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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread August 2011

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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread August 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for August 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    MOTUC difficult figure question

    So aside from Ram Man, Modulok, and Multibot, are there other figures that are a little more difficult to make? Two Bad? Blast Attack? Extendar?

    I'm mostly asking because I'm wondering if they will fit into a normal monthly figure slot, or an oversized figure slot, or if you may create a new type of special figure release slot. Are all of these guys in the plans?

    None of these figures are any more "difficult" they just take more tooling and we need to bank fully tool'd figure with partial tool'd figures to keep our full year tooling budget reasonable. The partial tool'd figure help to "pay for" the fully tool'd figures we can do once or twice a year.
    MOTUC release schedule

    Somewhere on Matty can you post a release schedule for MOTU? If there is one I can't find it. I know you keep some stuff, like rereleases under wraps, but would be cool to see so I can plan out ahead.

    Here's hoping that the rereleases include Man-At-Arms, Teela, Bow, Count Marzo, and Mer Man

    One of the issues with doing this is things change all the time. Due to fan requests we are looking into moving BG Evil Lyn to December, however it also looks like the Windraider may slip out to Nov or Dec as well.

    With things a bit in flux, it is hard to publish a firm list. But we will see what we can do!
    Kudok Ungol for MOTUC

    I was wondering your thoughts on Kudok Ungol(predecessor to The Sorceress) could make a great figure for MOTUC??

    Perhaps a different paint app on the Sorceress buck and new head, or simply pack her head in with another figure like Alcala Skeletor w/Demo man?

    Im also anxious to know if she'll be mentioned in Sorceress bio.

    Sure, many ways we could potentially do her. No plans to announce right now but she is available.
    Max Steel Cyber Toothed tiger and MOTUC Battle Cat question

    The Max Steel pack: "Crushing Claws Max and Cyber Toothed Tiger" seen here has a cute Tiger that seems to share parts with MOTUC Battle Cat. The Tiger has some nifty "Brass Knuckles" that are reminiscent of 200X BattleCat's "Paw knuckles" If those are INDEED a separate piece from the paw, could they make it to a MOTUC Weapons pack repainted in Battlecat colors? (There should be no problem to share parts between in-house properties like Max Steel and MOTUC... as seen on the tiger himself)

    Considering that the original Battel Cat (and Zoar and proposed Gygor) came from Max's uncle Big Jim, we're happy to let the MS line borrow our sculpts when needed.

    For the record, this is not the Battle Cat toy. It is a new tool based on the sculpt. It only has about 8 points of articulation and 9 deco apts compared to way more of both for Battle Cat.

    But it is cool!
    MOTUC re-releases

    I know in recent news that it was posted that there won't be anymore re-releases after a certain point in 2012. Instead of making this a blanket rule, can you consider it on a character by character basis? There are some characters that sold out really fast that still deserve a re-release, and I'm sure more down the road...

    For people like myself, re-entering the line, I have a good deal of catching up to do. One of the things that brought me back was that there were re-releases, making it more logical to be able to collect the line.

    We do have reissues of older figures (Pre Man-E-Faces planned for 2012, but we are not yet ready to comment on any specifics.
    Just an idea

    scott, we all like a white astronaut Marlena.

    Would not it be a good combination the white astronaut + warrior marlena 200x to justify a variant?
    find a way.

    Yes, a cool idea, but nothing to confirm right now.
    Sultry Evil-Lyn

    i love this look for Evil-Lyn *fan name Sultry Evil-Lyn* but some are saying she's to sexy to get a toy from Mattel but Mattel has done some "sexy" toys like Starfire,Star Sapphire,Star Sapphire WW BG Teela so whats your take is Sultry Evil-Lyn to sexy?

    In an adult collector line not restricted to retail it does give more leeway to designs that are more "sultry". But no current plans to announce for this Evil Lyn look. But you never know! We did do Battleground Teela after all!
    MOTUC Packaging

    There has been a lot of rumbling lately by the "armchair toy manufacturers" suggesting that Mattel cut down on the MOTUC packaging as a cost saving method.

    Can you put these suggestions to bed please? Your MOC collector community is extremely grateful that MOTUC has remained a uniform package since 2008.

    Sure we could throw the figs in a polly bag and call it a day, but that is just no way to treat a MOTU fig.

    If it ever came down to it and this was the ONLY way to keep the line going we might consider it, but to put rumors to rest, the line is doing just fine. Just because we are not ready to grow the brand the next step (i.e. playsets) doesn't mean the current offering of figures and beasts/muyltipacks isn't going great. Based on the current sales numbers we feel we are right where we want to be in terms of number of skus and price points (although we may make a slight tweak in 2013 especially if we need to slightly raise prices).

    We never want to over produce or go too fast. We want the line to continue for many many years so we are very aware of keeping the line affordable for the bulk of our customers.
    Was Crita from NA ment to replace Evil-Lyn?

    We know from the Bio's Evil-Lyn escaped to the future to be with her son. And that at the end of the NA series He-Man is able to trap Skeletor and Crita within the shuttle pod and exile them into space. As they drift through space, Skeletor promises Crita he will return to destroy He-Man. It has been said that if NA did a second season it would have be back on Eternia.

    Now you know we are not going to spill any beans here! Keep reading the bios.
    Roboto & King Hssss re-issue

    Are re-issues of Roboto & King Hssss with updated shoulders planned for 2012 (or late 2011)?

    Sorry, we are not commenting at this time on any reissue specifics for 2012. You'll need to wait and see.
    Up the Digital River without a paddle?

    I have to ask if someone at Matty ever reads the long list of complaints about DR and the CS they provide and says "Wow! We should consider doing all of our CS in house or find someone who can handle the volume better than DR?'

    I've been lucky with the things I've gotten from Matty in the past and don't blame you guys directcly for DR but it seems to me you have a lot of supporters (the people who buy your products) and Digital River is letting a lot of them down which ultimately reflects badly on Matty. Plus you have to consider the possibilty that some have stopped buying or new members might be concerned about doing so after reading some of the post here. Maybe it's time for the Digital River to flow in a different direction?

    Of course we are well aware of all the issues and are committing all of our available resources to correcting as many issues as we can as quick as we can.
    Regarding MOTU Reissues

    I remember reading a press release that stated that Matty wouldn't release reissues of figures produced following the Man-E-Face figure. Does that mean that additional reissues will be produced for figures released prior? I have just jumped on with the Club Eternia 2012 sub and am late to the line. Would it be better to hold out for reissues of figures such as Man at Arms and BattleCat or should I search for them on the secondary market?

    Sorry, we are not going to be commenting on the release schedule for any figures. We will have older figures (pre Man-E-Faces) for reissue throughout 2012, but we are not ready to give any specifics on anyone right now.

    Going forward, no new figures starting with Man-E-Faces will be reissued (at least at this time)
    MOTU Apparel

    Hey Matty! I'm really psyched about the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Masters line!!! You guys announced earlier this year that Mattel had made a deal for new MOTU apparel and accessories to celebrate the event. Any updates on when we might be seeing pictures of these items online and/or actually on store shelves? Is the best place to look for any news and updates about this? Thanks!

    Classic Media is working on this, not Mattel. You'll need to direct this request to them!
    Who is sculpting the 30th Anniversary Figures?

    We know that the 30th Anniversary figure concepts are coming from various different groups and the contest, but will the 4H be the ones actually sculpting all six figures?

    Yes. They will all be sculpted by the Horsemen.
    30th Anniversary Figures

    Will they be packaged in a new design or just display the 30th Anniversary sticker?

    No. But all figures released in 2012 will have the 30th logo on the back in place of the Classics logo.
    MOTUC question for Toyguru

    I know for DC that you like Blackhawk and Kamandi and some other pretty obscure characters... But who are your personal faves for MOTU?

    He-Ro, Carnivus and Webstor.

    I also really like the Rock Warriors but at 100% tool even I ain't holding my breath for Stonedar and Rockon in the immediate future.
    Scott, would an action figure of you as "Toyguru" be any good for the logistics?

    Scott, would an action figure of you as "Toyguru" be any good for logistics? Do you really believe in your heart that a figure of yourself would increase the overall sales of Mattel's various toylines?

    Um. No. ;-)

    But you can pick up a Palace guard 2 pack or a DCUC Nite-Lik figure and you're half way there! Have a blast!
    Any chance for any 30th anniversary figure reveals at NYCC?

    While I’m much more of a DCUC collector the 30th anniversary figures piqued my interest. In fact Dragoman is going to be my first MoTU figure. Fingers crossed for more than a “we’ll see in the future” response.

    It all depends on what the Horsemen finish in time. They didn't even get Thunder Punch He-Man complete by SDCC! We'll show what we have done by Sept 24! It may not be much more since we just had SDCC!

    Once the submission hand in date is over, can we post our designs?

    Will there be a link so we can see what everyone handed in or are we going to be kept in the dark for a year?

    Will the judges only see the submissions on the day its voted on or will they be seen through out the rest of the year?

    We are still reviewing when and if we will reveal non winning entries. All entires once submitted are the property of Mattel, so no, you may not post them online.

    All entires are available for all the judges to review at any time over the next 6 months. The contest is being judged "Star Search" style where each judge (their are 8 in total, 2 from packaging, 2 from design, 2 from marketing and 2 from the Mattel IP group) pick their favorite current winner and post it on a board. Once another entry comes along that any one judge likes better then their current "pick"(based on the posted judging criteria) he or she replaces his top choice with a new one.

    At the end of the judging all 8 judges will review their top picks and 5 finalists will be chosen by a different group of 10 judges from cross functional teams to pick one final winner. This gives maximum exposure while allowing each judge to bring his or her personal taste to the selection as well. After all, that is what a judge is, picking based on what you feel is the best entry!
    MOTUC Mini-Comics or official art in general!

    I have been a life long He-fan like many but, I am an aspiring comic artist. To have the chance to have my name among other great people that have worked on He-Man would be a HIGHLIGHT of my life.

    How can I go about submitting or applying to have these opportunities?

    Now that the mini-comics are going to be published through Dark Horse do I contact them?

    No, the three Dark Horse comic books are done. Your best best for working on MOTU is to apply for a job with Mattel. You can do so at and click on careers.
    Combining subs are problematic to International fans

    DO NOT SHIP ALL THE SUBS purchased together.
    RESPECT the Quantity and orders bought.
    Combining the subs makes us loose money and time.
    And i didnt sign for that.

    We've heard of this and are working with DR to see if a solution is available. A new task force has actually just been formed to route out a lot of these issues and more. Everything from shipping weights, notification on any shipping delays with clear cut information, improved shipping options and easier address changes.

    We've heard you all loud and clear and we know their are a lot of issues with shipping and the buying process. The brand team is going to start getting getting more involved in this area and we hope to make a nice sweep cleaning up and GREATLY improving the buying process. It may take a little bit, but hopefully by the end of the year and as we head into 2012 it should be a whole new buying process with minimal logistical issues. We will keep trying until we get this perfect for you all.
    Star Sisters and PoP's future in MOTUC

    If for some reason the Star Sisters don't perform as well as you'd like, will you view this as a declining interest in PoP, or will you see it more as "Well, maybe three-packs aren't the best way to go"?

    Despite a vocal following, even us PoP fans have to admit that the sisters are obscure and unlikely to have the following of, say, Frosta or Glimmer.

    Their seems to be a lot of speculation that the Star Sistets are somehow responsible for the subs selling lower to 2011. Let me use this post to clear all of this up. ;-)

    First off, since we already hit above and beyond the min we needed to move forward with the MOTUC sub (as we have every year with Club Eternia) we already have the number we need. The set has already sold enough units. Anything day of is just gravy!

    While not every figure is going to be for everyone, Star Sisters represents a lot of what MOTUC is all about. Here you are getting not only 3 (three) POP girls with a ton of new parts, but they were never before produced before and shown only in the 1987 catalogue!

    When the line was thought out long term (around the time of Stratos) we did not have a "subscription" so the idea that the Jan-March releases would need to be special and "sell the sub" was not a part of it. We've held to this release schedule pretty well (really only making minor swaps like Bow for She-Ra and Whiplash for Buzz-off). The Star Sisters were always intended as the first 2012 large size item/multipack and had nothing to do with enticing fans for a sub since one did not exist when they were slotted in. The figures that are Jan-March are just the first three month's figures. Only the "sub only figure" (i.e. Shadow Weaver, Wun-Dar) was thought out as an enticement for subscribers. Otherwise you are just seeing Jan-March as thought out before we even had a sub program.

    The whole point of sub holders are they are "all in" no matter what. Prototypes, 200X, Filmation, vintage line, NA. For this segment of our customers it doesn't matter, they just want new MOTUC figures. Period.

    Obviously their will be cherry pickers and we do plan for that, but in the end, the line would do just fine if we limited it to a sub only and didn't even bother with day of sales.

    Personally I'm really excited to get to more POP, but just as much as I want to get to more Evil Warriors, more Master, more Galactic Protectors, more Snake Men, more 200X, more Powers of Grayskull, more Filmation, Fighting Foe Men, more Vintage figures, the 3 1987 movie figures, more Horde, more Space Mutants, Rock people, more mini comic figures, magazine figures, box art figures, Golden Book characters and every other category we have access to.

    As long as you keep buying them, we'll keep making them. Hopefully in time people will look back and really see Classics as hitting every major faction and era. We just can't do it all at once. It takes time. Hang in their, the line is planned out well in advance. It is going to be a wild ride but if can crank this out year after year everyone will hopefully wind up with their favorite (you have noticed we are doing Fearless Photog right? Who ever thought that would happen? But it did! This is MOTUC, we'll try almost anything MOTU if their is enough of a customer base to buy it!)

    We have a road map. We'll alter it as needed, adding in figures when we rights change (i.e. Filmation, etc...), and it should get us a heap of toys before we're done!

    What Jetlag characters do you and the 4H want to work on?

    Filmation gets the lion's share of the press, but we also have the Jetlag Rights as well. Unlike Filmation's huge cast of characters, there aren't alot of characters that NA fans really want besides the regular appearing secondary characters.

    So which Jetlag characters are you, the MOTUC team and the 4H itching to make?

    To be dead serious, their really aren't that many that take priority for me personally. At least enough to bump a NA figure. Mara and the scientists come up a lot on fan polls. Unless we really see additional breakout Jetlag figure with a ton of fan support, we really aren't scouring Jet Lag for anyone deeper then main characters not made as toys. (vs. Filmation we know their is a lot more demand for obscure characters from 1 or 2 episodes like Icer, Shakoti or Strong Arm.)

    What say you fans, anyone obscure you really want beyond main characters?
    TG, are we any closer to seeing a Oo-Lar figure.

    Now I don't want you to comment on any figures past Thunder punch, but will he develop beyond the Bios? Kind of seeing what becomes of him.Thanks.

    Are you asking will you learn more of Ool-Lar in the bios?

    Keep reading em!
    Is Classic ICE ARMOR HE-MAN still possible?

    Hi Toyguru, this is my question : I've never been a great 200X variants fan, except Ice Armor He-Man (and Snake Armor He-Man of course). Now that the Filmation characters are on the table, if and when you come to ICER, is there a chance for Ice Armor He-Man to being made please ? Thank you, and I can't wait to discover the surprises for the rest of 2012. Take care.

    We can do any of the 200X variants of He-Man in Classics. It just depends on time and fan demand. I don't see Jungle Attack of Smash Blade happening anytime soon. But hey, you never know!
    MOTUC Question

    Is it possible to see a "New Adventures Of He-Man" variant of He-Man, or would it be considered an all new character/figure?

    He would ideally be a candidate for a quarterly variant as a different version of He-Man much like Thunder Punch or Battle Armor.
    Shadow Weaver's buck?

    Seeing as how she is a sub figure can her dress buck be reused? It would look good on the 2 lady 2002 elders.

    Of course we can reuse her parts. We just won't reissue Shadow Weaver. I'm guessing her head won't have a reuse, but we've already gotten contest entries using her body buck.
    Oversized figures in MOTUC?

    In previous lines Sagitar, Modulok, and Multi-Bot were more expensive than standard figures ill they be considered oversized figures in MOTUC or would they be standard monthly figures?

    Their are a few ways we could do each of these from oversized, to convention figures to even offering a non sub item or a one off sub item promoted at the time of the sub sale.

    The nice thing about a line sold online is as long as we are upfront with what is in the sub, we can change things however we need to for each character to do it best. We are not limited to retail packaging size or shelf space.
    Any New Figure Announcements at Powercon?

    Yes please!

    Yes, we just don't know how many. The Horsemen didn't even finish Thunder Punch in time for SDCC! We'll have to see what is done and available if any.
    Clarification of the Filmation character that bumped the 200X variant

    When you gave that answer, do you mean that Quarterly Variants will start to include New Characters instead of Variants of Existing Characters? Or did a 200X Variant of an existing character get bumped for a Filmation Variant of an existing character?

    Not saying any more! You'll just have to wait for future announcements!
    Would Ram Man Be a Beast Size Figure? So $30?

    If and when you get to Ram Man, and the fact he would require 100% new tooling as you've stated, would he be a beast class figure? $30?

    Right now the plan is to keep him as a standard monthly slot, he will just "likely" be a little bigger. But since he is not locked in for 2012, we can't 100% confirm anything at this point. Many monthly figures have been 100% tools (or close) such as Teela, Sorceress, Hssss, Leech, etc.. so 100% tool does not mean if can't be a monthly figure!
    When Can We Expect A 1st & "TRUE" 200X Variant?

    Not counting Zodak (since he & Zodac are two different characters), Can you give us a clue on when to expect for a 1st & "true" 200X inspired A-List character variant in MOTUC ? Without revealing the character & gender by the way (I KNOW YOU WONT) !!!

    We had one planned for sooner then later but it was bumped for a Filmation character. This is the one down side to getting access to more characters. We only have so many slots per year and to add in Filmation meant reshuffling a very well thought out "fair and balanced" line plan!
    Can We Expect Some Info On "Keldor Dual Swords" Figure Soon?

    Well, The title says it for ya !!
    (BTW, can you give us a peek on those swords ?)

    The plan is still to include them in 2012. But I can tell you they have not been sculpted yet so their is nothing to share right now.
    10th Anniversary

    In my case, I had totally forgotten about He-Man until I caught and enjoyed the 2002 cartoon series on DVD. The insert and the promo for the first Classics figure was the whole reason that I got into collecting this line, and I bet I am not alone. There is a lot of love out there for the 2002 line. Any plans on giving a nod to the 10th Anniversary in Classics, somehow?

    No, their won't be a 10th anniversary of the 2002 line as we are concentrating on the 30th of the entire brand for 2012! You will see figures from the 2002 series much as have done Faceless one or Carnivus but all in the Classics style.
    Toyguru, What is the future of MOUTC? PLEASE!!!!!

    I'm not sure if I completely understand what is going but please help Me out!

    All of this low sub selling and cost raising and everything else is got Me so worried which has got Me into a some what depressed state and yes I am being serious!

    I've posted stuff on the board but I'm not sure how many people understand what I mean. I take MOTU VERY seriously, it hase been something I loved so much since I was very little. Sure these "toys are meant to be fun and to have joy with" but to Me it's so much than that. It' phyisicle memories and possibilities never had before.

    I was so excited about the Filmation rights and everything else about it. I loved the SDCC revealings while many had mixed emotions about the Star Sisters and BG Evil-Lyn I loved them and thought they were really cool, I didn't have the problems the others had, I'm not that hard to please.

    I enjoyed your talk about the line being followed up to 2016/2017 or even longer to get everybody or most in the series especially since there's the Filmation characters now. Now there's this other stuff, why is there a happy moment one day and the next a not so happy day about this line? It should ALL be bright and shiny here!

    Some people didn't think much of anything when I said "don't want the line to end without Mekaneck, Ram Man, Spikor, Too Bad, Ninjor, Jitsu, Mosquito, Modulok & Multi-Bot and Shokoti, Lord Masque, Scorpia and Octavia! One of your big mssions is to get the whole vintage line in the MOTUC! You haven't even scratched the surface of the New Adventures yet and those guys are awesome! So many that needs to be made for many reasons. I am especially looking forward to all-new character especially to have a chance and see the son of Keldor! They just say that the line is gonna end anyway. Without these guys I will feel all of what I have collected was for nothing and I don't know how things will be then. You guys got the Filmation rights, what good is it if there is no figures to be made? I know it's gonna end like everything else MUST but I took what you said about 2016/2017 and I thought that was wonderful.

    Please Toyguru, I know you said about something you'll know in a few weeks from now but what can YOU tell Me NOW to get this HUGE WORRY off of My chest, I know I shouldn't take MOTU as seriously as I do but it's who I am, a ginormous MOTU fan since the very beginning and I never, ever stopped at any time and I don't want to stop any time soon for that matter. If only you guys at Mattel knew how big of a fan I am, I'm not the biggest but I'm one of them. MOTUC is the greatest line today and one of the best in history! MOTU is just no a figure series with comics and stuff, it's a way of life for Me and is something that truely has Me grasped, the nostalgia and the all of the new stories and everything else, that's all I know how to expaline it. I don't wany MOTU to end so prematurely and to be like this great thing that keeps on coming back and each time it never goes anywhere except down. The MOTUC is the one true line for the MOTU!

    I have bought 3 subs in a row and I don't want to stop, surely there is something you can do and besides, Mattel is a huge comapany, in My opinion, surely they have something up their sleeve?

    So please Toyguru, tell Me, do I have to worry that the line will end WAY before than you said previously? Get this big worry off of My chest, PLEASE!

    I will appreciate it so much for your help and thanks for your time!

    It really helps if you can make your questions direct and to the point. What I think you are asking is a general status of the future of the line?

    MOTUC is doing great. We had more then enough subs to keep it going as is. The only change is that because we didn't see growth (but rather a decline) in sub sales, that will prevent the brand team from going to management to ask for MORE resources to add additional skus (like how we grew the line in 2009 by adding beasts, and in 2011 we are adding a vehicle). So you will see a bit of a stepping back in term of growing beyond the current offerings in late 2012 or 2013.

    Every move we make is with the continued longevity of the line in mind. We are very aware to not overproduce or make too many skus beyond the buying power of our fan base. We want the line to continue strong and it is doing very well. MOTUC by far outsold all other subs. We just need to be mindful that despite adding in Filmation, free mini comics, Shadow Weaver, Granamyr the 30th anniversary line, the create a character contest and the Windraider, we still had a reduction in sub purchases for 2012 (which we thought would be our biggest year ever- come on, free Mini comics people! Fearless Photog! Filmation! What else can we do?!)

    This trend prevents us from taking the next leap forward (i.e. playsets or other larger items) just for now, but it doesn't effect the current number of skus being offered. The line is going great! Thanks for your support. If sub sales go back up in 2013 we can certainly revisit growing the line again one day.

    We will keep MOTUC going as long as their is a fan base to support it! Once you stop buying, we stop making them.
    Will Fisto have the new booted feet Like Vikor?

    My question is Will Fisto be using the new booted feet like what was used on Vikor that has no ankle pin? I think Fisto is great looking and love all he's comming with so PLEASE Don't skimp on him in any way We need that 2nd head, belt and big fat sword you showed he would be comming with.

    Also let me just say I understand where Mattel is comming from from a companys stand point. You guys have held the prices the same from 2008 to the present. Even though I'm a loyal fan and sub holder I do buy extra's of some characters for example King Hsss so do what you need to do as far as raising the cost for day of sale prices, I can deal with that. It won't kill the line and anyone who understands business knows this isn't a move to screw the customer but rather gives the line more room to grow due to rising cost of materials used to manufacture the figures.

    We don't have a PP sample yet, but Terry did say he is going to try and use the Vikor boots whenever possible going forward. They are a bit more expensive but we will try.
    More Cats in MOTU

    Have you guys given any thought to more Battle Cat/Panthor repaints? I once saw a custom one with a very cool Scare Glow Black and Bones deco. Also, it might be cool to have a Faker Cat and an arctic white tiger for Vikor to ride.

    Faker cat would be awesome. Cool suggestion. If their is enough fan demand doing straight repaints of an existing tool would be logistically easier to a newly tool'd figure. For the most part it seemed fans were out on straight repaints in the line, but if enough fans want this we'd be happy to explore creative repaints!
    Classic Teela (red hair)

    Is there a plan for a Classic Teela (red hair) reissue? If yes, will it be soon?

    Likely in time. Nothing to confirm now.
    Scott, do you sometimes infiltrate Fan websites?

    I know you browse the web in order to know what fans say about your work and the lines you manage. Sometimes you even react to fans comments directly on the boards under an official name such as "Toy Guru" (ie: on My question is, do you have a personal "online name" you use regularly to react personally but incognito without involving the brand manager you are? And if yes, on what boards?

    I do post on many fan sites but always as "Toyguru" or "Toy Guru". I don't have other names online so it is clear who I am!
    Are we there yet?

    Please note that I am not asking for an exact date for release but now that Leech and Demo Man have been done (bigger torso and arms), are we closer to getting the much awatied MOTUC Ram Man figure? Please let us know..

    Ram Man is a 100% tool'd figure so he has no relation to any parts for any previous figures. Each year we try to do 1-2 100% tool'd figures. He won't be coming in 2012, I can tell you that.
    Powercon sub follow up question

    Would it be entirely out of the question to sell subs at Power Con that don't start until a later month then?

    No, we need to lock in our quota.
    BG Evil-Lyn's arms?

    Will BG Evil-Lyn have new gauntlets that move?

    Yes. They are the same arms tool but we cut them with a new joint so the arm guards turn 360 now. Our way of always trying to improve figures whenever we can!
    Roboto Sword

    Toyguru, I have 4 posters from the old He-Man Magazines that show, i'm guessing, the evolution of the line. The first one has He-Man riding battle cat and Skeletor riding pathor and both in battle armor, the last one shows them on dinosaurs with Clamp Champ and Snout Spout. Anyway one of them shows Roboto holding a crystal looking rapier sword. I would love to see this made. I know the chances are slim and Roboto is known more for his attachments, but cool non the less. I've already posted this in the forums and the conversation went down hill real quick. I thought I would just run it by you and see what happens. I understand you can't comment or speculate on anything until it's shown at the con's or fairs, but I think it would be a cool consideration.

    We actually did talk about this sword. This poster is one of the few that we actually have the original oil of at Mattel. In the end we couldn't afford to do the sword along with all the other attachments Roboto came with.

    If we ever revisit Roboto this would be a cool additional accessory to consider!
    Why not test out a "Slime Pit" before thinking about Castle Grayskull?

    The Slime Pit is a smaller, easier, and therefore cheaper playset to do. Why not use that as a gauge to see if a Castle Grayskull is possible rather than sub sales? The Four Horsemen could make an AWESOME Slime Pit. Especially if it's heavily based on the vintage one! (which I still have mine)

    Just like how the Wind Raider is the first test for vehicles. It's a smaller sized vehicle that came out awesome and fairly priced! I bet that it sells out in minutes and everyone will be crying for a re-issue.

    It is always possible. For now, we are going to hold off on any line expansions in fall 2012 or Spring 2013. Once we see how the 2013 sub sale goes next summer was can revisit any expansions for fall 2013 or 2014.
    The MOTUC 2012 sub

    After the sub sale is over can you tell us how the 2012 sub did? Was it down just a little or was it line killing low?

    It was above the min number we needed to go into production but well below both 2010 and 2011 level. By a large margin our lowest sub to date.
    Just figured out who the 2012 Sub figure originally was before Shadow Weaver...

    Had to be Strobo, right? Wun-dar was essentially a straight repaint with one new accessory. Preternia he-Man had a little more sculpting, but Strobo is a great reuse for the Sy-Klone tooling. Pop on a Zodac head and a cape and there you go. Plus, you guys did show a little pic of him in the presentation. Maybe this will give you guys time to sculpt an actual cyclone type-piece where the head can attach at the top. it could be rotosculpted so it's not too much, and then you could recreate the panel from the comic or use it on Sy-Klone even, if you wanted to - or for any villain Sy-Klone sets his 'powers' on. If not it will still be awesome, and a great straight repaint with no new tooling. I for one am stoked at this and hope you all get around to him very soon.

    No. It was not Strobo. We did not have the rights to Strobo until we had the rights to Shadow Weaver.
    Entrapta and the case of the missing symbol

    Entrapta is part of the horde but she never had the symbol IF she gets a toy in MOTUC will she finally get the symbol like the rest of the horde?

    We'll just have to wait until when and if we get to her to see how the Horsemen want to design her! We can't comment on anyone past Thunder Punch He-Man for now.
    Polly Pocket SDCC 2012?

    Will there be a new Polly Pocket set at next years SDCC?

    Sorry, it is way to early to comment on SDCC 2012. Look for an announcement around April of next year!
    Power con and MOTUC subs

    You should open the subs back up during power con. I am sure you'll get a bunch of people signing up from the sugar high that is being at the con and reading about the con online.

    While a cool idea, we may be past the window now of affecting quota for the Jan and Feb figure since we buy material way in advance. The sub is what helps us ID that quota. If we open it up it will throw off production. We already extended the sub past the original window and are now past the point of changing quota!
    Follow-up question regarding Castle Grayskull

    While I understand that asking for additional resources is very hard when the baseline is lower, a presale of Castle Grayskull is a completely different beast.

    Despite whatever reasons people may have had regarding a purchase of the 2012 subscription, one thing remains solid...everyone knows Castle Grayskull. Whether they are a "cherry picker", a "Scal-Por", or a die hard fan. This thing would sell, and it would sell big. And even those that would normally pass would reconsider, especially if they had a longer window to save up the money to put towards what I am assuming would be an expensive item (maybe a 3-5 month long presales window). I mean, if it wouldn't come out until 2013, then I would imagine a longer presale would be possible, yes? Especially if it sold in the 4th quarter of 2013.

    What harm would there be in posting the presale under the same restrictions you had with the DC Universe subscription (not guaranteed unless you receive enough orders)? If you got enough orders then it should technically make up the necessary money to produce the item, with a profit, yes? If you didn't, then nothing gets produced and no money is lost; for Mattel or the fans.

    Can you and the head honchos please reconsider this, while remapping your non-sub plans for 2012 and plans in general for 2013? Thank you.

    Even to do a presale would requite a lot of design work to figure out how big it is, how does it fit together, does it have any working parts? etc... We can't just say "we're going to do a $300.00 CG, who wants to buy one!"

    If we asked for $200-$300 dollars fans would want to know details about what they would be getting for this price and to get "there" it would take mucho design work, even if we saved on tooling by waiting for a presale.

    CG is a big ticket item, several hundred dollars at min. Fans are already saying the sub and non sub items are getting too expensive (well over $500 per year). To ask for the design resources for an item that will push it to over $800 in a year in a year when sub sales are down is just not going to happen no matter how much I want the Castle myself!

    Keep in mind that everything we green light or hold back on is in an effort to keep the ling going as long and strong as possible. When and if we do certain projects is all strategic. The vintage line went away in part due to over production. The Stactions died because they burned through A list characters too quick.

    We are paying attention to past learnings and growing this line slowly and at a pace our customers can keep up with. Nothing is done to spur fans, it is done with the best of intensions!
    Toyguru- Idea to sell Castle Grayskull

    What do you think about Matty opening up a 'pre-order' for the Castle Grayskull playset in 2012? Take orders with no cancellations, and see if its enough to go into production(though when your order,orders placed are not guaranteed till you announce its definite).Have a "sell-O-meter" and track the sales for us fans...(Matty is doing it for the DC sub,why not do it for Castle Grayskull??)

    If you cannot do that,do an official poll???,but I think the pre-order idea would work better.I am IN for two CG playsets, as there are others who may buy multiples.I believe the demand is truely there,but please don't allow "Subscriptions" sales to dictate NOT getting Castle Grayskull.

    This is exactly how we were looking into this possibly for 2013, but now that the 2012 sub sales have come in the lowest yet we have had to scrap the idea. It is very hard to ask for additional resources (even just to concept the idea out for "presale")when the baseline is lower.
    Reduction of large scale beasts in the MOTUC line???

    Is there any possibility of the number of large scale beasts being reduced from four to two per year? I have outlined an argument and a poll over at the MOTUC forum--summed up here... The 100% essential large scale beasts are already out or soon to be (Battle Cat, Panthor, Swiftwind). The secondary and tertiary ones are less important by far than most standard figures, and will potentially create a ton of controversy as to whether they are worth paying for and committing to. They can be super expensive, and they drive up the price of the subscription. Their potential lack of importance and high price may drive people away from subscriptions (I think it already has). I think reducing the number of them down to two per year will make each one count more, and provide subscribers with some much needed relief for the wallet--instead of paying $500+ a year, maybe between $400-$450. Is this idea realistic?

    Not for 2012 as we have already sold the sub with an announced number of skus at an announced series of prices.

    But this is one of many changes we are reviewing for possible changes in 2013 to keep the line going with the number of skus and price points fans feel comfortable with.

    Any changes to the line will be to unannounced non sub 2012 items or to 2013. We won't be making any changes to announced 2012 product already pre sold as part of the sub.

    And for the record, the line is doing very well, the lower sub sales just mean we are reviewing backing off of line EXPANSIONS for more unannounced item, not reducing already announced items for 2012.
    He-Ro: Son of He-Man Question!

    Toyguru, a Q&A from Mattel made it sound like Dare from "He-Ro: Son of He-Man" is going to be Skeletor and Evil-Lyn's son. Without spoiling future bios, were you aware that Dare was going to be revealed to be Adora and Sea Hawk's son? The basic story line is like Secret of the Sword in the future with Dare being kidnapped instead of Adora...but Adam is still the saviour! Dare even has some of She-Ra's abilities, like talking to animals.

    Dare is also attracted to Evil-Lyn... (second last sentence of her bio on the page)

    Normally we don't spoil bio info, but for the sake of sanity and clarification, no Dare is not Skeletor and Evil Lyn's son. Two different characters. Keep reading the bios!
    Granamyr - Still coming?

    Just as the subject says: Is Granamyr still coming now that sub levels have dropped off? PLEASE tell me he won't be cancelled....

    Yup. Still working on the big guy!
    MOTUC 2013 Sub Follow-Up

    Just wanted to let you know I have started a poll to see what most people want to see. Hope this helps you out when it's time to go to management.

    Appreciate you starting the poll, but one thing we won't be doing is a tiered sub. We know fans are asking for this, but it is not something that will be offered so best to put your efforts to changes we can look into! Their are business, legal and logistical reasons why this won't be offered (and sorry we can't go into further details, but this is as much as we can comment, best to note this and move on, we hate to see fans spinning their wheels in a direction we won't/can't go in).
    Clarification on Non-Sub Items

    So, would these non-sub items that are on the line be referring more to stuff like vehicles, oversized figures like Granymyr and extra outside-of-the-sub figures?

    Or is there a danger that we might loose the Weapons Paks, Stands, and Diorama Pieces going forward?

    We don't want to comment on unannounced items. This is what gives us the flexibility to grow or shrink offerings as needed with the longevity of the line in mind!
    No more vehicles?

    Even if the Windraider does well, does this mean that there will no longer be vehicles due to cut in sku expansion? Pleeease clarify.

    Not in the least!

    The last thing we want to do is overproduce and have the line end too early. We are being very self aware of this. The key is always to go slowly. Since the 2012 subs were our lowest yet, we want to slow down just a little. It is not a full break, but a good way to take a breath and proceed down the best path to give the line as much lifeblood for the long haul. No one at Mattel wants the line to continue long haul as much as me. If we go too quickly and over produce or make too many skus it could potentially cause a ripple effect in sales. Every move we make is in the interest of keeping the line going as long as possible!
    MOTUC army builder 2-packs to return in 2012?

    Since the Club Eternia subscription for 2012 includes two $40 spots, I am remaining hopeful that one of those will be an army builder 2-pack. Perhaps something to bolster the ranks of the Evil Horde? I know you can't reveal any specific characters yet, but will MOTU army builders be happy with the 2012 subscription?

    At this point we are not commenting in anything past Thunder Punch He-Man. Wait and see!
    2013 Skus

    You mentioned re-evaluating the number of skus for 2013, which I'm assuming will be either less beasts/multipacks or less quarterly variants. Would the 30th anniversary sub, if it goes through, be a precursor to a potential tiered subscription for 2013?

    The 2012 six figure 30th line is its own thing which won't conitnue past 2012 anyway. It was always only for 2012 for the 30th. How 2013 is affected remains to be seen, but the overall lower baseline does not help our case to argue for line expansions. Just telling it like it is!
    MOTUC 2013 Sub - Fewer Sku's a Year or Fewer Sku's in Sub?

    Am I reading this right? You said that because of lack of sub. sales for MOTUC will cause you to drop sku's in 2013.

    Does this mean that you will do away with figures like A-list variants, beast, multipacks, etc. that are added to the 2013 sub.?

    Or does this mean that the 2013 sub. will be just like the 2010 sub. in which we will only get 1 figure a month in the sub. and "race" to Matty to get the A-list variant, beast class, etc.?

    I don't think the 2010 sub. worked at all because of this. I think the sub. sales for 2013 are down only because of the economy. The 2011 sub. has been great and I like being able to get everything together.

    What about a 2013 sub. that we can choose if we want an "all in" option or only the 1 $20 figure option? Maybe two different MOTUC subs?

    We are still evaluating 2013. What we know for sure is we will be backing off of additional non sub items in fall 2012 (beyond already announced Granamyr).

    The 2013 line is not final yet and we will wait to see how many day of (non sub) sales we get for the first few 2012 figures. But overall the drop in sub sales between 2011 and 2012 will not help our argument to management to expland the line anytime now. We really needed to at the very least match 2011 (or evenj better grow a little) in order to make the case that the line should grow.

    Don't get me wrong, the line is VERY healthy, but growth potential is hindered by a reduction in out baseline.
    Unannounced Non-Sub items

    I'm disappointed to read that you're reconsidering some of these items for late 2012. They generally include stands, dio pieces, Weapons Paks, and now vehicles. The stands sold well the first time, the Weapon Rack sold well, and the WPs sold fast too. Assuming the Wind Raider sells out fast, history would show that all of the non-sub items sell well, and one of them for $40. Would a fast sellout of the Wind Raider help you reconsider cancelling these unannounced non-sub items for late 2012?

    No, additional items have nothing to so with how the Windraider sells. We base line explansions (abovce and beyond sub items) on the baseline of subscribers we get knowing how many total fans are "all in".

    Now that the number of subs for 2012 looks to be our lowest "all in" yet we will need to reconsider how many non sub items we do in 2012 as well as how many sub items we do in 2013. We've heard a lot of fans saying they backed out of the sub due to too many offerings and the total price tag on the sub. Much like other collector lines, fans vote with their purchase and the fewer "all in" baseline fans, the fewer items in total we can produce.
    TG, question about SDCC

    I loved the pics that showcased the Eternia Towers. Who created those,as they are awesome and well done? also, what are the chances of creating those? I know the answer is probably no,But I had to try. Really magnificent. thank you.

    It was done by our fantastic model shop team who build backgrounds for our TV spots and retailer shows. They really went to town on this hand made one of a kind model. We will have it at Power Con as well!
    Would you consider doing a poll regarding Castle Grayskull?

    When and if we hopefully get one, would you consider revealing pictures (drawings or prototypes) of just the facade and an entire playset with the price for each and let us vote on which we'd like you to proceed with? And you wouldn't even have to promise you'd do whichever won the poll; obviously if the complete playset won the vote that doesn't guarantee those sales, but if just the facade won by a landslide it seems it would be a good heads up to Mattel that producing the full playset would be too much of a risk.

    We actually were going to look into this but now that sub sales have dropped compared to 2010 and 2011 we may have to hold off on any line explansions at this time. Maybe one day!
    Is MOTUC "safe"?

    Lots of people seem to be freaking out about the lowered production numbers and the fact that fewer subs sold this year.

    Can you alleviate fears (or confirm them) and let us know whether or not Mattel is still happy with the brand as a whole, or if recent developments indicate a shift in thought?

    The brand is going GREAT, and we are hitting the min number of baseline fan we need. But the lower overall sub sales for 2012 (compared to 2010 and 2011)have caused us to drop a few as yet announced non-sub items we were exploring for late 2012. Additionally the lower 2012 sub sales have caused us to reevaluate how many skus we will include in the sub for 2013. With the baseline going down signifigantly, it is a bit harder to justify to management any additional line explansions.
    TG: Will A-list characters be considered for the 2013 sub exclusive?

    Given that Shadow Weaver went against previous statements made about what characters would be made subscription exclusives, do you consider all characters on the table as far as the 2013 subscription exclusive is concerned? Meaning, could we see popular A-list characters like Ram Man become exclusives? I really hope not as I think it could hurt the line more than help it.

    Based on the lower then expected sales of the 2012 MOTUC sub (though still well above the min we needed), we are actually reviewing all of 2013 in terms of how many skus will be included now. A lot is in flux now that sub sales were signifigantly lower compared to 2010 and 2011 subs. With a lower "baseline" we have to reevaluate the 2013 line up. It was heavily reliant on what our baseline was of fans buying "anything".
    The big 5 from POP

    Glimmer, Frosta, Castaspella, Queen Angella and Madame Razz are without doubt the top 5 Rebellion members left since Adora/She-Ra and Bow have been done.

    Is there any chance that well see atleast 2 of those 5 important and popular ladies in 2012 or atleast 2 new monthly figure slots dedicated to POP ladies in 2012?

    Very excited to get to more POP girls, but our lips are sealed beyond Thunder Punch He-Man for now!
    How to get a job designing figures at Mattel?

    I'm sorry for posting basically the same question again, but I can't reply to that thread and it didn't really answer the question for me.

    I found nothing helping me at unfortunately.

    Since the type of work I do is with the designing of the figures (such as sculpting and prototype painting) I was wondering how to apply for a job like that specifically.

    Similar to what the Four Horsemen do. I know they don't work for Mattel, they just work freelance for Mattel.

    I guess if I were to be really specific, let's say prototype painter. How would one get a job doing that? I know that a lot of toy companies get freelance prototype painters (such as the late great Ed Wires) so how would I even begin to get a job like that with a company such as Mattel?

    I've been self employeed for a long time now as a freelance artist and action figure customizer, but I've never freelanced for a toy company, but I would really like to.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated Scott. Thank you in advance.

    Mattel is always looking for the latest talent. Head over to and click on Careers for any open positions and how to apply.
    Black Evil Lyn cape for future weaons pak?

    Was wondering if there was a chance to get a black Evil Lyn cape in a future weapons pak to use for our 1st edition Lyn?

    Always possible now that we have the tool, but nothing is set right now.
    Prince Adam - Quarterly Variant?

    Thanks for the answer about Prince Adam. But "IF" he comes in the future, will he get a quarterly variant slot ?

    Since he has not filled the monthly slot, technically he should come in that right ?

    He may not have had a "monthly slot" or a single card, but we did do him already. He came with Orko in a 2 pack. So he has been done.
    Can We Expect A Single Carded Prince Adam In Filmation Colours?

    Since Prince Adam has not got his "official" (Single Carded) release & since now you have the Filmation rights, can we expect his single carded version in Filmation colours ? NO ! I am NOT asking him in "less detailed, animated version" like in the cartoon. It’s the same 2010 classics figure in Filmation colours (i.e. Pink Vest) & with new accessories (i.e. Filmation Sword, two new heads ETC) !

    By doing this, you are hitting 6 DUCKS WITH A SINGLE BULLET..........

    1) It’s NOT just a “Repaint” Figure & it’s more than a Re-Deco (ALL fans will be happy) !
    2) One more Fimation Figure (Cartoon fans will be happy) !
    3) Single Carded Prince Adam in a monthly slot (Like King Graykull 2.0 Re-Deco) !
    4) New Filmation Accessories (Again, like KG 2.0's Orb) !
    5) NO MORE “Prince Adam Falling Down” Since he’ll come with super tight ankle joints (Vikor Boots ) !
    6) 2010 (Orko’s) Prince Adam SDCC Exclusiveness will remain forever !

    Certainly something we can look into if their is enough fan demand for repaints in Filmation colors as quarterly variants, but nothing like this is planned at this time for the immediate future.
    Filmation A-List style Varients in MOTUC's Toy Line?

    I was wondering if as an A-List Varient in the MOTUC line You and the Horsemen could give Skeletor a more Filmation look in classics style. I bought this custom Sculpted MOTUC style Filmation Skeletor head from a member, sculpter/customizer from Germany.

    My thinking is this and it's a simple change to make a fimation style Skeletor in the Classics look. Just change the clawed feet for correct colored purple booted feet(no new tooling) and the horsemen sculpt a new head with the correct shaped style hood and scowl face of the Filmation skeletor. (If you look close the shapes of the skull faces they are almost exact MOTUC and Custom, just a filmation style hood and eyes shaped for skeletors scowl) The tooling would be very little and you get a brand new Skeletor that everyone will want. See enclosed pic. Filmation classics style head on left.

    Honestly I'd love to know what fans think. For the most part I have gotten the impression that fans want more then a repaint or kitbash for the quarterly variants. If their is enough fan demand sure, I suppose something like this is possible.

    What we won't be doing is a separate animated style line. But if their is enough fan demand and if fans are okay with it, doing Filmation repaints could potentially fill a quarterly slot. Let us know what you think!
    Can You Reconsider Doing a Head Pack?

    For a while fans have been asking for a pack of Classicized 200X heads (Skeletor, Buzz-Off, Grizzlor, Roboto, Clawful) and now fans are asking for Classicized Filmation heads. I don't think it's realistic to expect full redecos of all these characters without taking Classics off course (I for one would rather see the variant slots used for more interesting characters like the two Battlegrounds), so it seems like a yearly head pack would be a great way to make a lot of people very happy. Since there is more demand for something like this now, is it any more possible than when you've addressed it before?

    We just don't have the resources to do this. Heads are a lot of tooling and deco and it would take too many resources away from the line. I know fans want this but it just is not something we can offer.

    We will try to sneak extra heads in where we can (Demo-Man's comic book Skeletor head anyone?) But don't look for an all heads back. It isn't in the cards regardless of demand or requests. Additionally, design management specifically asked us not to do this as a pack of heads felt morbid. I did pitch it and reviewed it with the team. Despite demand, don't coun't on this one happening anytime soon. Sorry.
    Please don't reduce accessories on Draego Man

    Please don't reduce accessories/deco on Draego Man. Even if it means that he is going to cost $25 instead of $20. He's one of the biggest gains in MOTUC 2012 and am willing to pay extra to get him as shown at comic con!

    We're still exploring how to bring him into cost. I can tell you we will not be changing the price. He will remain a 20.00 figure. If we do have to cut accessories it doesn't mean we can't release those later in some other way.
    Question about tallstar...

    Just wondering how the extension pieces are going to work on tallstar - more to the point, if one were to purchase multiple star sister sets, would the extensions be stackable, therefore making a more elongated tallstar?

    Terry is still working on this. We'll update everyone once it is final.
    White Mailer Box Idea

    I've seen alot of fantastic MOTU artwork from the fans and some of them are really good (Matty Member Kev E Faces comes to mind). I think that adding art like this to the *White Mailer Boxes* would be a really cool way spice them up a bit and make collecting the classics line feel even more special.

    What do you think?

    It is a cool idea but we have so few resources and logistics for the MOTUC line that we are putting it all into the figures themselves at this point.

    With Dark Horse producing the first 3, are there plans for more? If so how do I get in consideration?

    At this time the program is limited to 3 issues. Dark Horse provided choices for the talent. If you are interested in working for Dark Horse comics you will need to contact them!
    Trollans Classicized!?

    Now that Mattel has access to Filmation characters, is it possible to make OTHER Trollans like Uncle Montork or Dree-Elle IN THE MOTUC style? (It's a nice chance to reuse the Orko buck...)

    Let this serve as a universal answer for ALL Filmation characters in the classics vintage He-Man and She-Ra cartoons.

    Yes, we can do that character but that character will be done in classics style, not an animated style. All characters in MOTUC will be in one "classics" style
    More Filmation!!

    I understand you don't currently have the rights to all Filmation library, but are you considering the possibility of acquiring the licenses of Blackstar & Bravestarr?
    These characters still have many fans & have been often requested on the forums.
    Maybe you could run a pool on Matty frontpage or on Facebook to test the financial viability of these potencial lines?

    Sorry, we do not discuss new rights to any properties publicly.
    NA Characters in MOTUC

    As of March 2012, after almost 3 1/2 years, we will only have had 2 NA figures released. Is this the precedent, or will there be more vintage NA figures sprinkled into the line per year?

    To be fair, the first year and a half was really about seeing if even the vintage MOTU line figures were enough to keep a collector line going. Once we got to 2010 we really started hitting all the segments/teams.

    Never fear, NA is a segment we will hit. Fans always tend to "want" whatever is not offered right this moment. Remember when all fans wanted was more females? Now look how many are coming in just the first quarter of 2012!

    Since we have MOTU Filmation rights, will we expect to see Imp or is he too animated?

    Like all Filmation characters we could do him in Classic but we would do him in "classics" stlye. We are not doing a separate anated line at this time.
    A question of Trollans

    Now that we have Orko and FILMation is do-able, is there a possibility of a new SKU for smaller characters or even two packs of Trollans? Would we see a possible variant of Orko or is he more of a one and done character since he was a Comic Con exclusive?

    We're not going to be doing a separate animated style line. All figures regardless of source material will be in "Classics" style. So yes, Orko is pretty much done.
    Star Sisters - the 1st

    What were the reasons for a three pack instead of single releases? What were the pros and cons for either decision? (e.g. yours or the 4 Horsemen's or whoever's being involved)

    Um, cause they are the "Star Sisters" and a natural trio. Nothing deeper.
    Star Sisters - the 2nd

    I know, changes to the sculpt of revealed figures can't be made anymore. (Although I would be cool in case of the Sorceress's sencond hand.)

    But what about changes to the colour colour scheme? Is there any chance we could see Jewelstar a bit less pinkish but more reddish in January? The colour of the vintage prototype was much more pleasing referring to its photo. And some more red plastic pellets during production shouldn't be a big deal.

    At this point the sisters are pretty set based on the paint scheme created by the Horsemen.
    10th anniversary of 2002 MOTU

    Will you guys do more 2002 characters next year?

    Yes, you will continue to see characters from the 2002 line (ideally) every year in MOTUC.
    Sorceress Teela Question

    Within the Mini Comic that was handed out at SDCC there is an image of Teela as the Sorceress...
    Are We going to get a Sorceress Teela (further down the line) as depicted in the SDCC Mini comic or will another Sorceress variant (NA look, 200X look) will be THE Sorceress Teela figure?

    Only time will tell! We can not comment on any figures past Thunder Punch He-Man at this time.
    Filmation variants of MOTUC

    Would Filmation colored MOTUC variants with realistic Filmation heads be out of the question? I'm not talking an animated look like JLU or Young Justice, but a repaint with new parts.

    For example, making a He-Man repaint that has Buzz-Off dark skin and in the Filmation colors, but has a Filmation head, Filmation blue harness, blue scabbard on his back, a longer Filmation style sword and a repaint of the regular power sword to those Filmation colors.

    We aren't going to do an animated head on a Classics style body. No sofa beds. To do an animated line we would need to do a full on new line and right now we are putting all of our resources into Classics.

    We can of course do straight repaints, the concern is whether fans would except this as a quarterly variant. We are under the impression that including repaints in the sub is frowned upon. (this was the beauty of the TRU 2 packs, it was an awesome vehicle to do repaints!)

    What say you?
    Can We Expect A "TRUE" 200X Evil-Lyn In The Future ?

    While many of us have the love for BG Evil-Lyn, It should also be noted that many of the fans were disappointed, since it was not her "TRUE" 200X variant !

    Since some 200X elements were used on BG version & since we are going to get it in November, does this mean "The End Of The Road" for Evil-Lyn variants in the future ?

    Potentially, I still believe that we can expect another two variants of MRS.Skeletor. 1st one is Filmation Colours Evil-Lyn & 2nd one is "TRUE" 200X Evil-Lyn !! I know that you can’t satisfy all. But more than anybody else in this world, you know that Evil-Lyn is SUCH an IMPORTANT character in MOTU line & she definitely deserves a figure on female buck 2.0 !! Similarly, her filmation version’s skirt design is a perfect candidate for twist waist feature on female buck 2.0 !!

    Will this be possible in the future ?

    We certainly could do additional versions of Evil Lyn down the road. We can confirm their is not a new Evil Lyn in 2012.
    How Many Female Figures Will We See In 2012 ?? (Not Counting The Reveals)

    You announced that it will be 4 (+1) Female Figures in 2011 !
    We already know that there will be 5 in 1st Q of 2012 !!
    So, How many are left in 2012 ???

    Almost every toy line will have females in it. Voltron has the Princess, GB has Dana and MOTU has the Star Sisters and Sorceress already revealed.

    How many will show up the rest of the year remains to be seen!
    Star Sisters bio

    Since the Star Sisters will be our 1st 3pack in Classics lineup will there be 3 different bios on the back of the box talking about them separately or will there 1 bio entire telling the story of all 3 of them???

    We actually considered both options and in the end due to space limitations on package went with one bio for all three sisters similar how there is one bio for both Royal Guards. Most of the bio (like almost all bios) is based on vintage licensor kit material.
    Double charged for Megator and Man-e-faces

    Hi I was charged 2 orders since someone messed up the first one with my subscription I was charde the first time for 48.70 then charged 70.55 and the other order was canceled well both charges are still pending and caused my account to overdraft as I only planned on 75 bucks for this subscription as its Mattels fault I would like to be reimbursed 25 dollars for the overdraft your mistake caused. Thanks

    Not to worry. No one will be double charged. We are well aware of this issue and an email will be sent out shortly clarifying the issue. This was due to an error on Mattel's part not listing Man E Faces as the monthly figure. DR had to then refund the original charge and charge again for Megator and MEF. It will take a day or so but all will be rectified. Look for an email and a posting shortly explaining in more detail.
    Why Bubble Power She-Ra Features The "Side Split" Skirt Design ?

    I can understand that it was done for improving her leg articulation (IE. Sitting Pose). But what I don’t understand is, why BP She-Ra has to get such a treatment when Catra’s skirt design allows her a perfect sitting pose without such modification ? The cuts on side of She-Ra’s skirt gives a "custom" feel to the figure !!

    Can You clear this ?

    This was done to allow her to sit on Swiftwind correctly.
    What Are Your Plans For CORE Filmation Characters?

    Being a die-hard MOTU fan that you are, It is needless to say how much love the fans have on CORE Filmation accurate characters like He-Man, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Teela, Mer Man ETC ! You know....Many of us wanted them for years!!

    But since we've already had their MOTUC versions, How can we expect them from you ?

    Say, fans are demanding for a filmation accurate Skeletor (with that AWESOME Havoc Staff) So, can we expect him as a new & complete figure like any other OR will we be getting an "Exclusive Filmation Accessories" (with brand new parts like Cartoon Skeletor Head, sharp edge boots, filmation havoc staff ETC) pack for upgrading MOTUC Skeletor ?

    All characters will be done in the Classics style. So any Filmation characters like Icer, Batros, Sea Hawk etc... will be translated from their simplistic animated design into the Four Horsemen Classics design. (look at Shadow Weaver as an example).

    Their are no plans at this time to do a seperate animated line or to do "main" characters like He-Man in a new simplified animted/Filmation version. All character whether from the vintage toy line, Filmation, MYP, mini comics or anything else will all be in the same "Classics" style.

    As you said the "DCUC VS MOTUC TRU EXCLUSIVE" are out the Table.
    What will happen with the MOTUC VARIANTS ????
    The TRAP JAW (GREEN BODY) is a Fan Demanded.
    Could we see him as a "4 Quarterly Variant Figure" ???

    A variant I would love to see too. Only time will tell!
    Can the Galactic Guardians be named as such once more?

    I know the name had to be changed to "Galactic Protectors", as you didn't have the Jetlag rights; but now that you do, can it go back to "Galactic Guardians"?

    It has nothing to do with the Jetlag rights. The name "Galactic Guardians" is owned now by another company (much as in 2002 the name Fisto and Rattlor had been taken out by other companies) so we came up with a name we can trademark and use that is close enough. ;-)
    Shadow Weaver Timeline Question

    How long did it take from the acquisition of the Filmation rights to get the Horsemen to generate the prototype shown at SDCC? Was there, by chance, a prototype already set up just in case the rights were ever secured? Without revealing what they are, do other prototypes of non-secured rights figures exist?

    Nope. No prototype. The Horsemen sculpting her lighting fast to have it in time for SDCC! They are just that cool.
    Armor and stand of Zoar™

    Seeing as how alot of MOTUC fan's got Beast Boy and the Twins just for there birds is there any hope of you doing the "Armor and stand of Zoar™" in more Weapons Pak's?
    i think even DC would want the stand for the birds

    I suppose anything is possible bit beyond the classic armor and stand with both Sorceress and the new armor and stand with the Star Sisters we don't have anything else in the cards just now.
    Any updates About Adding the 30th A Figures to the 2012 Sub?

    Are there any updates whether or not you can add the 30th anniversary figures to the 2012 sub?

    We won't be looking into this for a few more weeks. Right now we are working on the sub sales and a few loose ends with SDCC. If we can offer this type of buy in it will be offered in the late fall once we have time to ensure it can be done and easily for the customer.

    If we offer this we want to do it right and that will take time. Hang in there. :-)
    More than one 2012 Eternia Sub Exclusive?

    In your Shadow Weaver spotlight you state:

    "...we decided to go for the gold ring and offer what is quite possibly the most fan-demanded figure ever as our first Eternia exclusive in 2012 - the one and only Shadow Weaver!"

    Without going into detail, is this merely a typo, or can we maybe expect some exciting news later in 2012?

    The second exclusive is the map of Preternia. End of story and hopefully speculation. ;-)
    Mini Masters Question

    With the overwhelming positive response for the Mini Masters figures, when might we hear something in regards to a possible release for them?

    The positive response has been great and we are looking into what possible options we have. Hopefully we can include these in our 2013 line which is being worked on now! as we get closer we will be sure to update fans. Nothing is locked in, but it is nice to see so much interest!
    Sorceress question

    Will the Sorceress have any other items other than the staff?

    As shown at SDCC, she will also come with Zoar and the armor and bird stand.
    Star Sisters & Retail

    Has Mattel looked into/considered testing the Star Sisters at retail? This set strikes me as something that would really appeal to young girls.

    No, their are no plans to bring MOTUC figures to retail at this time beyond the final DCU vs. MOTU 2 packs at TRU.
    How about a MOTU 30th Anniversary Sub?

    In light of today's announcement that production runs will be lowered, as well as the recent news that figures will not go into a 2nd run, MANY (if not all) of your all-in fans are worried that they will miss out on these six great figures.

    Will you please PLEASE consider opening up a second MOTU subscription, just for these six figures? I know you didn't include them because you felt not all subscribers would want them, but it would be fantastic if you could give those of us that absolutely do want them (and we are numerous) the opportunity to do so.

    Yes, to reitterate as I stated at SDCC, we ARE looking into this. I don't know at this point if we can do this but if it is possible we'd love to offer an "add on" to those who already have a full year sub to add in the 6 30th anniversairy figures to your sub. If we can do this we will likely offer this in a month or so once things calm down a bit.

    If we do offer it (and this is still an IF at this point) it would only be available to those who already have the main sub and it would only be for the 6 30th figures. We can't include Granamyr (or any potential vehicles) simply because we have not locked down his price (somewhere between 60-80 dollars but we need more time to lock this down).

    So bottom line is yes we are looking into this, no we don't have this now, but stay tuned as we get our ducks in a row.

    Hope that clarifies!
    MOTUC Production Going Down... Really?

    I read this interesting news post about Mattel deciding to make fewer MOTUC figures a month. It took 3-4 years for you guys to get a handle on a production number that is just ok and now you're going to make less?

    Can't you keep production numbers the same as 2011?

    We're not going for ten minute sell out or anything. Not to worry, there will still be day of stock for those without a sub. Just very slighty less to help keep inventory under control. The bigger change is that we are moving away from as many reissues. But their will still be quite a lot open stock for non sub holders. Not to worry!

    We just wanted to give everyone a heads up as they choose whether or not to subscribe!

    Hope that helps.
    Will bios include more Filmation stories now that we have the rights?

    I know you've said that all the bios for the available characters are already written. Now that we have Filmation rights will anything be changed or added to include some references to some of our favorite Filmation storylines including some characters?

    Filmation characters like Shadow Weaver will, but we will not be rewriting other bios already written and approved.
    MOTUC Create a Character BIO

    I know Mattel will be the one who has the final say of the characters name and bio but I was wondering if we could put a bio with our submissions as a possible suggestion on our original designs. If so where should I put the bio? Right next to the artwork on the front, on the back of the paper, or on a separate sheet. Thanks

    You can put anything you want on one single side of an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper. But Mattel reserves the right to choose the final name and bio as needed legally etc...
    RUNNERS UP! (Contest)

    Hello again Matty. I thought of one more question right after I sent my last ones.

    Is this contest more about the new character or the designer who created it.
    Let's say there is only going to be five runners up.
    If a designer hands in say, 4 character designs and Mattel ends up liking all four, could all four be in the runners up? Or will we only see one design from each designer regardless of how good the ideas are?

    Technically yeah I suppose one creator could potentially be a winner and a runner up as all creator names are being logged but not shared with the judges!
    WHAT THE BUCK?! (Contest)

    Hello again Matty. I have six more contest questions to bother you with.

    1:You said we can make wings. So you would need to tool that into the buck. So does this mean we can make different kinds of tails too or you only said wings because of the Four Horsemen's character is already sporting the wing attachment?

    2:You said we can make boots. If we made new boot designs they would have to sculpt them. So since they have to sculpt new boots can we design new bare feet?

    3:demo-man. I see he has newly sculpt feet. Are his legs reused parts? If so.. is it only his calves and feet that are new? Also does he count as an existing figure or does he not exist until he is publish? Can we use his parts?

    4: You said we can design new gloves. Does that mean wrist bands and forearm bands also? They would take up the same space on the arm.

    5: On the female characters, say Teela. I noticed her top comes off. I always thought that was apart of the buck. Her outfit is considered armor not her buck right? We can design a whole new outfit for the female characters to slide over the buck?

    6:We can design belts like Trapjaw's belt, right?

    Once again thanks for your time.

    You can use any parts from any existing or announced upcoming figure. A good rule of thumb is about 50% new parts and 50% reuse parts. It is not an exact science. Just avoid submitting a figure that is 100% new parts and you will be fine!
    TO TOYGURU: HOT Question after Mattypalooza Panel!

    At Matypalooza panel, you talk to us about potential characters from Filmation (Lizard Man, Sea Hawk...) and from Comics (Goat Man (Golden Book), Strobo (UK Magazine/US Motu magazine) ...).

    Does this unlock the following appearance of Horde Prime ?
    Will "Horde Prime" replaced "Horde Supreme" in your bios/canon ?

    Good question!

    Yes, the "Horde Supreme" mentioned on some bios is going to be Horde Prime going forward. They were both intended to be the same character - the leader of the Horde Empire and older brother to Hordak.

    Just what he will look like if he ever makes it into the line is yet to be determined!
    Blackstar himself was actually in an episode of Filmation's He-Man and the MOTU

    Can we get just him as a figure, then? If I remember correctly, he was a statue or something in one of the episodes.

    Yes, I am well aware of the in-show joke about making him a statue in the background of one episode. This is not at all a "loop hole" letting us do him in MOTUC. We respect other companies copyrights just as we expect other companies to do the same for us!
    JUDGEMENT DAY! (Create A Character Contest)

    I was just curious if the judges for the contest work for Mattel or if they are outside spacial quest? Maybe both?

    The contest is being judged by a cross section of Mattel employees from design, packaging, franchise development, marketing and legal. Myself and Terry and Bill are all part of the judging panel!
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    And remember kiddies - if your "new" parts for the CaC contest include parts that can be reused for a yet-to-be-released character (e.g. long wings attaching to the back of a bare female midriff and bare female feet "from" Veena), they might get made quicker

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    So much for a Kodak Ungol head...I guess that'll be an easy variant to whip out...

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    This has nothing to do with the actual content of his answers, but what is up with TG messing up the use of "their" vs "there" so often? Sheesh!!

    Sorry, not trying to be insulting by saying that, but it just gets on my nerves.

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    I didn't like the response to my question regarding tossing a little more Filmation stories into the "already existing" bios, but that's ok. Hopefully he already added in what references he could like in previous bios that had touches of Filmation.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayneepoo View Post
    This has nothing to do with the actual content of his answers, but what is up with TG messing up the use of "their" vs "there" so often? Sheesh!!

    Sorry, not trying to be insulting by saying that, but it just gets on my nerves.
    BLลวK FLุWหRŠ!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayneepoo View Post
    This has nothing to do with the actual content of his answers, but what is up with TG messing up the use of "their" vs "there" so often? Sheesh!!

    Sorry, not trying to be insulting by saying that, but it just gets on my nerves.
    One has to wonder why there are grammar errors in the bios . . . hmmmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    I didn't like the response to my question regarding tossing a little more Filmation stories into the "already existing" bios, but that's ok. Hopefully he already added in what references he could like in previous bios that had touches of Filmation.
    Your question gave me an idea for a question of my own. I wonder will Toyguru reveal how many more bios did the Filmation/Jetlag Rights yield.

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    Well he didnt totally negate the idea of blackstarr. That's a good thing.
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    He negated the possibility of Blackstarr elsewhere recently. They have rights to the MOTU/PoP Filmation characters, not any other Filmation series characters.

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    Two new answers are up!

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    i asked the one about the bird stands...i think he missed the point yes the 2 new birds have stands...but that don't help with the birds that need stands lol

    this has something to do with MOTU. it's saying sales are good at least

    "First off, I AM a huge Ghostbusters fan and so is Rhobyn (Girl Wonder) who works for me and Bill in design. We gotcha covered. ;-)

    Pleasing die hard GB2 fans is not an easy thing to do. I know this is not a perfect solution, and as I said before, it won't please everyone. But it does provide an option for those who want a complete set of both suites since putting out both sets as singles just wasn't in the cards based on sales.

    You compare GB to MOTU. If GB did the sales MOTU did we'd have more options open to us. But with the min baseline we have for GB we are doing all we can to get cool items out their.

    Vigo? Zuel in sitting and standing poses? Retro Firehouse 2 pack? The Ghost Trap prop replica? We really are pumping out some awesome GB items!

    We won't please everyone all the time, but given the whole picture of our GB offerings over the last few years, I'm pretty darn proud of our line!

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    Three more new answers are up!

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Horde Prime is Hordak's older brother?

    What a surprise. I thought he was going to be his daddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternian Poet View Post
    Horde Prime is Hordak's older brother?

    What a surprise. I thought he was going to be his daddy.
    I hope Horde Prime is killed so that Hordak can rule the Horde. I've always hated that Horde Prime turns Hordak into a replaceable office manager of the Etherian branch of the Horde.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Horde Prime as a diorama

    I think Matty should do Horde Prime as a single diorama piece, making him look like the character in the Filmation series with a huge dark facade and metal hand that materializes over the bridge. That would be awesome!

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    How long did it take from the acquisition of the Filmation rights to get the Horsemen to generate the prototype shown at SDCC? Was there, by chance, a prototype already set up just in case the rights were ever secured? Without revealing what they are, do other prototypes of non-secured rights figures exist?

    Nope. No prototype. The Horsemen sculpting her lighting fast to have it in time for SDCC! They are just that cool.

    I guess Darkspecter's "The 4H are keeping her in a drawer somewhere!" theory is out the window.

    Nice to see a Green Trap-Jaw mention in there...
    Where's the rest of the Vintage New Adventures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hordaiquiri View Post
    Nice to see a Green Trap-Jaw mention in there...
    Yeah, of all the straight re-paints, I want him the most by far!!!
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    is the Hordak Brother thing bother anyone else besides me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnnaMot View Post
    is the Hordak Brother thing bother anyone else besides me ?
    No. We all think that everyone being related is terribly original & interesting.

    An insider tells me that Horde Prime is also the brother of the Sorceress. Shocking twist, hm?
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    Great session and answers...

    It's good to hear TG say they will still have a days worth of figures on sale for non sub holders.
    I suspected they were simply cutting back on the excess leftover customer service stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mern-Ra View Post
    Yeah, of all the straight re-paints, I want him the most by far!!!
    If they do this as a minicomic variant, Green Trap Jaw will not just be a repaint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternian Poet View Post
    No. We all think that everyone being related is terribly original & interesting.

    An insider tells me that Horde Prime is also the brother of the Sorceress. Shocking twist, hm?
    That doesn't shock me. Most of the bios are garbage, IMO. They tried to combine all exiting facets of MOTU lore and they did a terrible job at it.

    I was excited about Mini-comics until I found out Toyguru was writing them.

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    horde prime is hordak's brother?!
    i must have missed that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    horde prime is hordak's brother?!
    i must have missed that.
    "Second-born heir to the Horde Empire"? It's in Hordak's bio.

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    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    i had thought hordak was the son of prime. from filmation. guess i was wrong
    also read that nordor or prime corrupted hordak to serve him.

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