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Thread: What day should I go to comic con to get the MOTUC exclusive?

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    What day should I go to comic con to get the MOTUC exclusive?

    This year my friends and I are planning to go to comic con and I was wondering what day should I go to get the comic con exclusive or does it even matter which day I go?

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    From what I remember you can actually pre-order the exclusive to save queuing. Well thats what happened last year I believe...

    Hopefully someone will reply who pre-ordered last year to confirm, but at a guess you could pick your figure up on either the friday or saturday? Of course there isn't a guarantee Mattel will offer the pre-order again this year.
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    NOT Thursday because that's the day all the re-sellers will be in line so they can get their stuff to sell at the con; if you do go Thursday you will spend the entire day waiting in line just for the exclusives.

    Also an FYI because I assume you're doing a pre-order, any stock not picked up by the end of Saturday goes back into Mattel's regular stock which they sell at the booth on Sunday, so not Sunday either (unless you just want to wait in line at their booth all day that day).
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    Pre-order you figures no matter what day come to SDCC. Getting into line at the booth can be a nightmare, pre-ordering is the way to go. As Mern-Ra said Sunday is a no go for pre-orders, and Thursday cold be bad with resellers. I say Friday is best since Saturday is the busiest day at the con. Remember that Friday is also the day that Mattel usually has their Mattypoloza panel revealing the new MOTUC items.
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    Does that mean that they're not sold through Matty at all for us unable to go to the con?

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    They usally have a version that they will sale to those of us that can not make it to SDCC. But there always some diffence between the 2
    King Greyskull I want to say was they same version as sold a SDCC but being one of the few I do not have I am not sure.
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    Mo-lar and Skeletor same in both cases again not sure because i do not own either one.
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