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Thread: Rank Ram Man's Importance

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    Seriously, who voted z-list??

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Seriously, who voted z-list??

    Yeah... he's better than that, but I guess I can see it going just off his toy. That vintage toy was a brick that broke easy, the Scale was off and couldn't ride any vehicles... if anything he always struck me as something repurposed from a completely different toy line.

    Based on that... I could see people thinking he was Z-list... but he was in too much media for that. Frankly I think I now place him around B or C... He's not 8 back. He's not a 'main' character. Most collections and media end up moving along just fine if he doesn't show up, but get elevated when he does... But Z-list?? that's way too harsh.

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