Do you like this Head for Dragon blaster Skeletor's dragon's head??
Many people on the reveal thread are saying they don't. Here's my post from there with my thoughts....

The best iteration of him was the cardback art..
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Looked like the toy, but more realistic and less cartoony. Now we have this one,
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that is more cartoony and doesn't look like the toy. This one also looks better,
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as does this one.
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and they both still look like the toy.

But the real reason it looks goofy, is because it does look unrealistic. Not because it is a dragon, but because there is no way the dragon could open or close his mouth with all of those teeth, especially the ones in the back, as they are too close together, and the ones in the back are the worst part of the problem,as eluded to by this post..
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The toy's mouth was V-shaped, which looks way more realistic than that square row of teeth
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That is why I will be getting a hold of another original head and modding it like this.
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It may be goofy, but at least it looks like the original, and is not biologically and mechanically impossible. Besides that, I don't think the MOTUC one looks that great even as a surreal art piece. If the horsemen did sculpt this, it is one of the few times I have been let down. I liked Leech's head, It was just too big for the regular buck. Clawfull's head at least looked vintage. I don't understand this one at all.