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Thread: Doppelganger - Audioplay Fan Translation

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    Doppelganger - Audioplay Fan Translation

    Hi everyone,

    After last year's "Anti-Eternia" I am currently writing an English language transcript of the German 80s audioplay "Doppelgänger" by H.G. Francis - which deals with the story of quite a famous doppelganger of the He-Man universe...

    If I get some positive feedback I will post the translation in parts over the next couple of weeks. Anyone who wants to help somehow is very welcome to participate. I would be especially happy if someone who's better in English could proof-read my translation attempt. But really, any help or feedback is very welcome.

    So, without further ado:


    Scene 1

    Narrator: Skeletor, Overlord of Evil, had once again lost a battle against He-Man. And his thirst for revenge had grown beyond measure. For nights on end he pondered what weapon he could use to defeat He-Man and seize power over Eternia. Now he believed he had this weapon in his hands. In his base Snake Mountain he worked on its completion.

    Machine noise in the background

    Trap Jaw: Skeletor, your work is almost complete. None of our enemies expects you to be able to construct something like this.

    Skeletor: You are right, Trap Jaw. This is my magnum opus. It will bring us the final victory over Castle Grayskull.

    Tri-Klops: Ah, an artificial human being. An android. Even with my gamma vision I could not detect he's not a real human.

    Skeletor: He does indeed look human, doesn't he?

    Tri-Klops: If I hadn't been here with you when you built him, I wouldn't believe it.

    Skeletor: You are right, Tri-Klops, he's the work of a genius. Faker – that's what I will call this creature – is the best weapon we've ever had in our fight for the power.

    Trap Jaw: He looks like a mighty warrior.

    Skeletor: laughs He is a mighty warrior, Trap Jaw! He *is*! Maybe even stronger than He-Man!

    Tri-Klops: And he's almost a spitting image of He-Man.

    Skeletor: laughs Almost? Just almost? Tri-Klops! Not even Teela, the Captain of the Royal Guard, will be able to tell the difference between the two. Not even her!

    Trap Jaw: But Faker is still lying on the table and doesn't budge.

    Skeletor: Just wait, Trap Jaw. I am connecting his positronic brain to the computer. All the information will flow into Faker. All instructions. He's going to be the sword of my revenge! Now!

    The machine noise increases

    Faker: groans

    Trap Jaw: Faker's moving. He has moved. Look! His lips are twitching.

    Faker: groans

    Skeletor: He's breathing. His heart beats. Look! His lips are starting to gain color. Look at those muscles! What a warrior! He's a giant - a true Master oft he Universe! laughs The instrument of my revenge!

    Trap Jaw: One could fear him, Skeletor. I am glad he's on our side.

    Skeletor: Wake up, Faker! Awake! Awake, I command it!

    Dramatic music

    Faker: Skeletor. My lord and master. I will fight for you. Death to He-Man!


    Scene 2

    Narrator: There was an atmosphere of departure at the Royal Palace of Eternos. He-Man was about to leave to hunt in the Evergreen Forrest. Battle Cat, the loyal combat tiger, was waiting at the gate to carry him on his back. Orko, the floating Trollan, still pondered if he should join them.

    Orko: On the one hand I would love to join you, He-Man. But on the other hand …

    He-Man: On the other hand what, Orko?

    Orko: Welll… maybe I should visit my brothers and sisters on Trolla again and drink from the spring of magic.

    He-Man: That probably wouldn't hurt, Orko. What do you think, Teela?

    Teela: (friendly laughter) Oh, I think it would be good for Orko to drink once more from that spring.

    Orko: Oh? You really think so, Teela?

    Well… my dear Orko… you have to admit your magic hasn't been particularly successful lately.

    Orko: Not successful? But Teela, how can you say something like this? Wait, I'll prove to you I am the best wizard on Eternia.

    He-Man: In that case, my friend, you really have to go out of your way to prove it!

    Orko: Oh, I will, I will! Oh Orko, from the magic land, do lend me your helping hand: The magic may surrender, present us floral splendor!

    (Orko's bells ring)

    (Teela and He-Man laugh)

    Teela: (laughing) Oh, Orko!

    Orko: Ouch!

    (laughing) A cactus! Okro, be careful! Well, it's not exactly a "floral splendor"…

    Orko: A cactus? I have summoned a cactus… and I have stung myself… It should have been blossoms…

    Teela: Don't be sad, little friend! It can happen.

    Orko: I can happen? It can happen? Yes – but only to me! I'll teleport to Trolla and don't come back until I have drunken from the spring – and are way better at magic than now!

    He-Man: Orko, no, wait!

    Orko: No, I'll go!

    (Orko's bells ring)

    He-Man: (sighs) And gone is our friend. OK, it cannot hurt if he wants to boost his powers. Battle Cat? Come on, old tomcat, here we go! Let's hunt!

    Battle Cat: Roaarr! Rrrrrrr! Hold tight, He-Man!

    Teela: He-Man! Don't you want to take the Power Sword with you?

    He-Man: I think that's not necessary, Teela. Skeletor is still gone. He won't be back any time soon.

    Teela: Maybe you are right... But be careful and come back soon - and successfully.

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr!


    Scene 3

    Narrator: At Snake Mountain Faker walked up and down and flexed his muscles. Faker, the artificial human, looked so much like He-Man even Skeletor could have believed to see the champion of good in front him.

    Unbelievable, this android is a masterpiece. I am sure now, I am a genius.

    Beast Man: Lord! Master! Are you sure, it isn’t He-Man??

    Skeletor: (laughs) Beast Man, you are right. A moment ago I almost thought so myself! What a masterpiece! He-Man will think he’s looking into a mirror. He won’t dare to raise his weapons against this android.

    Trap-Jaw: But is Faker able to fight?

    Skeletor: Trap-Jaw? (laughs) Such a question could only come from you. Follow me! Trap-Jaw, Beast Man, Tri-Klops – and of course you too, Faker, follow me!

    Tri-Klops: What are you up to, Skeletor?

    Skeletor: Trap-Jaw shal fight. The android shall prove himself. Here and now! FIGHT!

    Trap-Jaw: Master! Skeletor, I …

    Skeletor: FIGHT! Faker, attack Trap-Jaw, my bodyguard! But watch out for him, he’s dangerous-. Kämpft!

    Faker: Yes, Master. Trap-Jaw, watch out!

    (Battle noises, Trap-Jaw and Faker fight)

    Trap-Jaw: No! (groans in pain) No! (groans again) Spare me, Faker! Please let me live. All devils of hell! Aaahhhhhhhhh!

    Skeletor: Tri-Klops, help him! Attack Faker an! Shoot him with your laser ray! Come on!

    Tri-Klops: Yes, Master, yes!

    (Lasers. Battle cries)

    Skeletor: Fight back, Faker!


    Tri-Klops: Don’t kill me, Faker!

    (bored) Faker, let up on Tri-Klops and Trap-Jaw. They are no match for you. You are a titan! Let up on them.

    Faker: Yes, Masters. As you wish.

    Tri-Klops: Faker is more powerful than He-Man! Much more powerful! He’s a monster. I have never seen auch a powerful creature before. I am lucky I am still alive.

    (laughs) What a weapon! Listen, Masters of the Universe, this will be my victory! MY victory! (laughs) Eternia will be mine!


    Scene 4

    Narrator: Erzähler made further provisions. Every step had to be made deliberately. The Overlord of Evil wanted to play it safe, this time there could be no rescue for mortal enemy. Together with Tri-Klops he climbed to the very top of Snake Mountain.

    (wind noises)

    Skeletor: Tri-Klops, you can look with your gamma vision through every wall, your distavision reaches every corner of the planet – tell me where He-Man is!

    Tri-Klops: One moment, Master! I have to concentrate.

    (a buzzing noise)

    Skeletor: Well? Well? Where’s He-Man?

    Tri-Klops: Ah,I can see him. Yes, I can see him now. He’s hunting. Together with Battle Cat he’s in the Evergreen Forest. Skeletor! I cannot believe it!

    Skeletor: What, Tri-Klops, what? Talk to me!

    Tri-Klops: He-Man doesn’t have the Power Sword with him. He’s without the Sword!

    Skeletor: Without the Power Sword? What a stupid mistake! And what a chance for us! Ich have to set a trap for him and Battle Cat. A trap from which they will never escape. When I sent Faker for the Royal Palace He-Man has to be trapped already.

    Tri-Klops: Yes, he cannot escape. It has to be a trap, he and his friends cannot overcome.

    Skeletor: ... in which he has to stay until I have the Power! But when Castle Grayskull is in my hand, I will kill him!

    Tri-Klops: What kind of trap are you thinking of, Skeletor?

    Skeletor: I am thinking of the whirling winds of time. Yeeeees, we will trap him in the whirling winds of time!

    A terrific idea, Master! He’ll die in the winds!

    Skeletor: We are taking the Talon Fighter! Get in, quick! I will pilot the glider and you will guide me to He-Man.

    Tri-Klops: Yes, Master, to He-Man!

    Skeletor: (laughs) It’s over, He-Man, over and done.

    (The Engines start)


    Scene 5:

    Narrator: The Talon Fighter looked like a flying yellow eagle. It was able to fly into space and to other worlds. But that wasn’t where Skeletor wanted to go. (flight sounds start) He was flying through the Sands of Time to the Evergreen Forest. (flight sounds ebb away)

    (Forest noise, animals howl, birds call)

    He-Man: The forest is full of game! And we can pick the tastiest!

    Battle Cat: The tastiest! He-Man, there’s nothing better than a Spook Antelope like there below the rock.

    He-Man: You are right, Battle Cat.Let’s get it! Run, old tomcat, the first arrow has to hit the magic antlers or it will vanish into the Sands of Time. Run!

    Battle Cat: Roarrr! It won’t escape!.

    He-Man: Faster! It has noticed us, it flees. Faster, pussycat! Run! Run!

    Battle Cat: It escapes into the Sands of Time, but that won’t help it. I’ll catch up with it.

    No! (flight noises start) Wait, Battle Cat! No further! Stop!

    (Evil music swells up)

    Battle Cat:
    Why are you withdrawing? Now the antelope is gone.

    He-Man: Look! There’s Skeletor, he‘s flying the Talon Fighter. He’s got the Flying Claw!

    Battle Cat: And he’s approaching us. Now you would need the Power Sword, He-Man! How do you plan to defend yourself against the Lord of the Underworld?

    He-Man: Why is it suddenly so windy?

    (Wind noises)

    He-Man: What kind of wind is that? And why is it constantly changing direction? It’s whirling around us!

    (The wind gets louder and louder)

    Battle Cat: It stirs up the sand. Where’s Skeletor? I cannot see him anymore?

    (Skeletor‘s laughter can be heard behind the wind)

    He-Man: Battle, away! Hurry up! Run, old tomcat, run into the forest, this looks like a trap.

    Battle Cat: Where IS the forest, He-Man? I cannot see it anymore. Everywhere is sand. Nothing but sand.

    He-Man: This way, Battle Cat, there! No,no, that way … no, no, the other direction would be better!

    Battle Cat: The wind blows me to the ground. I cannot hold on!1 Orrrr, He-Man, what can we do? We are trapped!

    He-Man: NO! There has to be a way out! There has to be...


    Scene 6:

    Narrator: At the same time as He-Man walked into Skeletor’s wind trap, Man-At-Arms was fighting his way through the Ice Mountains in the north of Eternia in order to test the new ATV Attack Track under extremely harsh conditions. With him was Man-E-Faces, the mysterious man with the three faces .

    (Engine noise)

    Man-E-Faces: Fantastic, Man-At-Arms! The Attack Track overcomes every obstacle.

    Ma-At-Arms: That’s what I created it for. With the Attack Track we can conquer any terrain.

    Man-E-Faces: Man-At-Arms, stop! There’s our friend Stratos. (flight sounds) Look? He’s flying high above the Ice Mountains.

    Man-At-Arms: Indeed. Is he looking for us?

    Man-E-Faces: Let’s see and get off the Attack Track.

    Man-At-Arms: Stratos! Hey, Stratos! Are you looking for us?

    Stratos: Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces, I have to talk to you.

    Man-At-Arms: Welcome, King of Avion! What’s the matter?

    Stratos: I made a strange observation when I was flying along the border to the Sands of Time. I have seen Skeletor and He-Man together.

    Man-At-Arms: Skeletor and He-Man… and they fought each other?

    Stratos: Precicely not, Man-At-Arms. They just walked amicably side by side.

    Man-E-Faces: Stratos, that’s impossible. He-Man and Skeletor peacefully at the same spot? Impossible. Skeletor would always try to kill our friend and if he couldn’t do it he would flee...

    Stratos: Man-E-Faces, listen, He-Man walked with Skeletor as if he were one of the Evil Warriors.

    Man-At-Arms: Strange. We better return to Eternos, the palace. Something’s wrong.

    Man-E-Faces: Could you see anything else, Stratos? And what’s more – did Skeletor see you?

    Stratos: No, no, first I was too high in the sky and then I landed in the desert and waited until they passed me.

    Man-At-Arms: Skeletor is hatching a new devilry, I am sure. Maybe he has poisened He-Man to enforce his will upon him. Thank you, Stratos, Man-E-Faces and I will return to the palace.

    Stratos: You’re welcome, Man-At-Arms. Maybe I’ll see you later. I have to return home.

    (flight sounds)

    Man-E-Faces: Stratos is a sound friend. We are very lucky with him on our side.

    Man-At-Arms: Yes, we can rely on him. Back to the royal palace!


    Scene 7

    While Man-At-Arms was deciding to return to the royal palace Faker was already approaching the palace gate. On his shoulders he carried a gigantic antelope. The animal was so heavy that two normal men wouldn’t have been able to carry it.

    Tri-Klops: (Echo) Faker, do you hear me?

    Faker: Tri-Klops? Yes, I hear you. The transmission works. It is like a whisper in my head.

    Tri-Klops: (Echo) Look north, Faker. What do you see?

    Faker: Rocks. There are rocks, nothing else.

    Tri-Klops: In a moment you will notice Teela, Captain of the Royal Guard. She flees from our Panther-Dragon. The beast has already disarmed her and it will kill her – if you don’t help her!

    Faker: You expect me to help Teela? I do not think Skeletor would want that, Tri-Klops.

    Tri-Klops: Skeletor wants it! He has ordered you to do so. You must rescue Teela! After that she will never suspect you could be anyone other than He-Man and help you to get into the palace.

    (A beast hissing and snorting in the background)

    Faker: You are right, Tri-Klops. I can see her. The Panther-Dragon is catching up with her. It is no more than 10 feet behind her and it is way faster.

    Tri-Klops: Run, Faker! Run to her rescue!

    (running feet, beast snorting)

    Faker: Teela, come over here!

    Teela: He-Man! Help! (The panther dragon roars) He-Man!

    Faker: Fear not, Teela.

    Teela: He-Man, careful!

    Faker: Thank you, Teela! (the panther dragon roars) But the beast has enough! See? It is running away.

    Teela: (relieved sigh) That was close, He-Man.

    Faker: Yes. It almost got you, Teela. But luckily I was here.

    Teela: (recovering her breath) You are alone? Where's Battle Cat?

    Faker: Battle Cat? Ohhh…. he is weary. I had to leave him in a cave. Tomorrow I will take the Wind Raider to get him back to the palace.

    Teela: Battle Cat's weary? What happened?

    Faker: We… had to fight another panther dragon. The beast was even a bigger than this one. But you really do not need to worry, Teela. Come, let us get back to the palace I am tired as well.

    Teela: Yes, the gate has been opened. Let's get back.

    Faker: I have bagged an antelope. It is right over there – the guards can take it into the palace.

    Teela: Phew. I felt as if I've never been farther away from the palace when the beast followed me. (admiring) But you were there. You rescued me. Thank you, He-Man.

    Faker: You are welcome, Teela!

    Teela: (pulling herself together) Guards! Get the antelope!

    Wache: Yes, Captain!

    Teela: (gentle) And you, He-Man, can rest. See you tomorrow!

    Faker: See you tomorrow, Teela! (soliloquizing) Hehehehe! I did it! Skeletor… I, Faker, am in the royal palace. And Teela has got no clue. To her I am He-Man. That is the victory, Skeletor! (menacing music swells) This very day you will be the ruler of Eternia!


    Scene 8

    Narrator: He-man fought desperately against the whirling wind and the lashing sand. Again and again he would fall. And when he managed to make a few steps Battle Cat would be knocked down and he had to return and help the combat tiger.

    (The sand storm howls)

    He-Man: Keep on, old tomcat, keep on!

    Battle Cat: I… I can't go on any longer, He-Man.

    He-Man: (breathing heavily) Don't give up, Battle Cat! We'll fight! The wind cannot stop us! Keep on! Even if it's difficult.

    Battle Cat: There …. There's a rock. You are right, we have to keep going.

    He-Man: The rock will protect us, Fight, old tomcat, fight!

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr! He-Man! Don't you recognize the rock? We've been here before!

    He-Man: By Skeletor, the devil! You are right. We have gone around in a circle.

    Battle Cat: I can't go on, He-Man. My strength is fading away. The wind! And the sand! They are killing me!


    Scene 9

    It was quiet in the royal Palace. Everyone seemed to go to bed. But Faker, He-Man's doppelganger, was lying awake. Waiting. He was receiving a transmission from Tri-Klops, Skeletor's scout

    Tri-Klops: (Echo) Faker! Do you hear me?

    Faker: Of course I hear you, Tri-Klops. The transmission is very clear. What is it?

    Tri-Klops: It's time. Open the gate, so Skeletor can conquer the palace.

    Faker: Very well, Tri-Klops.

    (Faker rises. Steps)

    Tri-Klops: We are not far away from the gate. We'll be there soon after you have opened the door.

    Faker: OK, I am moving.

    (End of Act 1)


    Scene 10

    (A door creaks)

    Faker: Everything's quiet. It seems, everyone is asleep.

    Tri-Klops: (Echo) No, that's incorrect. Be careful. I can see you with my gamma vision.

    Faker: And?

    Tri-Klops: In a moment you will reach the end of the corridor. Behind the next door is Ram Man. He's awake and sitting in fron of a fireplace.

    Faker: He will not stop me. Andi f he tries, I will kill him. I am opening the door

    (The door creaks)

    Ram-Man: He-Man! You are not yet sleeping?

    I have slept. I am not tired anymore.

    Ram-Man: What's wrong with you. Your speech sounds strange.

    Faker: Oh, you are mistaken. I speak as always.

    Ram-Man: If you say so. Where are you going? Outside? If it's OK, I'll join you.

    Faker: It is not OK, you bloody idiot. Get out of the way!

    Ram-Man: How do you dare talking top me like that!

    Faker: Get lost!

    (A punch)

    Ram-Man: You are punching me? You are not He-Man, you are …

    (Fighting noise)

    Faker: You fool! You think you can ram me into a wall? I will shatter your steel skull! Like this! (punch) And this! (punch) And – THIS! (punch)

    Ram-Man: Who are you? Your fist should have been smashed by now!

    Faker: But it is not!

    (Fighting noises,by the end we hear Ram Man rattle in the throat)

    Faker: (triumhant) That is it for you, Ram-Man. You are no match for my fists, you fool! There is a steel cable. I will shackle him. There. The arms. And the legs. (laughs) He is not moving anymore.

    Tri-Klops: (Echo) Well done, Faker. Good job. (door creaks)

    Faker: You were watching, Tri-Klops? Yees, that was easier than I expected!

    Tri-Klops: (distant engine sounds) Faker, do you hear me? I think Man-At-Arms returns to the palace. He's driving a new vehicle. Quick! We'd like to be in the palace before the master of arms arrives. He could cause trouble!

    Faker: I am on my way to the gate! (steps on gravel) I can see the guards already. Now they have spotted me

    Guard: Hey! Who's there?

    Faker: Don't you recognize me? It's me, He-Man!

    Guard: I see! Do you want to go outside? Should we open the gate for you?

    Faker: (laughs) Do not bother! I will do that myself, you idiots!

    (Fighting noises)

    Guard: Ugh. What are you doing?! (groans)

    Faker: (laughs) That is it! They are out. Tri-Klops! I am opening the gate!

    (Loud metallic grating sounds)

    Faker: Skeletor, are you there?

    Skeletor: Yes, Faker, I am. Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops and Beatman are here as well. Let's go!

    Beastman: Yes, Master, here we are. The gate is open.

    Tri-Klops: Now the Royal Palace will fall!

    Trap Jaw: Finally! We've made it!

    Faker: Ram Man got in my way. I finished him.

    Tri-Klops: I watched you fight with my gamma vision, Faker! You knocked Ram Man down with your bare fists. Very well done! I'd like to see He-Man do that!

    Skeletor: Close the gate!

    Beastman: Yes, Master!

    (Loud metallic grating sounds, than a thud)

    Trap Jaw: Skeletor! (engine sounds) Master! Do you hear that?

    Skeletor: What should I hear, Trap Jaw?

    Trap Jaw: Someone's approaching. Listen! It sounds like a mighty fighting machine.

    Skeletor: Tri-Klops why don't you say anything? Don't you see with your gamma vision who's approaching the palace?

    Tri-Klops: I do, Skeletor. It's Man-At-Arms. He's driving a new vehicle which he call Attack Track. Man-E-Faces is with him.

    Trap Jaw: Man-E-Faces? Ohh… that will be a tough fight!

    Skeletor: (laughs) We will win! Faker ist stronger than bot hof them together.

    Trap Jaw: They are here! Shall we open the gate, Skeletor?

    Skeletor: No, wait! Why should we take the work out of Man-At-Arms' hands? Hide! As soon the weapons master is in the palace, we'll dash against him!

    Trap-Jaw: The door is opening! They are entering the palace.

    (Loud metallic grating sounds, the engine sounds continue for a little bit and then stop. Steps)

    Man-At-Arms: Everythings seems to be quiet here.

    Man-E-Faces: Yes, Man-At-Arms. But where are the guards. There should be guards stationed here.

    Faker: Hello, Man-At-Arms, hello Man-E-Faces! You are back already?

    Man-At-Arms: He-Man! I am glad you are here. What's going on?

    Skeletor: Let them have it!

    Man-E-Faces: He-Man! Are you out of your mind?!

    (Fighting sounds, swords)

    Man-At-Arms: Fight, Man-E-Faces! Fight back!

    (strained) Why do you do that, He-Man?! We are your friends.

    Man-At-Arms: That's not He-Man! It has to be a Doppelganger sein! He-Man would never betray us!

    (The fight continues)

    Skeletor: We've done it! (laughs)

    Beastman: (laughs) There they lie! Man-At-Arms and Man-E-Faces! Both are knocked out, Master!

    Skeletor: (laughs) Yeeees! There they lie. We have won. Chain them!

    Faker: And now, Skeletor? What shall we do now?

    Skeletor: Now we are taking over Eternia! We are getting the Power Sword! Nobody will be able to stop us. He-Man's friends are neutralized. Only Teela and the King are left. But they cannot do anything against US! They won't stop us from getting the Sword of Power! And the Power Sword will open the gate to Castle Grayskull! We have won! (manic laughter)

    (Sinister music)


    Scene 11

    Narrator: While Skeletor and his henchmen conquered the palace, (wind sounds start at a low volume) He-Man and Battle Cat were desparately fighting against the wind trap.

    (Wind gets louder)

    Battle Cat: (far away) Roaaarr! (closer) The wind is becoming stronger and stronger. It will kill us, He-Man.

    He-Man: Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, ich call you! Zoar, why don't you hear me?

    Battle Cat: Only the Sorceress can help us now.

    He-Man: She cannot hear us! Zoar! Zoar! Where are you?

    Battle Cat: Where are our friends? Where's Man-At-Arms?

    He-Man: I don't know, Battle Cat. Let us try it again.

    Battle Cat: There's no point…

    He-Man: We have to try it. If Skeletor has created this trap, he wants us to give up! But we won't give up! We are fighting! Let's go!


    Battle Cat: We are getting nowhere. The Wind is throwing us back.

    He-Man: Keep on! Keep on!

    Narrator: He-Man and his combat tiger continued to fight against the raging whirlwind, but they weren't making any progress. Skeletor's trap was holding up! (Music)


    Scene 12

    Narrator: Skeletor advances into the royal cambers. He had already eliminated his most dangerous enemies. Now he was looking for the Power Sword.


    Faker: Skeletor. Master.

    Skeletor: Yes, Faker, what do you want?

    Faker: I have founds the armory. There.

    Skeletor: Indeed. Let me see. Yes, that's it!

    Faker: The Power Sword has to be here somewhere.

    Skeletor: Yes, there. The Power Sword.

    (The sound of the unsheathing of the Power Sword)

    Skeletor: The Power Sword is mine! I have the Power! I am the Master oft he Universe! (laughs) This is the decisive turn! He-Man, I – I have won! The Power Sword will open the door to Castle Grayskull!

    Faker: Skeletor!

    Skeletor: Yes, Faker, what is it?

    Faker: Teela is coming. The Captain of the Royal Guard.

    Skeletor: (laughs) The Captain oft he Royal Guard… that's over! I am the ruler over Eternia! And i have my own guard! (laughs) But wait, be quiet!

    (Door knob)

    Teela: What is going on?! Skeletor! You, here?!

    Skeletor: (bored) Oh, Teela, former Captain of the Royal Guard… do you see this? (menacing) The Power Sword is mine! MINE! SKELETOR! Overlord of Evil!

    Teela: Guards! Over here! (Pause) He-Man, you? Why are you doing this? Why do you help Skeletor?

    Skeletor: (laughs) Too late, Teela! Too late! Seize her and chain her!

    Teela: No, leave me alone! He-Man! Guards! Where are you? He-Man, what is going on?

    Well done, Trap Jaw! Into the dungeon with her!

    (Dramatic Music)


    Scene 13

    Narrator: Teela was desperate. She was sitting in the dungeon oft he palace and didn't understand how Skeletor and the Evil Warriors had been able to conquer the palace. And she was wondering what the Warlock of Evil had done to He-Man.

    Trap Jaw: You are trapped in this dungeon, Teela. And you will never escape!

    Trap Jaw, no, don't go yet! I have to know what happened to He-Man!

    Trap Jaw: (laughing) You will never know, Teela!

    (A heavy door closes)

    Teela: (soliloquizing) I need to know what happened. Could anyone help me? Skeletor just cannot become ruler of Eternia. Evil cannot triumph!

    Orko: Teela!

    (Orko's bells)

    Teela: Orko, my little friend! You are back!

    Orko: Yes, I am back from Trolla! Where I have drunk from the spring of magic. Now I am much more powerful! Let me show you! Maybe some flowers…?

    Teela: No, Orko.

    Orko: No flowers? Why not, Teela? Don't you like flowers?

    Teela: Orko, dear Orko, don't you see we are in the dungeon?

    Orko: Yeah, I already wanted to ask you about that. What do you do here, Teela? I cannot see any prisoners you could visit. (beat) And why are you chained?

    Teela: Orko, think! I don't visit any prisoners. Skeletor has conquered the Power Sword – I am a prisoner!

    Orko: Skeletor did what? And the King, where is the King? Where's He-man? I have to go to him!

    Teela: The king's not here, he's in the mountains. He-Man has to help us. Please go to him. We need his help!

    Orko: OK, good, I am teleporting to him. See you soon, Teela!



    Scene 14

    Narrator: Orko disappeared from the dungeon. By mere power of thought he teleported where he wished to go – near to He-Man. Ge got into the midst oft he sand storm. (Wind)

    Orko: Oh o! He-Man! HE-MAN! Where are you? (beat) Oh, Orko from the magic land, do lend me your helping hand: If you are here, don't be shy, reveal yourself - a friend am I! (bells)

    Battle Cat: Roaarrr!

    He-Man: Orko! Help us!

    He-Man and Battle Cat – they are trapped here! I have to help them, I have to get them out of here. Now… now I am seeing them. Ich muss ihnen helfen, ich … ich muss sie herausholen! Jetzt… Jetzt kann ich sie sehen! They stray amidst the whirling winds.

    He-Man: Orko! Take us out of here! Orko! Help us!

    Orko: You said it! Now that I have drunk from the spring of magic on Trolla I should be strong enough!

    He-Man: Then what are you waiting for, Orko?

    Orko: Bear with me, here we go: Oh, Orko from the magic land, do lend me your helping hand: When the wind abates, your destiny awaits!


    (The wind dies down)

    Battle-Cat: (releaved) At last, Orko! At last! Thank you!

    Orko: You're welcome, Battle Cat. It was my pleasure being able to show you and your master I can be a great wizard! Although I have to admit that spell has strained me to my limits.

    He-Man: You have done great! Thank you. And now back to the royal palace.

    Orko: Oh dear, He-Man…

    He-Man: Orko? What's wrong?

    Orko: Skeletor has the Power! He has the Power Sword!

    He-Man: Then we have to take it from him!

    Orko: That will be difficult – very difficult! He has thrown Teela into the dungeon, he's the new ruler of Eternia!

    Battle Cat: Roooaaarrrr! We will throw him out! He-Man has the Power!

    Orko: Not anymore, Battle Cat! The Power Sword is now Skeletor's, therefore he has the Power of Castle Grayskull!

    He-Man: We will fight! Can you teleport us to the palace? Wir werden kämpfen! Kannst du uns zum Palast beamen, Orko?

    Orko: I'll try! But it will strain my powers. Touch me, so I can take you with me. Yes, that will work. Let's go!



    Scene 15

    Narrator: Orko, He-man and Battle Cat vanished from the Sands of Time and reappered instantaneously inside the Royal Palace of Eternos – inside the dungeon where Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces and Ram Man were imprisoned together with some royal guardsmen.

    Battle Cat: Rooaarrrr! Here we are!

    Orko: I did it!

    Man-At-Arms: He-Man! That's He-Man, Battle Cat and Orko! Where are you coming from?! He-Man help! Untie us – we are bound.

    He-Man: Friends? You are all imprisoned? How's that possible?

    Man-E-Faces: You of all people ask that? You were the one who defeated us.

    He-Man: Me? I didn't do that. Battle Cat and I were trapped in the desert!

    Man-At-Arms: But Stratos did see you together with Skeletor!

    He-Man: That wasn't me, Man-At-Arms! It must have been a doppelganger. Wait, I'll untie you. Let me see your wrists.

    Man-At-Arms: Yes, yes, untie us. Skeletor will be for the high jump. He won't defeat us again!

    Man-E-Faces: No! Never!

    (Heroic Music)


    Scene 16

    Narrator: While He-Man was unshackling his friends, they reported what has happened during his time away from the palace.

    He-Man: All right then. I am up to date, friends. We will fight! We are going to storm the armory and take what we need to fight Skeletor and the Evil Warriors!

    Man-At-Arms: Agreed!

    Ram Man: Let's get started! We will drive off Skeletor!

    Orko: And we'll take back the Power Sword!

    He-Man: Ram Man?

    Ram Man: Yes, He-Man! What do you want me to do?

    He-Man: Open the door. Smash it to pieces! Ram it out of its hinges!

    Ram Man: OK! Follow me!

    (Dramatic Music)

    He-Man: Let's fight for Eternia! For the Power!

    Battle Cat: Let's drive off Skeletor!

    (A loud crash, rumbling of stone)


    Scene 17

    Narrator: He-Man, Battle Cat, Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces, Ram Man and Orko broke out of the dungeon, pushed forward to the armory and provided themselves with weapons. As soon as He-Man had picked up a double axe, a scream split the air!

    Battle Cat: Roaarrrr! He-Man, look who’s there!

    (Across each other

    Man-At-Arms: The doppelganger!

    Orko: He’s got the Power Sword!

    Man-At-Arms: He looks just like He-Man!

    Orko: Look out, he wants to kill you!

    (They stop)

    Faker: He-Man. Meet me in combat!

    Orko: There’s Skeletor!

    Skeletor: (laughing) He-Man! These are the final moments of your life! Fight! Attack him, Faker! (dramatic music) Kill He-Man!

    (combat noises, shouts, the clang of arms)

    Man-At-Arms: We have to help him – the double is stronger than He-Man!

    Skeletor: You won’t do anything, Man-At-Arms, or I’ll kill you with this ray gun!

    Narrator: A relentless fight began to rage and it didn’t look as if he-Man could win. His double actually seemed to be stronger than the most powerful man in the universe. Again and again the Power Sword and the Double Axe met. And step by step He-Man receided. His defeat seemed inevitable

    Man-At-Arms: We have to help He-Man. If he dies Skeletor will kill us as well.

    Orko. I will do it, I will help him.

    Man-At-Arms: You, Orko?

    Orko: Yes, Man-At-Arms, me.

    Man-At-Arms: But how, Orko?

    Orko: I will attempt to cast one of the most difficult spells imaginable; He-Man and the doppelganger have to swap weapons!

    Man-At-Arms: Swap weapons? You mean, He-Man should get the Power Sword and the doppelganger the axe?

    Orko: Yes, I want to try it.

    Man-At-Arms: Hurry up then, there’s not much time left!

    Skeletor: (manic laughter) The end! It’s the end! Make it short! Faker, kill He-Man!

    (dramatic music)

    Orko: Oh, Orko from the magic land do lend me your helping hand: Sword and axe hear my command: obey and change from hand to hand!


    Skeletor: (confused) The wepons ... they changed hands! NOOO! That’s not how it’s supposed to be!

    Orko: I did it! I – Orko of Trolla! Yay! Now beware, doppelganger!

    Man-At-Arms: He-Man, overpower him!

    He-Man: You reckoned without your host, Skeletor!

    (Loud groans, heavy blows, an explosion)

    Man-At-Arms: The doppelganger was a robot!

    Ram-Man: He-Man cut off his head!

    Guard: He-man has won!

    Man-E-Faces: The robot is disintegrating!

    Skeletor: He-Man has destroyed the android! We are lost! Run, Tri Klops, Beast Man, Trap Jaw! Run! Flee from the palace!

    Ram Man: Skeletor and his henchmen run like scared rabbits!

    Man-At-Arms: Chase them!

    He-Man: No, Man-At-Arms, let them run! We’ll get them later! We will now free Teela and secure the palace, so that something like this doesn’t happen again. Come!

    Orko: (exhausted) Take me with you!Please, take me with you!

    He-Man: Orko?

    Orko: Yes?

    He-Man: You are sitting on the ground? Why?

    Orko: I am exhausted. Your Power Sword has been too heavy for me. I cannot float anymore. I just can’t!

    He-Man: Oh, poor Orko. (encouraging laughter) Come! Do you want to sit in the crook of my arm?

    Orko: Oh yes, He-Man! But don’t drop me. I am a little weak…

    He-Man: Well, come on my friend.

    Orko: (content, like a little child) Yes.

    He-Man: (encouraging laughter) And?! How is it on my arm?

    Orko: I feel a little silly.. but other than that everything is OK! Maybe you could tell me again what a great sorcerer I am? What do you think?

    He-Man: (amused) Ah? A great sorceror? Hmm, why not.

    Orko: And?

    He-Man: OK, listen, my friends: When Orko teleported to Trolla... (fade away, triumphand music starts)


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    Very cool. Thanks!

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    That's great! Thanks for doing this.

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    OK, I finally decided to continue with the translation.

    Scene 2 is up (In which He-Man has a GREAT idea)

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    Thank you very much for these! I'd love be able to read and enjoy all the german audioplay-stories in english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    Thank you very much for these! I'd love be able to read and enjoy all the German audioplay stories in English.
    Thanks, Jukka! I have added scene three ... in which we FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    Edit: An now scene four is up ... in which Tri-Klops has amazing abilities he'll never use again.

    Edit: Scene 5 is up ... in which He-Man is trapped quite easily.

    Edit: Scene 6... in which Stratos is a plot device

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    This is great. Thanks so much for translating!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    This is great. Thanks so much for translating!
    Thank you, Danielle!

    Scene 7 is up... in which nobody worries about Battle Cat

    Scene 8 is up... which is quite short

    Scene 9 is up... which only ends because the first side of the cassette tape is over

    Scene 10 is up... which is a) loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong and b) looooooooooooooooooooooong

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    thanks for your translation work

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    Thank you so much for doing this.

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    Thank you both!

    Scene 11 is up ... which is kind of a filler.

    Scene 12 is up ... where we learn Adam stores is sword in the armory?!

    Scene 13 is up ... in which Orko hasn't got a clue

    Scene 14 is up

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    Now what would be cool is a few fans getting together to record an audio version. You know it makes sense! Loco Lucha Libre!!!

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    Yeah that didn't work for Anti-Eternia either...

    BTW: Part 15 is up... where Man-At-Arms forgets he already suspected there to be a doppelganger...

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    Fans gathering to make an audioplay? The only thing missing now is specifically mentioning my name I would SO do this, sounddesign, mix, mastering and stuff.
    Positivity, folks!
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    Well... I don't think too many people outside Germany are that interested

    Anyway: Scene 16 is up ... and just one more to go!

    And now... drumroll... the grand finale!

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. I hope you enjoyed the audioplay.

    PS: Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future translations! Night over Castle Grayskull? In Skeletor's Dungeon? The Caves of Terror? ...?

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    The stories of our Audioplays were partially really ******. It was the atmospherethst was so awesome and that was based on the Score and great actors. Just to translate it in english and let some dudes speak would be blasphemy in my opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    The stories of our Audioplays were partially really ******. It was the atmospherethst was so awesome and that was based on the Score and great actors. Just to translate it in english and let some dudes speak would be blasphemy in my opinion
    I agree. Additional translations probably do not make too much sense (not only because of the quality, but also considering the general interest in something like this against the time it takes to do).

    FYI: I am currently transcribing "Sturm auf Castle Grayskull" = "Storming of Catle Grayskull" and probably translate it as well. I just want to show one of the earlier audioplays with their oddities like the Ghost of Castle Grayskull, the heroes living in Grayskull and Teela as the Mistress of Eternia...

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    Very cool! Looking forward to it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    FYI: I am currently transcribing "Sturm auf Castle Grayskull" = "Storming of Catle Grayskull" and probably translate it as well. I just want to show one of the earlier audioplays with their oddities like the Ghost of Castle Grayskull, the heroes living in Grayskull and Teela as the Mistress of Eternia...
    Is Ghost of Grayskull different from "Spirit of Grayskull" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    Is Ghost of Grayskull different from "Spirit of Grayskull" ?
    No, sorry, I should have called him Spirit of Castle Grayskull.

    PS: Well, if you meant the the skull in a cloud of smoke. Even though it's a red cloud of smoke in the audioplays!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    FYI: I am currently transcribing "Sturm auf Castle Grayskull" = "Storming of Catle Grayskull" and probably translate it as well.
    Did ya ever finish translating it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    Did ya ever finish translating it?
    I did finish transcribing but not translating. I must admit I don't find it anymore. Probably lost due to change of computers

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