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Thread: Emilliano's MOTUC Visions: Filmation Hordak

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    Emilliano's MOTUC Visions: Filmation Hordak

    Hi everybody,
    I want to take a shot at bringing back this blog.
    I'm awful at keeping this stuff up to date, but maybe I'll be able to share something here and there.
    Hopefully I'll be also allowed to share some of the work I do for Hasbro (I already have a few images ready and approved) but of course the main focus will remain He-Man and She-Ra!
    But also expect some random thoughts here and there, as I recently found myself with a lot to say, and not just art.
    (always in my broken English - for those who don't know, I'm Italian and I live in Italy)

    And to kick-start this, what was better than one of my ideas for possible MOTUC figures?
    So, here is the variant figure (almost) everybody want!
    Hordak in Filmation colors!
    And since Mattel already tooled swappable arms (the shoulders discs and the torso) for Trap-Jaw/Kronis, why not selling him with two sets of arms, to simulate the different robotic arms he had in the cartoon?
    BTW, Hordak had 2 different mechanical arms styles. I think asking Mattel to staty true to that would be too much, but I think most fans would settle down with something that works good enough for both.
    Still there can be different iptions: they can go for almost a simple repaint, or just add a few new parts:
    I'm presenting 2 of these options her, what would you like most?
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