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Thread: Let's make cloth capes! :D

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    Let's make cloth capes! :D

    In this thread I want to share with you how to make cloth capes, and to encourage fellow .Org members to share photos of their capes, along with new designs they’ve come up with. Below are the patterns you’ll need to make the capes I’ve come up with so far. Also included are tutorials and tips that I hope people can help expand on with more advanced techniques and advice. I used to make and sell capes like these in my spare time, but with a lot less of that to go around I decided it would be best to have fun with it and see what other people come up with, including fancier capes, full robes, and any other garments you can think up! I'll start out with two simple cape patterns, with some photos for inspiration. If there's demand for it, I can include instructional photos and perhaps even a video or two.

    Disclaimer: I do not make a profit from these capes.

    Thumb | Male cape 1
    Thumb | Female cape 1
    Cape Template (Updated 5/16/2012)

    Tutorial - How to make a simple cloth cape

    You will need:
    Felt cloth squares (super cheap) or any other fabric material you'd like to use.
    Fabric scissors – For a cleaner cut, make certain these are fabric scissors and not just standard scissors with packaging that states it can cut cloth.
    Thread and sewing needle
    Stapler – With staples in it.
    Beading/round cord elastic – “Beading” is a bit skinnier than “Round” cord. Found at any craft store.
    Printer and printing paper – Any will do.

    1. Thread the needle you will be using.
    2. Download and then open the pattern (.PDF file) of your choice. You will need Adobe Reader, or any other software designed to view these files, such as Photoshop.
    3. Print the image, making sure your printer settings are not stretching the image or otherwise altering the size or proportions of it.
    4. Place the printed pattern over your fabric. Staple just outside the edges of the pattern, all the way around.
    5. Cut out the cape shape.
    6. Get out your cord elastic and cut a piece off. Then wrap it around your figurine as depicted in the photo below, so that it wraps behind their back and neck. Tie the two ends together, with two or three tight knots. Trim off the excess.
    7. Remove the cord from the figure, pinch it down flat (so it’s shaped like closed lips) and lay it along the top of the cape. Fold the top of the cape over the elastic loop.
    8. Now get out your threaded needle. Starting with one side of the cloth, just under the elastic rope, loop the needle through the cloth, in and back around and through again (away from the cloth, not over the top of the cape), so that the thread begins to seal the elastic in.
    9. Sew a line of thread to the other side of the cape, not over the top of the cape, but in and out to make a straight line going across the cape to the other side. The knotted elastic in the center may be challenging to work the thread across.
    10. Once on the other side of the cape, repeat step #8 to finish sealing in the elastic band.
    11. Cut off the ends of the thread on each side. The cape is finished!


    Made with satin cloth.

    Made with a black faux cloth. The sword's sheath is from this figure set.

    Made using felt cloth.

    Made using felt cloth.

    Made using real rabbit pelt.

    Made using felt cloth.

    Made using felt cloth.

    Made using satin cloth.

    Made using black fake (faux) fur.

    Felt capes.

    For more photos, click on the collection photos link in my signature.
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    Oh MY.....these are some beautiful pics....and the capes are amazing. WOW!
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    Wow, these are really fantastic! I love using soft goods so I may give this a whirl, thanks for the tutorial. Not quite as cool as your stuff, but here's a leather scabbard I made for Vikor's sword that I attached to his cape:

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    I have been making my cloth capes for vintage figures since 2004, it is nice to see so great ones on MOTUC too.

    Some of my vintage ones:

    This one at my Homecoming He-Man I have made it in the 90´s fo the original He-Man at his right. Now I use it with this Emiliano Santalucia character.

    Now available for commissions.

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    lots of nice stuff here. congrats guys!

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    That She-Ra is
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    great idea for vikor.
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