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Thread: Rank Ram Man's Importance

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    Seriously, who voted z-list??

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Seriously, who voted z-list??

    Yeah... he's better than that, but I guess I can see it going just off his toy. That vintage toy was a brick that broke easy, the Scale was off and couldn't ride any vehicles... if anything he always struck me as something repurposed from a completely different toy line.

    Based on that... I could see people thinking he was Z-list... but he was in too much media for that. Frankly I think I now place him around B or C... He's not 8 back. He's not a 'main' character. Most collections and media end up moving along just fine if he doesn't show up, but get elevated when he does... But Z-list?? that's way too harsh.

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    A-List & Variant Worthy in my book.

    We need to get him in Club Grayskull some way, some how!!
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    Origins Ran Man looks amazing.

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    I think outside of He-Man, Skelitor, She-Ra, Hordak and maybe Teela no one needs a variant, not with how many characters there are. As for Ram Man he's B-list maybe A list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean View Post
    A-List: Integral to the story and the franchise. MOTU isn't MOTU without them.
    By this criteria, MOTU A-list is definitely He-Man and Skeletor, and MAYBE Battle Cat, Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Evil-Lyn and Orko.
    And I'd even reconsider some of those too, because to me, A-list includes easy recognizability by non-fans (to make a DC comparison, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman would be A-listers).

    Virtually every other character has to be B-list or less simply because if I went to a non-fan, showed them a picture and asked "who's this?" the best reply I'd expect would be "looks like a He-Man character" but more likely I'd hear "beats me".

    Ram-Man is a high B-list character, but let's not kid ourselves, regardless of how much we love him
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    I love Ram-Man ... I have him as a B-Lister , because I think he worked well when we only saw him every third episode or so.

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    B-lister, I should think. Not essential, but he IS one of the most strongly characterized Masters. He was one of the characters I thought Filmation used REALLY well. He wasn't a core character, but he was around enough, and got enough development and attention, that he was one of the characters you really got to know.
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    Not variant worthy because for me he's a C-list character. He wasn't one of my favorite figures and I don't remember him much from the mini comics or the Filmation cartoon. I considered B-List for a moment because of his appearances in 200X, but even those weren't enough to bring him higher.
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    essential to the entire brand. he gets variants now and has been for 20 years so I think its to time to let go of an "opinion" and give into "fact" lol

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    I wonder with Ram Ma'am will get any variants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reviews2D View Post
    I wonder with Ram Ma'am will get any variants.
    Well with a cast of 4 hero's chances are that if the show takes off we very well could be hit with a wave of variants like "Smash and grab Ram Ma'am" ARgH it still stings about Ram Man but oh well, haven't seen one second of him in revelations.... "Whirling Weapons Skeletor" and "Electronic talking Orko"coming soon...

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