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Thread: new movie History reports

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    new movie History reports

    I have compiled several reports on the film over the years, this is fun.
    OCT 2004-JUNE 2011

    oct 2004
    John Woo to Direct He-Man

    Fox 2000 has hired John Woo to direct and produce He-Man, a live-action movie based on the characters in Mattel's "Masters of the Universe" line of action figures. Adam Rifkin will adapt the screenplay.
    Originally He-Man was an animated series in 1980's which went through some weird changes, if your memory goes back to it. There was also a live-action movie in 1987 called Masters of the Universe, which starred Dolph Lundgren as the He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor.
    He-Man began life as Prince Adam, the hybrid of an Earthling and an Eternian. At the age of 18, he was taken to Castle Grayskull, where Adam received super powers. He-Man has a sidekick in the form of a tiger, Battle Cat, and a deadly enemy, Skeletor. Both sides also have various side-kicks. The original cartoon became rather farsically camp towards the end and always had a moral attached.
    By The Power of GraySkull indeed!

    Source: Variety

    june 2006

    Babe Jason Lewis (“Sex and the City”) has the golden locks. It appears that if the rumor mill is working properly Jason Lewis will be He-Man. He does have the right look. This movie can’t be any worse then the Dolph version we all know and… love?


    dec 2006
    Fox 2000 Sets "He-Man" Free

    Taking the same decision as Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox have upon "Halo", Fox 2000 Pictures has sadly passed on its rights on "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", executive producer Rodney Ferrell told Moviehole.

    "This was a project set up at Fox," he said, "but in the recent months we gave the project back to Mattel and are no longer involved."

    Originally an American animated television series produced by Filmation based on Mattel's toy line "Masters of the Universe", the live-action feature has been under development in the studio since October 2004 with John Woo to direct and produce. However, the Chinese filmmaker later concluded to quit in early July 2006 to put more focus on making films back in his native Asia.


    may 2007
    warner ,joel silver take on he-man

    Warner officially on board for He-Man
    Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver (The Matrix, V for Vendetta) are teaming with Mattel for a live-action adaptation of the 1980s action figure He-Man. Justin Marks has been tapped to script the movie, which will be called Masters of the Universe. The deal, which still requires Mattel's approval of a formal outline, would make this the second He-Man movie, following the 1987 flop starring Dolph Lundgren as the title character. Mattel also created a popular animated TV series in the 1980s based on the action figure. Mattel has been wary of doing another movie, having already passed on an attempt by Fox 2000 with director John Woo. The Warner/Silver movie would reimagine the franchise as a classic good vs. evil battle, using the kind of visual effects used in 300. The story is about a warrior, touted as the last hope of Eternia, which is being destroyed by technology and the evil Skeletor, He-Man's nemesis. Contrary to rampant Web rumors about the project, the lead roles have not been cast. News of the He-Man movie comes just ahead of the July premiere of DreamWorks' Michael Bay-directed Transformers, another live-action movie based on an '80s animated series and toy line. (Variety)
    may 2007
    Brad Pitt As He-Man?

    With his undeniable masculinity and questionable sexual orientation, He-Man defended Eternia against the evil Skelator on comic book pages, a TV Show, a toy line and on the silver screen in 1987. Legendary Pictures – the team behind Superman returns -- has the power to bring He-Man back to the screen and Castle Greyskull crumbling to the ground. But this time around Brad Pitt will be filling Dolph Lundgren’s He-Man shoes, says The Sun Online.

    “They are very keen on Brad for the role. He’ll have to bulk up though — he’s very fit but not to He-Man proportions,” said an ominous voice from atop Castle Greyskull.

    A He-Man movie? Brad Pitt starring? This one smells like a rumor and a stinker at that. Unless, the Devil is finally cashing in Pitt’s soul. In that case, expect Pitt to be yelling, “I have the power!” by the end of the summer.

    Author: Jason Morgan cinema blend .com

    nov 2007
    Justin Marks Talks New He-Man Movie

    Okay, show of hands: Who's ready to take a trip back to Castle Greyskull?

    Screenwriter Justin Marks is hoping that a lot of you have your hands up right now, because he's up to his eyebrows in excitement for the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe script he's working on with Neil Ellice. He's heard all the rumors about the movie, too (He-Man as a soldier in Iraq?), and he recently sat down with Toyfare Magazine to debunk them.

    We haven't read the latest issue of Toyfare -- in fact, until a few minutes ago, we weren't even aware of its existence -- but that's okay, because the helpful folks at IESB have excerpted a few bits and pieces from Marks' interview. After establishing his fanboy credentials ("A lot of people think of He-Man and...laugh him off, but those of us who grew up on him, we don't laugh about He-Man at all"), Marks offers fans a few general outlines of his vision for the film.

    Telling Toyfare that it'll be "a Skeletor movie," Marks goes on to promise a non-wrestler cast, and talks about the challenge of melding the major elements of the (cough) He-Man mythos into a deliberately enjoyable film:

    He-Man is sword-and-sandals meets science fiction. If you avoid it and just try to make it sword and sandals, then it becomes a boring movie. If you just try to make it science fiction, it's going to be really kitschy and weird, and it's not going to be true to He-Man. You have to make it both. So we have to come up with specific ideas, grounded, that would spawn a world that was people carrying around swords, and yet, guys like Tri-Klops running around with his spinning visor and this sort of nano-technological way about him. What is the sorcery that can create stuff like that?

    To read more of Marks' thoughts on the film, click on the link below!

    jan 2009

    Kung Fu Panda’s co-director John Stevenson will make his live-action directing debut on a new He-Man movie entitled “Masters of the Universe”.

    He-Man is a story about a prince (Prince Adam) of Eternia who transforms into a warrior by raising a mystical sword and becomes the last hope for a magical land being ravaged by the evil sorcerer Skeletor.

    According to Variety Magazine- WB acquired the property in 2007 and Justin Marks wrote the script based on a story he developed with Neil Ellice.

    The character originated as a Mattel toy line which was adapted into the 1980s cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The film project is a big priority for Mattel, which licenses a high-end line of He-Man toys. Mattel’s Barry Waldo is to be an executive producer on the film.

    John Stevenson previous work also includes being a storyboard artist on such projects as Shrek, Shrek 2, Madagascar and James and the Giant Peach. He began his career working for Jim Henson as a character designer on The Muppet Show, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

    latino review
    may 2009
    Evan Daugherty Has The Power!
    Newcomer to write He-Man tale Grayskull

    All you wannabe screenwriters out there, prepare to weep all over your unfinished script: newcomer Evan Daugherty has landed the plum job of writing the latest draft of Grayskull, the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie.

    The film's set to be directed by Kung Fu Panda's John Stevenson, and reimagines the story of Prince Adam as a "gritty fantasy". Yes, now Adam's a soldier who goes in search of his destiny (as soldiers so often do), only to happen across the land of Eternia. There, he finds the evil Skeletor in the process of raising a "technological army" and plans to eradicate magic. By the power of Grayskull, it's an even sillier plot than the original He-Man!

    Justin Marks, of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li fame, wrote the last draft. Let's hope young Daugherty can make this one work.

    july 2009
    Warner Bros. Dumps He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe

    Warner Bros. has decided to drop their plans on reviving the Masters Of The Universe franchise. The movie had been in the works since 2007 with Joel Silver set to produce (I first mentioned it HERE). According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Mattel simply couldn't agree on the direction to take the movie. They both agreed to let the option for the movie to lapse.

    For fans of He-Man, this doesn't necessarily mean the movie is dead. Mattel now has control again and will shop it around to other studios. John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) will still be directing but Joel Silver will no longer be attached. Silver has an exclusive contract with Warner Bros. (Warner Bros. still has plans for making a 'Hot Wheels' movie with Mattel).

    I think the tone of the movie is what could really determine its success. The original cartoon was pretty cheesey (as were most 80s cartoons). The real question would be who do they want to gear this towards? With Mattel involved and the built in potential for a new toy line, they might want a child-friendly film. The thought of that would most likely make those of us that recall the cartoon cringe. There were some good characters created for the show. Taking a slightly darker direction could really make this a franchise worth seeing. I just have the feeling that it will end up a lighter tone.

    How do you feel about He-Man? Do you think it should have a darker, edgier tone to it or be friendly enough for the kids to see (and buy up all the toys)? Have you ever watched the cartoons or read the comics? Have you actually seen the last live-action attempt with Dolph Lundgren?

    sep 2009
    He-Man Finds a New Home at Sony

    I told you that He Man and the Masters of the Universe would find a new home. Mere weeks after being booted out of Warner Bros, Variety reports that the once and future king of Eternia has found a new home at Sony. As you might remember, Joel Silver and Warner Bros were unable to agree on a direction for He-Man, and Mattel promptly took its toys and went elsewhere.

    But if you really dug everything to do with Warner Bros' version (which was reportedly titled Greyskull), you'll have some cause for lament. Sony plans on starting with an entirely clean slate, which means John Stevenson will no longer be directing, and that all the script work by Justin Marks and Evan Daugherty will be scrapped. All of those concepts belong to Warner Bros, not Mattel, who was only able to bring Sony the action figure.

    One also has to be concerned with just who will be overseeing He-Man's latest incarnation. Escape Artists will be developing the project for Sony, and they've been responsible for The Taking of Pelham 123 remake, Knowing, Seven Pounds, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Without writers, a director, or cast attached, I don't want to predict doom and gloom but is that the kind of resume that screams success for He-Man?
    april 2010
    He-Man Being Re-Written. Again

    He-Man is one of those movie properties that just can't seem to get going. It was initially over at Warner Brothers but Joel Silver and the studio couldn't agree on where to take the property. Now the rights have gone to Sony and it looks like their trying to get the project on the fast track.

    More from THR:

    Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, the duo who wrote the upcoming "Predators" reboot, have been brought aboard to pen "Masters of the Universe" for Columbia.
    The studio picked up movie rights to the 1980s Mattel toy property in the fall, when Mattel and Warner Bros. parted ways after the sides couldn't agree on a creative vision.

    The addition of the rising writers is the first major move on the property and signals the project is being rebuilt from the ground up. While at Warners, "Masters" went through several writers and in latter stages had John Stevenson, who co-helmed "Kung Fu Panda," attached to direct.

    Getting the go-ahead to tackle any major toy-brand film can be tricky. Depending on the property, writers and directors need to get a thumbs-up from the studio, which then has to win approval from the toy company. In the case of "Masters," Mattel has story approval.

    In their pitch, the scribes attempted to balance a treatment that would convince the studio it was cinematic and keep the toy company satisfied that its characters were being portrayed appropriately.

    latino review
    june 2011
    Sony Pictures VP 'Really Excited' About New Masters Of The Universe Movie

    Regarding a "rebooted" Masters of the Universe movie, Sony Pictures VP says they "Should have that script very soon."

    This is one of those things that you might have to take with a grain of salt because it's an exec talking about a project without a script that, for a property a company's been holding onto for two years. The project in question is Masters of the Universe and the exec is Sony Pictures' Vice President of Production DeVon Franklin who was talking to Christian lifestyle site about his new book. And in between dropping a couple of other development nuggets (a remake of Annie starring Willow Smith is imminent as well as a remake of the seminal 70's music film Sparkle), Franklin produced this money quote:

    One of other things I’m really excited about is we’re doing a reboot of the 1980s franchise Masters of the Universe. The He-Man franchise. Very excited about that. Should have that script very soon. I’m praying that we can start figuring out how we’re going to make it.

    mtv geek

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    Yeah, that is quite funny. Quite tortures, actually.

    Hopefully we'll be adding some more (positive) news reports in this thread soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krueger View Post

    Hopefully we'll be adding some more (positive) news reports in this thread soon.
    yeah , I hope so.

    I think after 8 years of attempts (something normal in movies) we are reaching the crucial and ultimate time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heavy-eternium View Post
    yeah , I hope so.

    We are reaching the crucial and ultimate time.
    Yes a two year gap of Production house dumping the movie. I don't know why but i do expect this news quite soon :\

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