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Thread: Halo: Reach - Tip of the Spear (Metal Cover)

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    Halo: Reach - Tip of the Spear (Metal Cover)


    I've been working on two new metal covers and now it seems that I'm not going to be finishing them any time soon. So I did the only sensible thing I came up with and posted them on Youtube unfinished.

    Here's a cover for "Tip of the Spear" from Halo:Reach. I'm not a fan of the Halo - storyline, but Halo:Reach made an impact on me with it's storytelling. This song is from a crucial point in the game where humanity makes one more push in hopes to turn the tide of the war. Most epic moment in the whole Halo-series in my opinion.

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    As of today, that link is now gone after 7 years.
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