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Thread: Photog is "Almost Gone"

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    Maybe they discovered that they might need more figures for replacements?

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    Photog almost gone... LOL!!! Photog totally broken too. People are getting him with his camera lens cracked!

    I love it! He's still for sale and people already have received broken photos.

    oops! UPDATE: He's sold out... more like pulled do to QC issues!

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    Searching for this WORLD CLASS RESEARCH FACILITY I heard about.
    He was pulled along with a few others. Mattel's only allowing these guys to hang around for a week now.
    One purple turd deserves another.

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    OK - tinfoil hat on, conspiracy time. A fan-voted figure - a fan demanded figure - is left to hang on the Matty shelf for days. I bet twenty bucks to be paid to any charity one nominates that TMS is pulled after a day and posted as 'sold Out' by midnight of the day of its release.
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