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Thread: *SPOILERS* Power & Honor Catalog Owners: Which 10 FIGURES Do You Most Want In MOTUC?

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    *SPOILERS* Power & Honor Catalog Owners: Which 10 FIGURES Do You Most Want In MOTUC?

    Now that you've had a chance to look over all the characters in the Power & Honor catalog, which figures do you MOST want to see make it into the MOTUC line? Let's limit it to 10 choices. You can also post honorable mentions.

    Extremely Interested (Make this into a MOTUC figure!)

    1. Flamboyant Prince Adam (Page 27)
    2. Ted Mayer's Witch (Page 41...Not the exact one shown here, but something that's based more on the one in Penny Dreadful's avatar. Give her the techno broom)
    3. Robotic Rock Warrior (Page 43)
    4. Horde "Brain" (Page 49)
    5. Horde Mummy (Page 50)
    6. Octopus Woman (Page 51)
    7. Dragon Lord (Page 52)
    8. Sorcerer (Page 53)
    9. Variant Dragstor (Page 58)
    10. The Glob (Pages 78 & 79)

    Some Honorable Mentions. Awesome, but I don't really NEED them that much.

    Variant Human Buzz-Off (Page 29)
    Ted Mayer's human/green creature Horde character (Page 50)
    Variant Colonel Blast (Page 55)
    Variant Extendar (Red and Purple Tallstar Page 56)
    Streak (Page 57)
    Inflator/Blow-Hard (Page 63)
    The Multiples & Plant-Like Creature (Pages 66 & 67)
    Sticky Minions (Page 76)
    The Lockers (Page 77)
    Steel Kill (Page 72)
    Thorn (Page 147)
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    What about Torak?

    I already think the purple Octopus Woman should become a foot soldier for Octavia the way Catra has those green cat men (who I want made soon!).

    Otherwise, NO FAIR, my book hasn't arrived yet!!!

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    Horde Mummy! A very cool design, and fits in well with the original 5 Horde members.

    Torak would be cool too. I could see him being one of the "He-Men", like Wun-Dar and Vikor.

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    Ooh! I can't wait for mine to arrive so I can chime in! I'm not looking at any lists until it gets here.
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    The (619)
    1. Engine-Man (aka Prototype Dragstor)
    2. Fire Power Man (aka Proto Type Rio Blast)
    3. Streak
    4. Negatonik
    5. Positron
    6. Dragon Lord
    7. Spyder People
    8. Tornado (The one to the right aka Portotype Sy-klone)
    9. Transparent- Man (AKA Robot Concept)
    10. The Centaur looking Character.
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    mine arrived today, i'll get back to you in about a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent Parker View Post
    mine arrived today, i'll get back to you in about a week.
    Ditto, mine should arrive today....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Ooh! I can't wait for mine to arrive so I can chime in! I'm not looking at any lists until it gets here.
    Yeah I am the same. I am so eager for this book that I have already donated for another one

    Once the first book arrives I will have my nose buried in a book for the first time since the SDCC Art Book. I know it is going to get a lot of use which is why I thought it would be best to get a second one

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    In no particular order...

    1. Horde "Brain"
    2. Tank Top
    3. The Glob
    4. Fire Power Man
    5. Negatonik
    6. Goretusk
    7. Slasher
    8. Blow-Hard
    9. Steel Kill
    10. Thorn

    Honorable mentions...
    1. Sticky Minions
    2. The Lockers
    3. Queen's caravan (Page 14)
    4. Tor-Ton
    5. The Dungeon
    6. Dragon Themed Playset
    7. Snow-Man

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    Got the book today, and man is it beautiful

    1. Ted Mayer's Jester (p. 47)
    2. Horde Mummy (pg. 50)
    3. Streak (pg. 57) - Would make a GREAT Galactic Protector
    4. Roger Sweet's plant creature (pg. 67)
    5. The Glob (p. 79) - Even my anti-toy boyfriend LOVES this guy.
    6. Hercule (p. 26) Would encourage the release of Ram-Man thanks to parts sharing.
    7. Flamboyant Adam (p 27) - Not as Adam, but maybe a PoP character?
    8. Snake guy (p. 33) I see him as some sort of crazy Snake Men cult leader
    9. Witch (p. 41)
    10. Thorn - (p. 147)
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    I'm jealous. I hope mine arrives soon! BTW, did anyone get sent tracking numbers or anything or did your catalogs just arrive?
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    I wish I could see this Flamboyant Adam... Cause the name is making me vote for him!
    Other votes:
    OCtopus Woman
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    Here's my top ten:

    1. Torak - Hero of Prehistory!! pg.6
    2. Snowman pg. 42
    3. The Brain pg. 49
    4. Disappearing Sorcerer pg. 53
    5. Firepower Man pg. 55
    6. Streak pg. 57
    7. Inflator pg. 63
    8. The "Multiples" pgs. 66-67
    9. Plant-like Creature pg. 67
    10. The Glob pgs 78-79

    How about some vehicles, guys?!?

    Torton pg. 91 <---How cool would THAT have been?!?
    Dragonfly pg. 101
    Ball Buster pg. 104 <--LOL
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    There were maybe one or two figures I'd want, but HOW ABOUT SOME OF THE VEHICLES?! MAN, THOSE were seriously awesome!!!
    My feedback:

    Awesome Traders List:

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    I picked up the Power and Honor Foundation Catalog at Power Con and it was worth every penny!!! It is so great that they should probably charge more

    My top 10 that I would like to see in MOTUC's form are:

    1) Brain - amazing design!!!
    2) Glob
    3) Dragon Lord
    4) Horde Mummy
    5) Dylamug
    6) Manosaur
    7) Mandibular Man
    8) Tyroar
    9) Snow Man
    10) Thorn
    I truly hope Mattel can get to some of these at some point in the MOTUC's line!!!! They would make great figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want the horde giant! He is awesume

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    I need to go through the book to pick out a solid 10, but off the top of my head and I can say I'd love to get the Horde Brain and Transparent Man!
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    My top 10 iam extremely Interested to see in MOTUC!

    1) Torak (page6)
    2) Tony Guerro´s proto He-Man(page 24-25)
    3) Ted Mayer himself as figure :-))(page 41)
    4) Taylor´s early Skeletor (page 22)
    5)Taylor´s early He-Man/ helmet without horns (page 16)
    6) Mayer´s warrior woman (page 41 center)
    7) Mayer´s Octopus woman (page 51)
    8) Mayer´s Basher (page 61)
    9) Mc Elroy´s Tarantula (page 76)
    10) Alan Tyler´s Dragon Lord ( page 52)

    I love them all!

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    There's a wealth of great ideas for MOTUC in the book, my favorites would be (going numerically by page number):

    1. Mayer's Concept Witch (pg. 41) - this and a mix of Penny's avatar would rock
    2. Horde Brain (pg. 49)
    3. Horde Mummy (pg. 50)
    4. Horde "peel away" man to green scale monster (pg. 50) - no idea how they'd do this, but it's awesome
    5. Dragon Lord (pg. 52)
    6. Sorcerer (pg. 53)
    7. concept Extendar (pg. 56) - Love this guy all around, makes me wish we had Extendar already!
    8. Streak (pg. 57) - preferrably the inset picture, I agree with bamf1980, make him a Galactic Guardian!
    9. "Heroic" Blast Attak concept - (pg. 61) - another great candidate for the Guardians, almost like a heroic version of Spikor
    10. THE GLOB! (pg. 78-79)

    Honorable mention to:

    - Flamboyant Prince Adam (pg. 27) - neat alternate idea to what we had in MOTU
    - concept Sy-Klones (pg. 39)
    - concept Jester (pg. 47)
    - Modular man (pg. 48) - oh hey, we have Filmation rights now... hmm.
    - Engine man aka Dragstor (pg. 58)
    - H.E.M.A.N. (pg. 140) - naw seriously, this has Galactic Guardian written all over it.
    - Thorn (pg. 147)

    For Vehicles, I love Torton (pg. 91), the Claw Crawler (bottom of pg. 105), and Slurb (esp. the Horde version, pg. 109).
    Where's the rest of the Vintage New Adventures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mern-Ra View Post
    There were maybe one or two figures I'd want, but HOW ABOUT SOME OF THE VEHICLES?! MAN, THOSE were seriously awesome!!!
    For sure. If I had to pick a top ten I would just say any 10 of them...but those vehicles are kickin.

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    There are a bunch of designs I love. Here is my top 10 in no particular order. This is the list right now but it changes all the time.

    1. Early He-Man Prototype (Pages 24 & 25)
    2. Ted Mayer's Witch (Page 41)
    3. Bug Off (Pages 28 & 29) I don't know why I like this but I do!
    4. Horde Brain (Page 49)
    5. Horde Mummy (Page 50)
    6. Steel Kill (Page 72)
    7. Dragon Lord (Page 52)
    8. Ted Mayer “Lead Hero” Figure (Page 41)
    9. Snowman (Page 42) must come with ski accessories
    10. Transparent Man (Pages 43) for Pixel Dan

    The Turton is by far my favorite vehicle concept and one of my favorite pieces of Ed Watts art in the entire catalog.

    I also think the cool Horde weapons (pages 44, 45 &46) would be awesome to have.

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    Torak-"The 1st He-Man"--Why Not

    Spikor- Give me an upgrade please. I actually like this Spikor w/ a real aniaml color to him w/ his spiked tail. Bring it!

    Big Foot- Don't know why but the huge steel boot looks like it could do some damage to opposing forces. The 4H would need to work on the face a little more. He looks kind of Elvish. Which isn't a bad thing. We have every other kind of race or animal creatures on Eternia.

    Transparent Man-Love the concept.

    Octavia- She'll probably be released for sure in MOTUC. Just guessing.

    Horde Mummy

    Plant-like character on pg. 50 I call him PLANTOR

    Dragon Lord- This guy looks bad @$$!!

    Tyroar-Could be a beast figure or knock him back a little & turn him into a figure.

    Steel Kill-Love the name & the idea of this character being hard to defeat.

    The Glob-He looks cuddly until he's chewing you up for dinner.

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    1. Ted Mayer Concept Witch (should have 2 heads, one with hat and one without and she needs her vroom broom, 41)
    2. Horde Mummy (wanted this one since I first saw him in Tomarts a few years ago, 50)
    3. Steel Kill (I like the idea of a mechanical Horde giant, 72)
    4. Snowman (w/ skis 45)
    5. Jester (aka Acrobad, I kinda dig his colors in the concept more than in the 'toon, 47)
    6. Warrior Woman (she looks like she can kick some butt, 41)
    7. Sorcerer (53)
    8. Brain (49)
    9. Dragon Lord (52)
    10. Hercule (when they make Ram-Man and Gwildor, maybe they could re-use parts from those to make this dwarf character who was the basis for Ram-Man, 26)

    Large scale beast:

    Custar (centaurs are cool, 26)

    We'll never see these but what the heck...


    Torton (I'm surprised this never made it into production back in the day. It's awesome)


    Precipice of Power (a playset you can hang from a wall, doorknob or tree. I love this idea)

    Water playset (such a cool, fun idea)

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    1. Dragon Lord
    2. Octopus Woman
    3. Unnamed female warrior with horned helmet
    4. Streak
    5. Green Witch
    6. Fire Power Man (way cooler looking than Rio Blast or Colonel Blast IMO)
    7. Robo Rock Man
    8. Schizo
    9. Snowman
    10. Steel Kill

    Special Mention to the evil Sorcerer who looks like DnD's Kelek, Mask-Ra, Mandible Man, Custar, Hercule, the archer woman, Horde Mummy, Brain, the Dungeon, Dragon, and Sweet's Cliff Side play sets, and especially the Battle Chariot!

    I liked Torak better when I thought he was the helmeted protoype (different helmet than that of Vikor). Seeing the real original Torak....he's not as cool to me.
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    There were many that I would like to see, but if I had to narrow it down to 10 figures they would be (in no particular order):

    1. Custar (rhino/centaur)
    2. Hercule (flipping dwarf)
    3. Dragon Lord or Sorcerer
    4. Horde Brain
    5. Spider people
    6. Snowman
    7. Horde Mummy
    8. Glob
    9. Blow Hard
    10. Transparent Man

    I also picked 1 beast, giant, and vehicle.

    Horde Stegosaurus (favorite dinosaur)
    Horde Steel Kill
    Horde Slurb

    I tried to only pick ones that were very unique and didn't resemble produced characters too much. I like Engine Man, but what if Mattel tweaks Dragstor by giving him an alternate head, wheels on his knees & elbows, and a larger engine. Also, I see Transparent Man as a completely transparent medical robot used to study how human organs function and as a transplant donor.
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