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Thread: Blood- Caleb 1:6 scale

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    Blood- Caleb 1:6 scale

    Monolith released the FPS Blood in 1997. The hero of the game was an undead man named Caleb.

    I just got the last few parts in the mail to wrap up a pending project, though I'm still waiting on the shotgun. The parts I used-

    hat- eBay listing, unknown brand
    head- Hot Toys standard tan male head, with the eyes painted red
    body- TTL 3.0 tan male body
    shirt- DID Heinz Guderian
    pants- eBay seller minibarbie
    coat- eBay seller minibarbie
    boots- eBay seller minibarbie
    flare gun- eBay listing, unknown brand

    More photos, with the shotgun

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    I'm not familiar with the character, but I like how he looks. Good work.

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