i just read the 2008 script.

it was truly okay. had some lows and not many highs for me.
anyone read it?

I liked the way he presented the villians trap-jaw, tri-klops, beastman.
truly very fine introduction..same for battelcat.

I disliked the part were they search something in this King Grayskull statue....was a bit confusing.

Evil-lyn dying was silly too and that Skelettor wants to be LOVED by the Eternians. There was no real reason he killed randor ectr. I would like more and a deeper menaing for this and Skelklteor beeing more evil and fighting against Randor. The way he looses his face not fine. I would have loved it to be like in the TV series 200x.

I also liked the story of the two blades (LIGHT AND DARKNESS) very fine.

All in all, it was fine. but too many knew about adams secret. hell, it wasn't even a secret anymore.

I liked that he started young and than turned into a man. why not start as a young skinny man and then bulg up via the sword only?

what did you think?