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Thread: With the 2012 cost cutting, what figure would you want to hold out to 2013?

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    I agree with MegaGearMax. The stands are not really impressive, and seem like a waste. Of course, I don't use them, so that is part of my bias. But overall, I don't think most fans care for the stands.

    Not a fan of the 200x Fisto or 200x Stinkor head, but I'll readily admit extra heads have made me buy more figures. Mattel has gotten a few extra hundred dollars from me over the course of the line because I love the customizing potential. I'd rather have the extra heads than a non essential accessory like Kobra Khan's "Pixel" or Fisto's hammer sword.

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    Aw dammit! Screw Mattel. Do you know what thought just passed through my mind?? I thought, I am glad they are raising the prices so we dont have to worry about losing heads, weapons, or paint aps! They got me and I hate it. I buy 2 of each figure with 2 heads, keep em coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    For all we know Granamyr could be eating up all of the costs.
    I see what you did there......
    We need the POWER of the GOOD and the WAY of the MAGIC !!!

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