I was thinking about SDCC 2011 reveals and who the Galactic Protector would be...then my mind drifted to "how many times do they need to use parts and bucks before they break even or turn a profit on the investment".....then I thought of Bow's wrists and how one hand is posed to hold an arrow....and then I thought of Nocturna.

I checked MGM's index and saw this guy had no entry, so here we go.

How do we feel about the NA martial artist/archer in classics?

Will he get 2 heads? One helmeted and one not.

Is he a likely candidate for a reuse of Bow's hands?(another forum post on that topic is here http://www.he-man.org/forums/boards/...d.php?t=205228 )

Should he still be sporting that sexy blue and purple camoflauge? Should we call it Etherian forest camo?

I don't know much about his character, role in the series, bio, etc... so will a NA fan please help me out and share that info?