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Thread: MOTUC Visions: Frosta

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    MOTUC Visions: Frosta

    I guess there is no reason to hold on her anymore
    She was done some time ago.
    The only big difference that I would have liked to see in the figure, was the belt and the translucent cape

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    OH I really like this belt. And the translucent cape is amazing - we could still end up seeing that though.
    And I like the color of the hair, compared to the prototype from NYTF.
    Great job as usual, Emiliano!
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    You're right! I was looking at my Jewelstar the other night and thought that Frosta would get a similar cape. I really like the design you did though!
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    Very nice illustration Emil, I really like how you captured the Filmaton style face with some cool toy appropriate updates!
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    Translucent accents are always cool, man. I like the shade of blue you used (in the hair), kind of has hint of teal to it, it breaks up the blues.
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    This is fantastic man. I like how you changed the belt and the opaque cape is great. I prefer this to the current one we are getting.
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    Oooooo.... that the figure doesn't look more like this! She's got the detailed/ice bracers instead of gloves and more detail (from what I can make out of the net pictures) in the boots too. I love the translucent cape, it looks wonderful. And her face looks.... I need to go to my room now and cry.

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    I agree, your additions to the design are great. I really like the forearm bands A LOT more... they have a bit more detail then the generic ones they gave her. I love the idea of the transparent cape. I also like the belt you gave her more.
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    THIS is the Frosta I wanted in MOTUC. She's perfect, Emiliano!
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    Looks very much better that the prototype revealed yesterday.... I don't like the toy's cape and hair. Your design is much cooler (and the belt is a nice addition too!).

    By the way, Emiliano, your latest drawings (Angella and Glimmer, The Rock People, and the teen body for Lizard Man and young Adam) were awesome. I really hope Mattel gets some inspiration from them lol

    Are you working on more POP characters? Can't wait to see you design Scorpia, Granita and Octavia...

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    Aw man, Emil, you're on friendly basis with the 4HM right? Were you able to show this to them some time before they did that reveal Because they really need to spice her up with that translucent cape! And maybe a secondary weapon like a comb/weapon but for a twist make it an ice construct! I also think she should get that "spell-casting hand" and give her an actual ice spell blast effect which would snap on her wrist over the SCing hand, much like this custom Princess Ariel figure has princess_ariel_by_el_macho_muchacho-d4icqac.jpg
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    Great work as usual, but that cape and collar is exactly the style I didn't want the figure to come with so I'm glad it didn't
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    That was the head I was expecting.
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