    I love alternate universe stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    Yep, the MVC comic was setting up an alternate dimension story line where He-Man was the colors of Faker, etc, and was the origin for Faker in our 200x comic universe.
    Ohhhh...Now it's starting to make since why they were all robots in the other dimension. Awesome.

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