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Thread: Would 1987 Movie He-Man be "another He-Man" in the MOTUC universe

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    Would 1987 Movie He-Man be "another He-Man" in the MOTUC universe

    One thing I love with the line, is that we've seen previous rumored or mentioned versions (and prototypes!) of He-Man realized as different, independent characters in the MOTUC Universe; and as previous He-Men of Eternia.
    So I got to thinking - if the 1987 movie rights should ever be able to be used of the line (save that discussion for the dedicated threads ), could / should the 1987 movie version of the He-Man character be reconned as 'another' He-Man in terms of the Classics? It could go either way - there were a lot of similarities, yet a number of differences with the standard He-Man (least of all no mention of Adam, as well as weapons and costume, accent...), so as the Classics likes to try and "unite" the numerous different canon, maybe they should go the line and give his bio as another (later?) He-Man. Thoughts?
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    As a big fan of the 1987 movie, I do not want to see Dolph Lundgren's He-Man become one of the previous "He-Men" from another time. The characters from the film could easily fit in with MOTUC. The fact that they don't mention Adam in the movie is fine, because there is nothing to suggest that he doesn't exist. Eternia is at war at the start of the film, and having Prince Adam running around mid-battle wouldn't have felt right. Had they made a sequel to that film, they could have easily brought Adam into the story for Part 2.

    The costumes can be easily explained away as simply being different outfits worn during the battle.

    Visually, the main thing that stands out as being "different" in the film is Castle Grayskull. If I were to tie the film version of the Castle to MOTUC, I would go one of two ways:

    1. Castle Grayskull is severely damaged in a Horde attack, and is rebuilt from the ground up.


    2. Man-at-Arms places armored shielding around the ancient castle to protect it's secrets from the Evil Warriors, The Evil Horde, and the Snakemen.
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    Nah, he's Prince Adam during the Rule of Skeletor. They are already gearing up for this, if not explicitly described, in the bios.

    Hadnt anyone noticed the bios work with the Movie, at least a little bit? LIke when they get back from Primus. Randor gone, Skeletor in power?

    Oh, I"m not saying it is specifically supposed to be the movie, but that's where I put it. I think it may be at least a strong nod.

    So he's just "Later He-Man". Frankly my Thunder Punch He-Man is my "Later He-Man" so by proxy he is my "Movie He-Man". Always was as a kid, too.

    At any rate, no, he's not a different He-Man. He's Prince Adam, possibly "Grown up" and permanantly He-Man, or alternately always in He-Form as it is a kinda severe, serious time.

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    No, Movie He-Man IS He-Man(Prince Adam) during the final battle.

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    Movie He-Man IS He-Man.
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    Gotta agree with the rest. Though the movie wasn't perfect, I still LOVE the idea. That's He-Man, as people have said, "later." If they ever do make him, he'll be my final Prince Adam as He-Man in the story. I may use others as He-Men after him, but that'll be Prince Adam's final look, for me.
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