I thought I'd start a separate thread for the Weaponeers of Monkaa figures Spy Monkey launched at PowerCon here in the Other section since they are their own beast AND, frankly, they deserve their own thread!

For those that missed it, Spy Monkey (who create the weapons sets that are compatible with 6''/7'' figures, including MOTUC) have created their own line of robot figures. They use the Glyos system like the weapon's sets which mean they are compatible with them and that you can swap them all around and make new toys!

Right now there are four main characters (Empyreus, Palidar, Umbreus and Brutok) and 2 sort of henchman characters, the Crystal and Magma Gohlems. I got one of each, except Empyreus, which I got two of. They also work really well with the "Close Combat" weapons packs they just designed. Each comes with a trading card (which is awesome) and I also bought the print that featured the art for all the characters. You can see them here:

Attachment 79174

Of course, half the fun is making your OWN stuff. I made one based on The Prince of Crystal (that Backyard Legends are putting out, which is of course an homage to Crystar.)

The first night after I got these at PowerCon I played around with the Umbreus and Brutok sets (I think I also utilized a head from the head pack set) and made this awesome guy:

But now I liked them so much I'm going to have to buy more so I can have the original characters too... I had planned on just taking them apart and rebuilding other guys but I think I have to change that plan. LOL.