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Thread: Voting Game : Your Top 5 Core Characters From The Filmaton Cartoon !

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    Voting Game : Your Top 5 Core Characters From The Filmaton Cartoon !

    OK... We are going to play a voting game here ! The voting is for the Top 5 "Core Characters" From Filmaton Cartoon. And that means, characters like Lizard Man, Shokoti, Madame Razz, and Sea Hawk ETC are NOT included in this list. This one is exclusive for A & B listed characters from the Flimation Cartoon !

    Choose your 5 TOP WANTED characters & award them 2 points each ! For the rest, you can give 1 point each ! It’s not compulsory though.... If you wish, you can !!

    NOTE :
    [*] I have NOT included Orko & Battle Cat from the picture since they are 99% similar with their MOTUC counterparts !
    [*] Hordak & Trap Jaw are not in the picture, but you know how they look in the Flimation cartoon, so count them in too !
    [*] I've included Cringer because, What we are getting is sort of Staction of him & not fully articulated figure !

    Here Is The List :-

    1) Prince Adam

    2) He-Man

    3) Teela

    4) Man-At-Arms

    5) King Randor

    6) Cringer

    7) Skeletor

    8) Evil-Lyn

    9) Mer-Man

    10) Trap Jaw

    11) Beast Man

    12) Tri-Klops

    13) Hordak
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    I guess for me it's

    1. He-Man 2+

    2. Skeletor 2+

    3. Teela 2+

    4. Cringer 2+

    5. Hordak 2+

    I almost put Adam, but there's more of a difference between motuc Hordak and Filmation Hordak than there is between motuc Adam and Filmation Adam. It was close very though.

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    He-Man (I want a 100% accurate representation) +2
    Skeletor +1
    Hordak +1 (if they include Imp, +infinity)
    King Randor +2
    Cringer +2 (although for now I'm happy with the accessory version)
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