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Thread: Cruncher for MOTUC

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    Cruncher for MOTUC

    Not many people know this guy, but essentially he is the mutant form of NA Heman. He is not a separate character, but rather another form He man. Now, rather then sticking to the story that was told in the episode, they could retell the story, tying it into He-slave's, where after creating He-slave, Skelator having some leftover genetic material, decided to have at it again, bent on the idea that the key to defeating He-man was to use a visage of him to do it, but this time Flogg taints his experiment with some mutant DNA and creates Cruncher. I would love this guy to bolster the ranks of the space mutants, Cruncher being the mutant "NA Faker".
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    you know, in time I think that he would be a good toy to make. NA does need it's faker, though I like the evil he-man from NA with the evil sword and chest harness. Remember that episode? Yeah...

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    Yes! Cruncher would be an awesome figure! Maybe they could use part of the Ram man buck for him?


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