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Thread: The Horsemen are working on 3 MOTUC figures, one is the fan created winner!

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    We got several free slots in 2012, so who knows?

    There are also few Filmation and Mini Comic characters left. Maybe we see some of them this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertigoink View Post
    That's probably the truth...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post
    Here ya go, Big F. I used all my dark powers and contacts with the evil Mattel executives to get you your nightmare figure...
    Whoa! Not to go too far off subject, but is that a Dark Claw figure? I take it that it's a custom? If it's not a custom, where can I get one?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eterniandreams View Post
    Although I understand te suprize element, I would be nice if the winner would know beforehand.
    He/she could then decide to come to the SDCC and be there during the unveiling. He/ she could share the spotlight and give interviews on how cool it is to win the contest, etc. That sounds like good PR and promotion to me.
    Just thinking out loud here.
    Agreed, they could easily announce the winner and have them sign an NDA - giving us the name of the winner but keeping the design a secret until the unveiling, and flying them to SDCC to be on hand during Mattypalooza. I only say this cus I would hope that I would be the winner and get a free trip to SDCC... if it's not me I don't care :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholighkun View Post
    Hey Krosfyah: Would you be able to quote Toyguru in the opening post just to keep all of the official info right up front for review? The only post so far is #101. Just an idea, thanks!
    done. thanks for the suggestion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo of Eternia View Post
    Whoa! Not to go too far off subject, but is that a Dark Claw figure? I take it that it's a custom? If it's not a custom, where can I get one?!
    Yeah, D to the E. It's a Dark Claw figure and yeah, it's a custom. Just some random picture I snagged off a google search. Sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    The winner will be announced at our fan panel at SDCC. We have not notified the winner or the runner ups. All will find out at once at Mattypalooza 2012!
    Thanks for the update!!
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