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Thread: Syrax for Motuc

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    Syrax for Motuc

    Syrax is Shadow Weavers pet. The Vulture looks awesome. It should come in a three pack with Imp( in a couple of his different forms), Red Eye- Pretty Much a repaint of Kowl, And Syrax with a cool looking preach to sit on. I'm mean ever faction has a bird, Heroic Warriors have Zoar (actually 2 versions of Zoar, the Sorceress form of the falcon, and Zoar, the fighting Falcon). The Evil Warriors have Screech, The Barbarian Bird, The Great Rebellion have 2, Glory Bird and If we ever get Talon, The Crimsons Fury falcon. Even NA has one, Clobber (who Hopefully comes out with NA Heman). I would buy this three pack of smaller figures. They could use the same bodies for both Kowl and Red Eye, Loo kee and Imp, and we already the the bird mold, just put a new head for Syrax. Its a good use of reusable parts. The Third One could be Talon, But if we never got the Crimson Fury, the collection would look funny.
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