View Poll Results: Do you want comic reprints in the ToysRUs two packs or mini-posters?

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  • Comic reprints all the way!

    17 65.38%
  • Mini-posters with the new art!

    1 3.85%
  • Either is fine with me!

    3 11.54%
  • I don't really care, either way.

    4 15.38%
  • Other (please explain in a post)

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Thread: MOTUC vs. DCUC: Comic Reprints or Mini-Posters?

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    MOTUC vs. DCUC: Comic Reprints or Mini-Posters?

    This poll is about what you prefer in the two packs: the comic reprints (like we got with the Skeletor and He-Man sets) or the mini-posters, which we've gotten for the rest?

    I would personally like to see the rest or the DC MOTU comics from the 80's reprinted in these packs, mini-comics, MVC comics, whatever they have the rights to print and stick in it!

    What do you guys think?
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    Even though I've already got most of the comics, I would like to see them do reprints over the mini-posters. I mean, new comics would be even better, but we KNOW that's not gonna happen.

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    Comic reprints are a must.

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    There are more DC VS MOTU comics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidlogan View Post
    There are more DC VS MOTU comics?
    Yeah the 3 part Storyline that does not feature Superman at all but were we got the design for Battle Ground Teela from. Also it has the unique villian Damon the Sorcerer who is the other main bad guy alongside Skeletor in the comic. It also takes place before the comics that came packed with the Wave 1 two-pack.
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    I dont really care, but I voted "Comics" because it'd sweeten the deal of buying them, (i've already skipped Merman, and had to talk myself into Zodac when I find him, no interest in She-Ra) and I'd be more likely to get them all for comics.

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    I want NEW comics!

    I don't care of a a reprint or a poster ... compared to the pleasure to have new comics

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