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Thread: Current 2012 MOTUC Release Schedule (Feb 25th) SnakeMen 2-pack & Weapons Pak3 in Aug

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    I at least hope that the Snakemen 2-pack and the weapons pack still come out at the same time. Since I'm already planning on ordering an extra set of the Snakemen (in addition to the one that I am getting from my sub), at least this will allow me to combine shipping for the weapons pack. I hate the idea of buying things like the weapons packs and figure stand by themselves and paying almost as much in shipping as the item itself.

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    WOW... I say we ahve a very beefy line up there. It's good to see thst Mattel is thinking about us fans... I say forget about all the DR and matty stuff... We are getting great figures and highly demanded charcters!

    Me= Happy for the upcoming months!
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