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    Wassup y'all?

    Now that we know the "He-Ro, Son of He-Man / King Adam" era is available for MOTUC, and that Mattel obviously have a plan to include them in the line (hence the Evil-Lyn/Skeletor's son mention), I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can discuss a few possibilities regarding the wave of figures from that era.
    A few interesting points of speculation would be -

    01) Who are Dare's (He-Ro's) real parents going to turn out to be? Since many speculated that Evil Lyn and Skeletor werehis parents, and TG has stated that this is not to be the case...the most obvious answer would be Adora and SeaHawk...this makes sense from the He-Ro bible, where it states that he is part of the King Adam bloodline. But are there any other possibilities?

    02) Is Dare actually a young He-Ro from Preternia? Based on the amount of time travelling involved it would certainly be a possibility. All we know about He-Ro (from Preternia) is that he was sent there by Trollans(?) and had somekind of connection with a tecno-virus in which he was cured in a lake..but it is never specified exactly where he was sent "from". My guess is the 2 He-Ro's are the same person. (Also anyone who knows the Cable from X-Men story can see some links here). Finally, why did Adam need to become Pre-Eternian disguesed unless it was possible his future adopted son (He-Ro) might recognise him? Anyway, feel free to discuss this possibility

    03)Kay-La = Fisto's daughter? She is Teela's cousin, and with the 200x series having the whole Fisto possible has a daughter sub-plot...this makes sense does it not?

    04) Man-E-Faces takes on a more "Mime" like persona...maybe Battleground Man E Faces possibility?

    05) Slob-Boar, one of Skeletor's new henchmen. Would actually be the right age to be a grown up "Pig Boy" from the motion picture. Perhaps his Bio could make a cheeky reference to that to avoid any possible legal issues?

    06) Ram Man's cool Battleground look? His new Black and Blue armor?

    07) MerMan's slightly evolved look?

    08) Odar - Skeletor's villain...probably could just be Stinkor (real name Odiphus after all, close enough shortening of name) need for 2 skunks is there?

    Sure there are many more things to discuss, but I thought I'd put all the possibilities that I'd been thinking about in a single place to see what other's think

    (Probably best not to post anything if you don't like the concept of the "Son of He-Man era" being introduced into MOUC as the thread might ge bogged best only to join in if you like the idea) (though, I'm sure many don't)
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    Love, love, love the idea of getting any/all of this! I think there may be a thread already, but I'm using my phone at the moment, stumbling around behind my wife and sister-in-law, so I will check later...

    In any event, YES!

    Oh, and welcome aboard!
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    The characters I like of this era are:

    - King Adam
    - Dare, son of He-Man (don´t call him He-Ro in order to avoid confussion)
    - ???, son of Skeletor
    - Kay-La, related to Teela (maybe next Sorceress)
    - Slob-Boar (I like the idea of him as an adult "Pig Boy")
    - Odar, son of Odiphus / Stinkor
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    i want the Evil-Lyn from this sooooo bad!

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

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    I really like the idea behind this well, anything to keep the line going

    Don't like the idea of He-Ro being the He-Ro of the past. Its too neat a plot device, and I don't like the idea of this infinite loop that will happen. Unless Eternia gets destroyed and he gets sent back.

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    I have always been a major supporter of "He-Ro, Son of He-Man" and bringing it into MOTUC. I would love to see any and all characters from Lou's pitch translated to plastic. But, where was it said that it is indeed available? Saying that Evil-Lyn's son is available has nothing to do with Mr. Scheimer's original idea. Was it said somewhere else that we can, in fact, get these figures?

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    Answer to WTFWTK 2.63!

    1. Jon-O:
    Does the acquisition of Filmation rights grant access to characters from He-Ro, Son of He-Man; ie, He-Ro (Dare) and Kay-La?

    We had access to these stories and characters regardless of the Filmation rights (hense Evil Lyn's bio which is setting up some elements heading toward this story)

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    what's funny is that I am jazzed about getting this as official part of cannon. I love having the classic story more fully explored and extrapolated, and lenghtened, and an attempt to bring all era's into one cohesive story.

    I dont know what's to come but it's exciting.

    That being said...I dont really want the figures from this, exactly. I'm not certain I like any of the designs. I'll see when we see "Classicized" versions of them, but boy I hope they are minimal inclusions.

    To clarify, I want story elements. I'd like a Dare He-Ro. But that's about it. anything else, I'm a big ole "meh" to "nah".


    oh and here's a thought I just remembered having. I get the feeling that MOTUC would be best served having the next cartoon to be Dare's He-Man. The bio's give all the previous continuities as a cohesive story. Then take all the familiar elements, and tell the next story. I'm actually very cool with this. I dont need another complete relaunch, and I'd like to see the "next step". And setting it in MOTUC bio-world is just aces.

    I kinda think this may be where this is going. I think Mattel may be building up to a cartoon that is the future of this Toyline. Then 2 become one!

    I'm sure most people would want just another reboot of He-Man. And I'll be happy with that, if not ecstatic. But I really think a new cartoon with an unexplored story but with a well loved history built in is the way to go. Not that I'm the biggest fan (nor not a fan) of the ne Voltron, but they did it. New cartoon, forging new stories, going forward with well loved characters and history. I think He-Man deserves the same.

    Here's to Masters of the Universe: He-Ro, Son of He-Man cartoon!

    OF course when and if it happens, we'll see how I feel about it. What I would take is new characters to the line, not new versions of old characters. I dont want all those variants.

    I dont want Dare to just be He-Ro from the past in the future. Luckily I'll wager much that that wont be the case.

    I dont particularly want Dare to be She-Ra's son, but I guess I'll accept it. Dont like what that implies with She-Ra's future and her inability to raise her son.

    I love him being Skeletor & Evil Lyn's son, but no luck there. As I was typing that, I just realized that if the Son-of Era skeletor was Skeletor's Son and that design we have is used for that, I'll take it.

    I'd just be happy if Dare was just Adam's son. No need for a cartoon trope of "guy is always adopting kids, or the uncle raising the kid, ect, because we cant have implied sex, or whatever". Since this is like "Ultimate" MOTU, I hope they take cool story inspiration and characterization from this. But I'd like him to be revealed as Adam's legitimate son. Say he's lost, or kidnapped, or whatever, and doesnt know anything about his legacy. That's fine. Then he has to fit into a world with a family he never knew. That's awesome.

    But make him part of the Grayskull Bloodline (which seems to be a go) but dont have She-ra loose her son only to have He-Man raise him. And then how else make him a grayskull child? Stick with child of Adam & Teela. Do we really want lady Edwina's lost child to be the new He-Man?

    Frankly they shoulda gone with Son of Skeletor as Dare. Oh well.
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    I think we are finally getting to the point of seeing this era officially recognised in MOTUC this year....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSILE-TOE View Post
    I think we are finally getting to the point of seeing this era officially recognised in MOTUC this year....
    I hope so too. I may be in the minority, but I want to see NEW characters that we haven't seen before. No offense to POP and MOTU, but I HAVE these figures already from when they were first released. Make no mistake, I love the new versions of these guys, but I want new stuff too.

    The He-Ro son of He-Man property is very fertile ground in which to drive the storyline into places its never gone before
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    For my 100th post, I am going to summarise the He-Ro Son Of He-Man basics for everyone, so that it is all located in one place, nice and easy for people to find, without having to go searching for the series bible!

    Let's begin!!!

    First Off -


    Skeletor has been banished to The Frozen Lands by the heroic warrior He-Man, and the Sorceress.


    Meanwhile, In a far away forest, a small 3-year old child is found in the wilderness, by powerful she-bearcat (half bear, half mountain lion). She takes him into her cave and raises him in the wild. As he grows, the child quickly learns to communicate with the animals and has enhanced powers of hearing and sight.

    As the years pass, and his bearcat mother gets older, he finds himself looking after her, as she once looked after him. He teaches the human language to a wild crow called Craven, a language which the boy is still able to remember vaguely from his time before he came to the forest, as well as vague memories of his real parents, a Beautiful Woman and a Strong Man, before he was stolen away in the dead of night. He struggles to remember his real name, but fails everytime.


    10 years after Skeletors defeat, King Adam is now on the throne, with his Queen Teela at his side. Randor and Marlena have retired to the Summer Palace enjoying this time of peace.

    King Adam is contacted by The Sorceress. She tells him that "The time has come to share the power of the sword. Legends speak of a boy without name who will inhert the power sword." King Adam knows nothing of this "boy", and is not very pleased with this turn of events. Even though he is now King, he still feels he is in the prime of his life, and is not yet ready to give up his He-Man alter ego just yet. But he realises he must listen to the sorceress and so sets off to find the unamed boy in the dark valley, beyond the mountains of fire.


    Elsewhere, Skeletor has managed to free himself from his icy prison, that held him captive for 10 years. He frees his old ally, Beast Man, who sends beastly spies to watch King Adam's every move. The spies overhear the new prophecy regarding the child without a name, and report back to Skeletor. Skeletor does not like the idea of a potential new heroic nemesis, so constucts an evil plan to find this child, and teach him the ways of evil, before King Adam can reach him.

    Skeletor sets off, with Beast Man, and Evil Lyn as well as several new evil warriors (detailed below). Beast Man sets his beasts free to track the child, and a savage fight between the childs bearcat mother and Beast Mans beasts ensues. The bearcat mother is killed!
    Skeletor approaches the child, and convinces him that the warrior He-Man is responsible for the beasts that attacked, and killed his bearcat mother. The child swears revenge on the one called He-Man. Evil-Lyn takes the child under her wing, as she trains him in the dark arts.


    Meanwhile, King Adam is still searching far and wide for the child, with his three faithful companions, Cringer, Orko, and an elderly Man-At-Arms (Duncan presumably, not Clamp Champ).

    They catch up with Skeletor, and Man-At-Arms gets captured to create a diversion allowing King Adam to secretly transform into He-Man. He-Man defeats Skeletors new cronies, and tracks him and the child through a sereis of traps and into the Mountains of Fire.

    Skeletor and He-Man both present the child with a choice to choose which path he wants to take, good or evil. The child eventually chooses good, after Skeletor blasts his pet crow, Craven, out of the way in order to get a shot at He-Man.

    As the boy has no name, He-Man names him DARE after his courageous spirit to stand up to Skeletor.


    Back at the palace, King Adam and Queen Teela, decide to adopt Dare, and he recieves tuition from Duncan, and his neice Kay-La, to try and get him more attuned to the civilized world.

    King Adam is still a little concerned about passing the power sword over to this kid, as he is not yet ready to give up his He-Man alter ego.


    Skeletor once again attacks, and King Adam must make a choice between passing on the Power Sword to Prince Dare, or losing hs Kingdom. He decides to hand the sword over....and Dare becomes HE-RO SON OF HE-MAN.

    (BOLDED points that may link to the MOTUC canon)

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    First Up -



    Skeletor appears much the same as he always has, albiet with a slightly new, cooler, outfit with spikey shoulder pads:-

    Promotional artwork also shows him with a whiter skull face, similar in tone to his 87 Movie version. He has a new magic staff, with a black crystal on top. He is even more bitter than ever since his 10 year exile in the ice caverns, and reclaims his headquarters in Snake Mountain.


    Panthor is still around, and loyal to his master. In this version he is described with completely black fur, which may be due to his aging.


    No mention is made of where Evil-Lyn has been during the 10 years Skeletor was imprisoned in his ice-prison, but she still appears to be the same as ever. Plotting behind Skeletors back, and determined to become the Empress Of Eternia, with or without Skeletor. Young Dare seems to have a hard time figuring out Evil-Lyn, as she lies more convincingly than telling the truth. Evil-Lyn has a new, more revealing, outfit!


    Beast-Man seems to bethe same as always. The only additional point, is that Evil-Lyn occasionaly tries to turn Beast-Man against Skeletor for her own decietful purposes.


    Same as always, although seems to have a more slender look to his face and body.


    Same as always, though seems to have a new Jaw with spikey teeth, and no longer wears a helmet. A few other upgrades to his body too.


    A character is mentioned that is exactly the same as Stinkor. Based on the fact that Stinkor's real name is Odiphus, it doesn't take that big of a leap to suggest Odar is just a shortened version of Odiphus. Therefore, most likely same character!


    Presumambly the ex-SnakeMan warrior, now joined forces with Skeletor. The only promotional image of him, doesn't appear to resemble the vintage Tung-Lashor too much, but when compared side by side with the 200X Tung-Lashor, they could easily be the same character, they even have the same blotches, fangs, and similar shaped hunched over head.


    Skeletor has 5 New Evil Warriors to help in his quest for world domination-


    Appears to be a robot-tank like character, fully armed with deadly weapons, bombs and missiles. He is described as being very accident prone, and occasionally blows him self up by tripping over his own feet.


    Half-Man, Half-Plant and very paranoid. Seems to have a need for sunlight, to photosynthesise his food. Has deadly vines that he uses to capture his foes. Very similar to Evil-Seed, but clearly a different character altogether.


    He is described as a pest, who can control insects and creepy-crawlies the same way Beast-Man controls beasts.


    Appears to have a short temper. Is part man, part pig, and has a set of sharp slashing tusks.


    The only new villain with no promotional image as far as I am aware. He is described as having a mouth full of sharp teeth serrated like a saw blade. Appaently he always eats, and will eat anything, including gems, gold and magic items.


    The Evil Warriors have some new vehicles, that are mechanical beasts with robot brains and simple personalities. They have artificial intelligence, and can talk to their pilots.


    This is Skeletor's personal all-terrain vehicle, shaped like a monster-truck, with giant jaws of steel, and flame throwing eyes. (No image exists)


    A shark-like vehicle that can cruise through the ocean, and also travel on land. Appears to be described as a portable Headquarters of sorts.




    Adam is now king, older and wiser and married to Queen Teela, and they have an adopted son, Prince Dare, who now wields the power sword. Adam occasionally misses the ability to turn into He-Man after passing the torch, but is still able too, once in a while, when Dare gets himself into trouble and can't use the power sword.
    Adam's relationship with his new adopted son, is sometimes fatherly, and sometimes brotherly. He vows to help Dare find out about the mystery surrounding his real parents.


    27 year old Teela is still very much independent, even as Queen, and she rules Eternia as a tough and demanding leader, much like she ruled the Royal Guard in the past. She is fully able to make decsions regarding the ruling of Eternia when King Adam is not available, but she also watches out for her adopted son, Dare, and gives him love and advice when he needs it.

    (No image exists of Queen Teela)


    Older, Grizzled and "semi-retred", Duncan now serves King Adam, as he once served King Randor,now under the title of Chief Tactical Advisor to the King. He is one of the few who is fully aware of Dare's dual identity as He-Ro.
    He misses the "good old days" but realises he's not the tireless adventurer he once was. He still builds many new weapons, with the help of Dare, who he tries to teach the way of royalty and honor.


    Spiritual voice and oracle to He-Ro who radiates the power of good. He-Ro is the vessel in which her energy now flows.


    Exactly the same as he once was. Has found a new friend in Dare, and the two of them occasionally get up to mischief and misadventure. He still has his girlfriend, Dree-Elle, and a possibly new uncle, named Dorko.
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    still hope we get some fig's from this story

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

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    I'd like to see Airbag & Forklift, in MOTUC, please.

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    I'm not about to pretend that I don't tear up when I read bout Adam passing the Power Sword to Dare. I'm so glad the King He-Man figure comes with a broken electronic sword!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSILE-TOE View Post
    I was bored so I made this....nice to see the specific HE-RO SON OF HE-MAN figures lined up together....we can pretend that this is what we'd have got in the early-mid ninties had the series gone ahead...

    EDIT: Also something I just noticed....probably been pointed out before though ->

    Lends a bit of weight to the "speculation" that preternia HE-RO is infact the future HE-RO simply lost in time least that's still my send out the TIME AGENTS on a search party...
    I totally agree with this. It makes so much sense.
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    I'd like to see Dare, Queen Teela/Sorceress, He-Ro, Skeleteen(or whatever they're going to call him), and Kay-La. Anything else is just gravy.

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    Continuing MOTUC with Son of He-man? After vintage of course

    After recently posting this question on Matty Collector Forums it got me thinking.

    I was curious how many people would be interested in something like this? If you didn't click on the link basically I'm curious how many people would be interested in the line continuing after the Vintage characters are done as a Son of He-man toy line. Now before anyone automatically says no or scoffs at the idea I'd like to take some things into consideration. The line wouldn't be absolutely based on the original pitched idea for Son of He-man but more loosely based or left to interpretation. It would be a continuation of the mythos created and designed by the FHM themselves. There could possibly be fan votes on characters to appear in the line maybe.

    One of my main reasons for hoping something like this would happen is manly because I'm thinking about my son. I'd love for there too be a continuation of a property that ages with him and continues the mythos for a new generation that we can share with our children. I think of how there are several generations of Star Wars fans and how they each have their era. Why can't He-man have something similar to that with hopes of maybe new media in the future. In the mean time we expand the universe further while getting new an greatly sculpted characters that are a progression and not a reinventing of the property.

    I think that this is a fun idea that I'm sure some of you share so one of my other questions is what would you like to see?

    What characters would return?

    What concepts would you like to stay the same? (Like how about Battle-Bird?)

    So feel free to post whatever thoughts, concepts, constructive criticism, or general fan fiction if you will.

    Oh and remember this could go for POP too and just maybe if there's enough support in the future this could be something. Who knows
    Sell me your Unnamed One, keep Son of He-Man going I need a Dare/Hero II now.

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    I would definetly like to see some Son of He-Man stuff in the 2016 and beyond years. But I'd include these figures in a regular yearly subscription rather than a separate mini sub. I think between price increases and a decreasing fan/customer base we'll want to stick to one MOTU sub at a time once the vintage line up is wrapped. I personally wouldn't want to see Son of He-Man era completely take over Classics but be included with a couple of monthly spots in a lineup that includes more Filmation, New Adventures, MYP, mini comic characters, etc.

    I think Dare should probably be a 2015 SDCC exclusive. SDCC is a place where a toy released with appeal can get a lot of main stream PR and thus having Dare at comic con could draw some attention to the line from people currently not aware. I can already see the USA Today headline "After 30 Plus Years He-Man Has A Son". SDCC is the place for a toy to try and get that kind of national attention.

    I'd say start with a mix of the characters originally planned for the cartoon and older versions of the obvious vintage characters like Teela, She-Ra, Skeletor, Orko, etc. if it proves successful and the line keeps going create some new characters, or gives an aged update for lesser characters that it would make sense to include.

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