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Thread: Rank Ram Man's Importance

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    Seriously, who voted z-list??

    Most wanted Classics figures:
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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Seriously, who voted z-list??

    Yeah... he's better than that, but I guess I can see it going just off his toy. That vintage toy was a brick that broke easy, the Scale was off and couldn't ride any vehicles... if anything he always struck me as something repurposed from a completely different toy line.

    Based on that... I could see people thinking he was Z-list... but he was in too much media for that. Frankly I think I now place him around B or C... He's not 8 back. He's not a 'main' character. Most collections and media end up moving along just fine if he doesn't show up, but get elevated when he does... But Z-list?? that's way too harsh.

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    A-List & Variant Worthy in my book.

    We need to get him in Club Grayskull some way, some how!!
    We need the POWER of the GOOD and the WAY of the MAGIC !!!

    **Staunch FILMation lover!!! **** Uber NEW ADVENTURES Fan!!!**
    Waiting for more William Stout characters!!!

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    Origins Ran Man looks amazing.

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